Порту. Орёл и Решка. Ивлеева VS Бедняков (eng, rus sub)
Порту. Орёл и Решка. Ивлеева VS Бедняков (eng, rus sub)

Legendary presenters: charismatic Andrey Bednyakov and imposing Nastya Ivleeva decided to find out who is cooler. In the new…the most driving…the most grandiose…the most ambitious… and the most epic season of Heads and Tails… – Come on. Where are your jokes? Well! Well! Joke! Joke! Come on! No?! Ah! No?! Ahahaha! Good morning, dear friends! It is Heads and Tails. – It is Heads and Tails and this talker I just met on the plane. Dear Nastya! Could you please tell our esteemed friends where we flew? – Dear friends! Andryusha and I flew to Portugal, namely to the city of Porto. – This is a gorgeous city that gave the Portuguese language to all of us. And what else did it give us, Nastya? – Port wine! I plan to get to know it very closely and intimately. – Yeah. However, I do not think you can drink too much for 100 bucks. – Oh! Oh! Oh! Take your time, my boy!
– Heads! – Tails!
– Hello, Porto! – Will you intrigue us? – Well, I will be damned!
– Well, I… Whoo! – Nastya, how are you going to walk with this blue miracle here? Frankly speaking, I did not want this to happen. I really did not want this to happen. – I do hope they have coins in the fountain. I will collect them and thus I will have enough money for a couple of glasses.
– Oh, what is it? It is so shiny! Oh, it is a gorgeous car. Oh, and there is the hotel! Wait! Wait! – I do not mind giving him the opportunity to live well in his old age. Okay, let him go. I am so young. I can do it like this. Well, I will look for a coin in the pool. No one throws coins here. Well okay… That is okay. Okay, okay… Porto is the second largest city in Portugal! Dear guys! However, size is not the most critical factor! The main thing is to have a good rest in it! And it seems that we will remember the weekend here for a long time! I exchanged dollars for euros so that I can leave the airport. There are two budget ways to get to the city, that is, the subway or the bus. However, the bus is still cheaper. Therefore, we will go on it. For some reason, after visiting the last city, I cannot forget about the rich life. I think… Sorry… Big pennies. Well, let’s go! In the meantime, Nastya is slow, and I am already flying at full speed! On just rented… brand new… Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 (diesel), that is, a lightweight comfort class SUV! Oh! You press the pedal… Of course, it goes. It is good and comfortable. Guys! After all, this is a Mercedes. Everything is comfortable in it: a spacious lounge, a bunch of electronics, something like cruise and climate control, light and rain sensors, as well as parking sensors, which will tell you where you can drive. And finally — speed. Sure, speed is not felt in such cars. It feels like we are driving at a speed of no more than 70 kilometres per hour. And on the speedometer we see… 170! Oh, okay. This is the case when the speed indicators do not matter. 90…120… After all, this is a my card (not me) will pay fines… But most importantly, on this massive SUV, I can easily ride in the city and in the country. And in general: wherever I want, there I will ride! After half an hour by bus, I finally found myself in the city. And here comes my first impression of Porto. Dear friends! This is not a traffic jam to my left but parking. To be more precise, parking is there. However, they put the cars in the second row because… because where should they put them? It is just that there is a complete IGAIW (I go as I want) and ISWIW (I stand where I want). IGAIW ISWIW. Guys! It is so narrow here! I have to be careful. Moreover, I have parking sensors. It seems to me that if they could speak, then they would tell me, “Hey you, woodpecker! I tell you that it is narrow here. Do not go here!” Okay! Okay! Do not squeak! Do not squeak! They all left their cars… Wow! Guys! Dear parking sensors! Do not squeak! It just squeaks like crazy. So every time I travel, I tell myself that big cars are not suitable for Europe. And now I also rent a big one. However, I took a big car with a specific purpose, that is, to go out of town. And here it does not fit at all. Here you really need a small car. While Andrey thinks what to do with his “comfortable” Mercedes, I have already arrived in the very centre of Porto.
