Hello everyone my name is Alina and I am very
I’m glad that you looked at my creative channel! in this video we will create
charming New Year lantern hands !!!
it turns out very magical and fabulous and will definitely decorate your home
to the new year) this flashlight is detachable, he has
there is a base and the flashlight itself which allows you to put a garland there,
or some kind of candle, and also it will be very convenient to store for next year!
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comment under the video but we let’s let’s start and here on these patterns, I
I created my own flashlight, I drew them myself you can download and find them in my
instagram, link to it I will leave in description under the video!
I cut all the blanks, and we will them transfer to ceiling tiles to
they held well, I will fix them with using tape if you fix with tape only two
sides, first cut the inside and then the blank itself, so it will be
much more convenient in the previous video about deer from the ceiling tiles, wrote like you
don’t be afraid to spoil the laminate with a knife? and don’t worry this special me
substrate for shooting video and using only here, here I cut such a blank, literally in a couple of minutes, but the edges turned out uneven and they need
sanded with sandpaper such a blank is obtained in the end and
they will need four pieces, next we go to another element
it will be the so-called roof and these trapezoid shaped blanks they will also need 4 things, more
you need two of these big square and one small I wanted to make a flashlight interesting
and decorate it with New Year elements in this case to me
I needed a foam base the size is 12 or 13 centimeters and the height
penoplex 5 centimeters, put on it ceiling glue and glue the square on
large workpiece, this will be necessary for so that we have two sides
beautiful white base on the other put glue on the sides and fix the second
square here is a sandwich in quotation marks turned out and now finally we will collect it ourselves
I really wanted to make a flashlight I enjoyed the process to get started
choose which side you will have front as the ceiling tile has
one drawing on one side and on the second the parties
usually smooth surface I decided hide the picture inside and outside
make a smooth surface on one of sides I put glue and glue the second
harvesting I fix everything well and gradually
glue the third fourth side I didn’t miss the inner seams since
this glue sticks so well but if you will need it, you can
to do with ceiling tiles work one
I really liked the pleasure write in the comments what else would you
wanted to see and I will definitely repeat and like this at the base for a flashlight
it turned out in my opinion very cool then we collect the so-called roof from
trapezoid shaped blanks and I forgot to tell you that instead
weave on the base of the flashlight clippings some kind of drawing
for example make a deer forest or some month in general, choose what’s New Year
write the topic in the comments interesting to you such a topic
I will definitely try to do it for you similar video if you like it
just do not make patterns that you can download and then easily
repeat such a drawing further close small square top I didn’t plan at the beginning of the video
stick something on top of the flashlight and I thought to leave it as it is, but I glued it
I realized that it was somehow empty and decided add decorative elements and extra cut blanks again
four by four centimeters and glued and squared and more recently, I bought New Year
balls and were not made of polystyrene and there was so tiny and I think it’s just
fit as a crown for my a flashlight glued all these prepared
items on top and if you have ready-made items
decor that will lead perfectly to the top example of chess or some other little things
then be sure to use them I think not only decorate your flashlight flashlight
it turns out easy budget and very fabulous Now let’s move on to the decor of the base
which we did at the beginning of the video with last year I stayed like this
the wreath that I bought a fixed price to me he somehow got bored and I decided it
remake the wreath and disassembled and cut into small paws ate in
in the comments you often ask where I take art well, greens and here is one of
options where you can still get it to me I need white cones which I
pre-stained as well christmas balls
take balls of different diameters so will be much more interesting with
hot glue I stick all spruce twigs here I already use glue
stronger than the ceiling doctors glue it will be much more reliable to glue everything
decorative elements so need to be glued our whole sandwich
around the perimeter it turns out so decorative
blank and foam are not visible at all the upper and lower parts are also with us
neatly glued on then glued everything decorative elements balls cones can
use some beads as well put a garland then I already glued this decorative
the basis not shown that these spruce branch at all
not branches but looks like some could but nevertheless, the New Year mood is created and
this stand looks beautiful and if You do not want to use a fixed price that
buy some quality and more natural branches I think with them
it’s even better wonderful foundation everything turned out
it will look beautiful in the interior
it is with this lantern some places I added white paint instead
it can be used artificial snow this year I bought a fixed price
artificial snow her he turned disgusting yellow now i
while looking for quality artificial snow and as soon as I have it
I’ll definitely buy it, I will use it in myself in the video and I got it here
such a wonderful flashlight which can be garland with a candle or
leave as is I liked the idea of ​​a detachable flashlight
because it is very convenient in the future storage and easy to operate
and if you don’t want it then you can initially put the garland and then
already glue all the details if this video you liked and it was useful then
like like write comments as well subscribe to my channel until new
see you all bye-bye in new video


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