Как сделать порог на балкон из кафеля #деломастерабоится

“How to make a threshold on the balcony of the tile” Hello! You are on the channel “Case Wizard
fears” Today I will tell you about how you can
make a threshold on the balcony block in the usual nine-story house. We have this
the slope of the balcony block. Down here at the entrance just used to be
concrete slab and everything, here we will be laying tile. Let’s start first with styling
tiles on the threshold of the slope. With the help of an assistant tool- it could be an ax,
perforator with a chisel or hammer It is necessary to make notches, in order
so that the tile glue is pressed tightly against to concrete.
The knocking revealed that the concrete slab here is unreliable and unsteady, therefore
it must be dismantled. Very easily, everything was removed. Now it is necessary
lay tile so that the baseboard, which will adjoin it overlap the edge to attract pictures overlap the edge of the tile and was strictly cut away. When setting the threshold you need to take into account
this. The foam near the window needs to be cut,
because it will interfere with the docking tile to the window.
Thrust plate that is under window also needs to be shortened,
because it will interfere with styling tile Find the center of the threshold. Focusing on the window and on this center will be
pass the central seam between the tiles. We apply the rail to the wall from edge to edge of the spot where the rail begins to edge to edge and we make a markup on tile across its width.
We transfer the markup to the tile from one side and the other. The tile can be cut with a tile cutter or an electric tile cutter, depending on what you have. And you can “grinder.” We pass the wheel tile label, trying not to move the tile anywhere. Res applied.
Now you can try to break the tile on tile cutter using this lever. But I am not
I will risk and break it on the edge of the table. You can knock it slightly. Here it is broken. For better docking tiles
with the window I will make a drink at forty-five degrees. Because our threshold is slightly tilted. This trim is enough for
docking with the window. Now from the remnants of tile we make undercuts on the left and on the right side.
There will be a small piece. Therefore, it is first necessary to measure its width and length from the outside and inside of the threshold. Such a piece already
will have to cut with an angle grinder diamond wheels
or using an electric tile cutter. That turned out to be a piece of it even
you can not grind, because the edge will Closed slope plastic. Try on it
local, He fits perfectly in his place. Now you can proceed to stir tile adhesive. I use the tile adhesive company “Balance” “Eco-11”. In the past, I have a video my hands gnawed away from this tiled glue
so use it without gloves I highly recommend it because there will be wounds. Knead it with a whisk screwdriver. If the adhesive turned out to be liquid, then you can add a little dry tile adhesive to it. Wait 5 minutes and mix one more
time. And after that we apply tiled glue on concrete, well rubbed. After that, take a notched trowel
and do dispensing glue on the surface. Uncomfortable here, but possible. Adhesive strips
must be the same and uniform. Apply tile glue to the tile. After that, it is also dosed with a comb. We put it on the label and after that it is necessary with
using a small level to expose it strictly horizontally. Horizontal set,
now you need to grease under tile glue to keep it out
voids and so do with all the tiles. Between the tiles laid
crosses 2 millimeters thick so that the seam is smooth, simultaneously with
With this cross we clean the seam in order to grout well hit between the tiles. And taking the plinth, which will be here, try on the height of the location of the tile that he did not speak. The tile flush falls under the baseboard. And finally the threshold to the balcony is ready. It is seen
that he is on the same plane glossy and not yet frozen. Through
day it will be possible to wash it well wipe away In the next step, I will
make plastic slopes on the balcony block.
You watched a video on how to make a threshold balcony block
from a tile of a nine-story building from concrete.
Put huskies. Write comments and comments. Stay with us. Bye everyone … “In the next video you will see …” “How to make plastic slopes on the balcony block” “Write comments and remarks. Put likes! Subscribe to our channel” The case of the master is afraid ” “Thank you for watching!!”

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