Well, as they say, the city will not examine itself. So let’s not lose a single second. By the way, it is beautiful. Porto is one of the most ancient cities in Europe. It is one thousand one hundred twenty-three years old. But Porto (just like a very superior old port) becomes more beautiful every year. All these frayed façades… Ancient tiled roofs… As well as mighty bridges over the Douro River… only add charm and romance to the city. Well, this is a very, very inspiring city. Dear friends! I do not even remember the last time I experienced such a range of emotions… and I am still infinitely glad that I am walking here with a backpack. Well, because here you cannot help but walk. There is no need to rent a car. Just walk and walk again. The owner of an unlimited card should not walk. He should change cars! Meet the local invention known as GoCar! These three-wheeled small cars were created by the Portuguese specifically for tourists. So that they can see the city and not break their cars along its narrow streets. These cars have a certain romance. You feel like a real tourist. You ride and look around so small but free… Well, Porto, let’s get acquainted! Right now I am driving along one of Portugal’s most beautiful bridges. The Dom Luís I Bridge (Portuguese: Ponte de Dom Luís I), or Luís I Bridge! This is a 3 ton… A 375-meter metal structure designed by Gustave Eiffel, creator of the famous Eiffel Tower. As planned by the engineer, the bridge has 2 levels: on the top — trains run, on the bottom — cars. And both of them are open to pedestrians. What a beauty! Just look at this beauty! And here is the next attraction of Porto. And this building is also one of the iconic buildings in the city. This tower is called Clérigos (Portugal: Torre dos Clérigos). Firstly, it is very beautiful, especially its front part. And secondly, its height is 75 meters. Initially, Clérigos was built as a Catholic church. However, due to its height, it began to serve as a lighthouse for local residents and visitors. It can be seen from anywhere in the city. So if you suddenly get lost, navigate by this building. And finally, the main feature of Porto and the whole of Portugal. It is great! When you drive, pay attention to the houses, as they are decorated with tiles (moreover, they are multi-coloured). There is yellow, blue, blue and white… This is Azulejo, that is, the national treasure of Portugal. It looks amazing. Wow! What a beauty! The Azulejos tradition is already about six hundred years old. In addition to decorative, these tiles also have a practical function, since they protect the walls of houses from mould. Dear friends! Please pay attention to this beautiful building, which is completely covered with Azulejo tiles. And as you can see, not one has fallen. And why? Because here these tiles are painstakingly taken care of. Moreover, they even made a bank especially for them. Let’s go see what kind of bank it is! The Bank of Materials is a special place where used Azulejo tiles are carefully stored. For tourists, this place is a godsend. After all, you can come here for free and look at old tiles. And here you can see the tiles of the 15th century. It is very convenient and noteworthy for such inquisitive tourists (just like me) that they can get tiles and tablets and see them in more detail. Oooh! Well, it is just incredible… Sanechka, look! Oh, it is like I am running on a hill or to a store on the first of January. However, locals come here on business! In short, I would like to tell you that the tiles that people bring are stored here. For example, some people took a house apart. In this case, these tiles can be purchased here by other people who are just building their house. And all this is absolutely free. For your convenience, all the tiles in the bank are grouped by colour or pattern. And a knowledgeable person will always find what he / she needs. Nevertheless, you just cannot take the tiles…
This works as long as you bring your home project. You cannot just come and take it. You need to have proof. Listen, if there was something like that in our country: you want to build a house and decorate it with unusual, old, artefactual tiles, so you can just came to the bank, take it and decorate your house with it. And what about us? And we have nothing — and everything for the money. Meanwhile, I got behind the wheel of my Mercedes and went out of town. I went to visit one of the best restaurants in the region, that is, Casa de Chá da Boa Nova. It is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean… in a building, which in itself is an attraction! This house of unusual shape, which is located on the rocks, symbolizes the confluence of the city and nature, for which it is called a national architectural monument. However, the main feature of this restaurant is not even the building but its chef! Rui Paula is a real cooking star! The holder of the Michelin star, an expert in international competitions… For already 8 years, he is the judge of the famous culinary reality show in Portugal. And many tourists come to Porto only in order to taste his culinary masterpieces. This is such an interesting menu. It consists of 1 sheet and 21 positions. You can order yourself either 21 dishes at once (if you are probably very hungry) or you can take 12 or 6. The most interesting thing is that when you order 6 or 12 dishes, you never know what will be brought to you. This is such a chip. That is, the chef decides what he serves. The first course is an éclair with mussel and cauliflower mousse decorated with edible gold. It is delicious. In general, this is certainly not a dessert. Although it looks like a dessert, it turned out to be cauliflower. And since these mussels were hardly felt, I would probably rename this dish to cauliflower éclair. Is there nobody here? The second dish is a scarlet shrimp with carrot and ginger purée. What a tender shrimp! It goes well with ginger. It is very tasty. As well as sweet purée. The third dish is vegetables with lobster and grilled squid. Oh! It is really delicious! It is even with smoke. They fried it in my presence. Such a direct flavour of smoke is very good. I like it. Here comes the dish No. 4. Squid with rice and wine sauce. Mmm! This is a kind of roll. Dear friends! You see, there is a filling inside and it is delicious. And squid in many places… When you order it, they really like to fry it very much in oil. There is no oil at all. At all! This squid is very well and gently fried. Wonderful!
Here comes the dish No. 5, that is, an éclair called “déjà vu”. It is very cool cooked. They brought the same thing. Well, sure I will say, “I already ordered this dish! Do you have memory problems?” And he will answer, “No, my friend! It is the same thing. However, this is a dessert”. There you have sweets inside. Namely, this is raspberry and lychee mousse. In éclair, they usually add condensed milk there. It is very, very sweet and cloying. Here they added something. It is so sour. It is mixed up, right? No, this is just such a sour mousse. It is fruity. I love that. This is very sour. This is very sweet. It is refreshing. And finally, the apogee of this culinary extravaganza is the “carousel” dessert. This is a sponge cake with cream of Brazilian açaí berries, a ball of lemon sorbet, cotton candy, and berries. That is very beautiful. Everything is precise and matched for children. Although I am already bearded, but I am a child. I like it. So I will start with cotton candy. I will take it and eat it like that. This is so cool! It melts in my mouth and shoots! Do you hear that? And now let’s try the biscuit! What a delicious filling! It is also very sour. It is made on the basis of sorbet. You know, that is good. It is so good. I think that 6 dishes will be enough for me. However, no… It seems to me that 12 would be ideal. I ordered 6… I got it wrong… We got acquainted with the city, so it is time to get acquainted with its traditional cuisine. Dear friends! The local cuisine is very basic. Nevertheless, to hope that Andrey Bednyakov with his (God forgive me) card will tell about it is pointless. Therefore, I will do everything myself. I came to a café to try a Portuguese dish called “tripas”. Now you will see what kind of tripas it is. Well, I, in general, too. However, it is worth a try because it is a local delicacy. Thank you! Mmm! This is clear! It is cool! Well done! As they say, you need to try tripas. It turned out that tripas is a cow’s stomach stew with white beans and smoked sausage. It is served with rice decorated with olives. Well, of course, I really like being the TV presenter of Heads and Tails. I thank God for such a wonderful position. After all, I visit beautiful countries and eat all sorts of goodies, right? Super! I would rather eat everything to the last crumb. As well as olives… I hate them… F*cking olives! Who can love olives? Nevertheless, tripas is a legendary dish in Porto, which has been eaten here for six centuries. In Portugal, there is a legend that once a man went to conquer other lands. People, of course, believed him and started giving him meat. They began to slaughter their cattle and give all the meat to him. But what did they eat themselves so as not to starve to death? Guts, heads, tongues, etc. Of course, the man did not conquer new lands. However, he left a magnificent tradition in Portugal. What is this? I do not understand. This is so that I can open it like a book… So what tongue should I enjoy today? Let’s find it out! I do not understand why this is necessary. Well, I will try it! In short, if you do not look at it and just chew it, then this thing is tasteless and it is more saturated with this broth… Yeah, with this beef one. I did not understand its taste. I will not try it anymore. For me, it seemed tasteless. Therefore, I will not try it again… And thanks God! I advise everyone to try this wonderful dish. However, the best thing that is in it (as it seems to me) is how it can be eaten. That is, we take it, pick up the broth from here, add it to this charming rice, and send all the olives to join this meat party. We leave it like that, pick it up with a spoon, and miraculously absorb it all. It is great!
Dear friends! If you are not a gourmet extreme, I would like to advise you to try fish and seafood and drink pious Vinho Verde. Good luck! And I decided to show you another attraction in the vicinity of Porto. To do this, I changed my transport again. I rented a private boat for myself to enjoy the beauty of the Douro Valley. It is great when you have money, when you can rent a boat, a boat for yourself, sit down and enjoy peacefully… a good warm sun… landscapes, greenery… This is wonderful! The Douro Valley is almost 900 kilometres of emerald hills planted with vineyards for centuries. There are ideal conditions for growing grapes, that is, a warm climate, moderate humidity and, most importantly, steep slopes, which helps the sun to warm the soil. It also helps the grapes to pour sugar. Thanks to this, the Douro River Valley has become the main wine region of Portugal. Here they produce hundreds of thousands of litres of wine from 165 grape varieties. However, the main thing is that only in this valley they create the world-famous fortified wine known as port wine. And since I am here, I will not miss the opportunity to stay in the valley and get to know this wine better. Oooh! Guys, it is time to see how port wine is made.
Dear friends! I would like to immediately inform you that our cheap port wine and noble port wine from Porto are two completely different drinks. Our port wine is a cheap low-grade wine with a lot of sugar. And real port wine is made from 29 varieties of only local grapes and only in the Douro River Valley! Port wine produced in another region cannot be called port wine. And they produce it like this: Stage No. 1. Grape processing into juice. These tanks, which are now behind me, are filled with grapes. This big iron thing is a press. Then this press simply rolls, lowers, crushes, rides, and again crushes. All right, that is enough. Stage No. 2. Fermentation. Ready juice is placed in metal tanks. So, of course, it looks beautiful. Look, these are huge barrels. Everything is clean there and there is wine inside. It ferments there. It ferments there. That is what the producers say about me when they watch the program. Oh! Bednyakov! He ferments there, says something, tries to seem clever, and jokes. And, finally, stage No. 3. Alcohol is added to the fermented wine, after which it is aged in special oak barrels. Huh! Look at this! This is above all! This is where they save port wine. Just imagine! In this basement, they save 400,000 litres!
There is a port wine, the ageing of which is from 3 to 40 years. Every year, the price and taste of the drink change. And now I will check it. Well, right now I will taste port wine. However, this is not a simple port wine. This is a vintage port wine! That is, a port wine made of grapes of one year of harvest, which was first kept in a barrel for several years and then left to ripen in bottles for another 10-15 years.
Dear friends! Meet port wine made from the harvest of 2000, port wine made from the harvest of 1985, and port wine made from the harvest of 1995. Therefore, I propose to start our tasting with port wine made from the harvest of 1995. Wow! It is sweet… sweet port wine… and this one is more suitable for such heat. That is when it is hot, it is refreshing.
Move on… So, let’s try the following one! Port wine made from the harvest of 1985. This is the case when you understand that after drinking a couple of glasses of such a drink in such heat, you will sleep somewhere on the bench and will not remember your name in two hours. By smell, it is the softest of all the others. And its taste is so vigorous, good, and rich. And finally, the port wine made from the harvest of 2000.
It has a very light, sweet, and pleasant taste. However, my favourite are the port wine made from the harvest of 1985 (by smell) and the port wine made from the harvest of 1995 (by taste). It is a pity that we cannot combine the smell of this one and the taste of that one. Nevertheless, I will think about it. After all, I have a card! I will probably take a bottle for myself. This one, for example. It costs 8 thousand 500 euros! And if there is 8,500 euros and a card, then… what? The Portuguese are so proud of their port wine that they even opened a wine hostel. This is where I will go! Well, listen! In my opinion, this place is perfect for Nastya Ivleeva. Wherever you turn your head, you will see corks and bottles everywhere. It remains to open a museum of potatoes. It will be a paradise for me. Dear friends! Look! At the reception, a price hangs over the head of this holy woman. So that guests do not go far and right here begin to get acquainted with local wines. Well, now we cheerfully go watch the room. The hostel itself is located in an old building, which is more than a hundred years old. When it was designed, the designers tried to preserve the original appearance of the building leaving a luxurious carved ceiling with a glass roof. Hello! Could you please tell me if I am in paradise? Hello! I do not hear you. In heaven? I thought so, thanks. And here is my overnight stay, that is, a general room for 6 people. Dear friends! Well, this is some absolutely beautiful toast. Just look! This is probably one of the best spacious and romantic hostels I have ever seen during a trip with Heads and Tails. At my disposal is a bed with fresh towels. Locker with a mirror for different things… And the fan… Well, and the view… Two balconies. Wow! My dear friends! I am looking at the city centre with a glass of the finest local port wine and just enjoy it! Wine hostel… Nothing special. I will live in a unique wine boutique hotel! A wine hotel is a hotel with its own vineyard, its own wine production… with its own wine cellar… and ten deluxe rooms in the form of real wine barrels… Ohhh! Cool! Just look! There is such an alley and 10 barrels of wine! Woohoo! 10 barrels of wine — this is indicated in the column that concerns the fee for the season with Nastya Ivleeva. Well! Welcome to my barrel!
Well! Hello! Is this all? This is such a hotel room, right? The room in the wine boutique hotel is a single room with wooden walls, a round bed, and a TV. Well, in principle, I did not expect something special when I looked at this barrel. Although somewhere in my subconscious mind, there was a hope that I would go there and then there would be an entrance down, four floors with a swimming pool, a helicopter pad, and a soccer field. However, no… You know, this is the case when you pay not for the size but for the surroundings. Well, the coolest thing in my room is a panoramic window and a small terrace in the backyard. Guys! It should open somehow. Well, here it is… Of course, this is very unusual. And you begin to wonder how many such unusual hotels are there in the world. You do not just come to the room. It is huge. Using the special button, you can open the curtains. You have a huge TV and a soft bed. And here is an unusual, cool, and unique hotel room… with an idea… I like it here. In the evening, all the guidebooks in Porto advise you to go to the coast of Miramar, where you can meet the most beautiful sunset in the area. The coast of Miramar is washed by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The local hurricanes and storms are so strong and destructive that three hundred years ago they built a chapel of Senhor da Pedra here to calm them. In English, this name means the “Lord of Stone”. According to legend, the chapel was erected on a magic stone, which miraculously radiated light, thereby saving sailors from the storm. Now the Chapel of the Lord of Stone does not emit light. However, it is still considered a place of power.
It is also considered the best viewing point for watching the sunset. That is awesome! Of course, sunsets are always romantic. And this sunset is no exception. Unless there is something to be worried about. Dear friends! It is very-very windy and very cold here! Therefore, if you come here to see off the sun, be sure to take warm clothes and a hat. Well, my sweeties! I would even say semi-sweet… your 32-year-old port wine wishes you… Why are you getting on a bed wearing boots?! It wishes you good night. Well, dear friends… Buenas Noches! And as they say, a glass of port wine before a sweet night is not harmful. Take the camera away! Go to bed! I have not learned Portuguese so well yet. Nevertheless, I am still young and the main fact is that I ideally know English. A new day promises to be beautiful. Bom Dia, people! Well, as they say, breakfast will not eat itself and Portugal will not look at itself! Proceed to execution! In my hostel, breakfast costs 2.5 euros. Everything here works like a buffet. Choose what your heart desires! I think that this is a beautiful morning. On the morning of the second day, I got into my Mercedes and went out of town. Well, finally your Andryushka (that is, I) used the car for its intended purpose. I will not drive through the narrow streets. I went to the mountains. I arrived at the Serra da Estrela Park. This is the largest park in Portugal with a total area of just 100,000 hectares! A serpentine road and footpaths, the length of which is 375 kilometres, meander along it. And all this splendour is spread on the highest mountain range of Portugal. Its peak (Torre (Serra da Estrela), which height is 1993 meters) is the highest point of continental Portugal. However, people do not come here for this. In the depths of the park is a lake with a mysterious funnel known as Covao Dos Conchos. Some say that this is the entrance to the other world. Others say that this is a secret base of alien ships. And others say that this is the entrance to the secret palace of Masons. In general, I am going there right away! I also decided to travel outside the city. And show you another park known as Peneda-Gerês National Park. It is the only national park in Portugal. Under the protection of the state are 70 thousand hectares of primeval nature. Like millions of years ago, granite rocks rest here. Oak and pine forests are located on their slopes, and the Lima River slowly meanders in the valley. Look! Well, it just looks super… This river just… creates content. It is charming that there are practically no people here. Therefore, here you are standing on a stone enjoying this magnificence. There is a huge number of forests and trees. This space is incredible. That is awesome! Dear friends! In addition to beautiful places, there are many more interesting ones. Therefore, we do not lose a minute and go to watch them! This is a cool car. Nevertheless, I have to part with it. We do not fit each other because then I (a person with a card) should walk a little. 5 kilometres. Ladies and Gentlemen! And now I would like to introduce the evolution of a human gait in the mountains. So, the first 50 meters… cool, beautiful… Let’s go faster!
200-300 meters: 600-800 meters: cool, beautiful… 1200-1500 meters:
How long will it take to get from here to the final point? Now we are going to take a little rest. Nice. 2500 meters: Well… Well… I succumb to you… Right now I will catch you… It is just such a manoeuvre. 3500 meters: Why did I go here? I wish I sat at home and watched the telly. In addition, I suddenly wanted to eat. It would seem that I have a card. However, I cannot eat when I want. They did not open a single Michelin-starred restaurant, not a single café. They did not put Armen with barbecue, so that he would make barbecue. This is somehow wrong. We will fix it now because we want to eat. So… Come here, my baby! I am a lover of nature. I will not eat it. In addition to the dense forests, the park also has beautiful waterfalls with lagoons. One of them was called Tahiti. Dear friends! And here is the Portuguese Tahiti. They say the locals called it that way because of the warm and crystal clear water. For them, real Tahiti is far away, the ocean is cold, and this pond is an ideal option for a swim. I also plan to do this. However, it is there and I am here. It is low and I am high. So what? We are getting there. Woohoo! There is no special path, so you need to go down steep paths and rocks. To tell the truth, I did not expect that such a trip to this lagoon awaits me. I thought it would be as follows. Okay, I got there, I took a couple of steps, and now I can dive. And here is such a hiking. Dear friends! And then I will have to go back upstairs. And it is also very dangerous because the paths are winding. They go down very sharply and you can certainly fall very badly. Well, finally, we got here! Now I have a new brainchild and a new name. I am no longer Nastyushka-Opasnost (that, is Danger), I am Nastyushka-Parkour. In general, an hour later, I still reached my goal, that is. Covao Dos Conchos Lake with its mysterious funnel. It turned out that due to the heat, the funnel of the lake had dried up. They say that there is more water in winter or spring. If we imagine that there is more water and that this water flows into this crater, then it looks more attractive. Although it is already pretty! I do not know. In addition, the entire mystery of the funnelis nothing more than a tourist attraction. In fact, the lake is artificial. They built this pond to provide the region with drinking water and electricity. And this hole is just a spillway that takes excess water and sends it through another underground tunnel to another artificial reservoir, which is located one level lower. Guys! It is fantastic! Let’s move on! Let’s go back! Listen! It is just great! If there were not so many tourists, then there would not be a price for this place. However, we will ignore it and go swimming! It is just ice. It feels like all the freezers of the world are located here! Guys, you do not understand. The water is so cold! I do not know what this temperature is, but this is Arctic or Antarctic (I do not know for sure but there is ice). I have not been there. Nevertheless, I am sure it is also cold there. It is impossible to breathe here! It is simply impossible to go there! I swear you! When I was in the water, I had the feeling that I was pierced by thousands of needles… Millions of needles prick my whole body! Okay, friends! I did it! I entered ice water and tested myself. Therefore, I will go sunbathing. Well, the next 100 dollars will be hidden at the highest point in Portugal. We decided to hide the Portuguese bottle with a hundred bucks in the Serra da Estrela Park, on top of the Torre mountain. There, on the lawn under one of the stones, lies a treasure from Heads and Tails. Three bushes, stones… There is a bottle. Dear friends! In addition to the stunning nature, a unique animal (known as desman) lives in these places. I am going to find it and see it with my own eyes. And the special device will help me with this. Stick it! The desman is a small half-kilogram animal of the mole family. It has a lovely oblong trunk nose and a long scaly tail. It lives in holes and eats everything that comes under its paws. It is endangered and strictly protected. There are no desmans here. These are goats. Desmaaaaan! Sasha, I am actually not looking for desman now. This is my personal time. Turn off the camera! Well, friends! I have not found a desman. Maybe you can do it, since they are definitely found here. The main thing is probably patience and a little more time. Unfortunately, I do not have it. Getting to know Porto is like tasting a good port. I like everything about it and even the colour. – Wow! Wow! Well!
And the aroma. And the aftertaste. However, the main thing is that I still have a desire to return and try again! – Desmaaaaan! – Hey you, woodpecker! I tell you that! – Well, it just looks super…
– Well… – That is awesome! – Oh my God! People have not deceived me. I walked along the promenade and asked where is the most talented TV presenter in the world. Where is this beauty? Where? Where? However, for some reason, I came and found you. Hello, Nastya! – Hello, Andryusha! – Oh, as far as I see, you have been waiting here for a long time. – Of course, this is the birthplace of port wine. You know, I will not pay attention to your taunts and tricks. I will tell you the following: the nature in Portugal is incredible, the city is amazing. It just seems to me that the whole memory of your phone will not be enough to photograph every part of this city. It is just the most beautiful. – While Nastya thinks that on television (just as in YouTube) the time is unlimited, I would like to tell you that Porto is like a good and strong port wine. With age, it gets tastier (just like me). I am 32 years old. Every day I become more delicious. Well, young low-quality and cheap wine. – Because you look like you are 40 years old.
– Let’s go! – Wait! Andryusha! Andryusha! I have a question!
– A question. – If I did not succeed, then you must… you must find a desman. And we will see you in the next city. – Nastya, this is the case when the desman gave me glasses and left this place. Nastya! – Look! Parkour! Parkour technique! – Listen, the program has changed in 6 years. What do they give you to eat here? Come on! Let’s go, Andryusha!

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    Рыжня,мы и так знаем,что ты необразованная колхозница,на хера на этом акцентировать внимание???? Якобы поссать на камеру,вооооообще не"ТОПЧИК",уёбище ты веснушечное!Бедняк-красава!

  8. Алексей says:

    про 15 сантиметров уже писали?

  9. Ник Бол says:

    Да блин когда они кидают манету, такое враньё, нет чтобы снять одним кадром и сразу выключить хочется, не смотрел орел и решка и не буду, исправите этот момент, буду смотреть, дизлайк

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  11. Sergey Volkov says:

    Интересно взглянуть на рейтинги нового сезона, чтобы точно знать. Это мне не нравится или это неудачный выбор ведущих?

  12. Антон Поляков says:

    Смотрел на тв, ща опять посмотрю- получилось шикарно, прям туда захотелось. Ивлеева похудела, Бедняков заматерел- рекомендую обоих !

  13. тв тв says:

    Харе шутить в перезагрузки другом мести говорили

  14. София Алексеева says:

    А мне понравилось! Спасибо за выпуск!

  15. Super Frut says:

    в пизду беднякова, верните лесю никитюк

  16. Aisulu Akimgozhinova says:

    Настя ♥️

  17. Алена Гучек says:

    Все о ведущих и о ведущих. А я вот хочу отметить оператора Ивлеевой 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  18. эльвира зате says:

    Лайк,кто живёт в Европе🍯🐝❤

  19. Just Doit62 says:

    Ивлеева когда жуёт, у неё правый глаз дёргается….

  20. bella donna says:

    Беднякову нужно выйти замуж и поменять фамилию, как то не правильно такому мч иметь такую негативную фамилию

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    ☑Читающие 500 р
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  24. Артем Брундаков says:

    Оденьте Ивлеву нормально уже!харош ей вещи на помойке собирать!

  25. Jan Grinchenko says:


  26. Екатерина Титова says:

    Ааааа! Я жила в этом хостеле в этом году, в феврале. Классное место! Даже жалко, что его подробнее не показали. Кажется, даже в этом же номере. LBV – late botelled vine. И окошки на площадь выходили, а по вечерам на площади молодняк учился жонглировать.

  27. Bullet Proof says:

    Я обожаю маслины, Настя))) Прямо из банки могу есть 😉

  28. Ann Semeno says:

    А почему у ведущей по-бедному в руках 200 с лишним евро? (4 красные бумажки по 50 евро и еще мелочь? См тайминг 3:40

  29. Marusya Kanel says:

    Урааа!! Ивлеева!!

  30. Артур Серебряков says:

    Я просил, чтобы вернули Беднякова, но эта серия – это провал и трешак

  31. Мария Владимирова says:

    Очень круто!!!!!!

  32. Zen Love says:

    Порту скучный и некрасивый город, разве что любителям старья понравится

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    Ивлеева ОГОНЬ!

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  40. Sa tori says:

    38:48 скажите название песни плиз!!!)

  41. Roman Bukhantsov says:

    Момент, когда Бедняков говорит "Я прогадал" – в золотые моменты орла и решки, пересмотрел эти 5 секунд раз 10

  42. Muhammadali Otaboyev says:

    Ненавижу Беднякова из-за рекламы Триваго

  43. PartySun says:

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  46. AxarT says:

    Презираю Ивлееву и не смотрю эту " телепередачу " больше . после ее высказывания у "Дудя" хоть оно и не касается меня на прямую . Не думаю что она достойна работать в этом "шоу" и как человек и как профессионал .

  47. No Fear says:

    Одно из тех видео, на которое однозначно не стоит тратить своё время… Я вот не понимаю… Продюсеры, Ваш бюджет весь уходит на гонорары эти "двух мега звёзд"? Что за грязный и зачуханный Мэрс, снова нарядили не пойми во что Ивлееву, вы реально над ней глумитесь или у неё настолько безвкусный вкус? Чесслово, как Пьеро в своей неглаженной толстовке))))))) Если в этом городе (стране) нет интересных мест, развлечений, зачем туда переться и снимать такую дичь? Выпуск ниочём, огромный и жирный ДИЗЛАЙК!!!

  48. kuban Orozbekov says:

    Сколько тут хэйтеров ой ваай , наверное все продюсеры , актерища собрались тут

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    Ивлева голимая страшная и не приятная!

  50. Rabi Ray Rana says:

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  52. Vradostour says:

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  57. Пятница Friday says:

    Интересно, русские субтитры предназначены для людей с ограниченными возможностями? Неужели гуманность пришла и к нам!


    Снова на перемотке…. Что-то не то совсем… Казалось бы в Будапеште что-то налаживаться началось и снова….

  59. Евгений Степанов says:

    Птушкин и ивлеева верните их

  60. Секреты Ремесленника says:

    КРУТОЕ видео!!! Я тоже недавно создал канал. Можешь оценить: https://youtu.be/03kEzqdpc3I

  61. Ульяна Зюбина says:

    Ехххх как не хватаит Птушкина жалка што он ушол

  62. Guran-Arizona Role Play says:

    Маслины ахренеть какие вкусны

  63. Izzy Com says:

    За что я люблю Решку? Да за такие кадры как на 33: 22!

  64. Тая Пологмааг says:

    Какие молодцы ,поставить обезьяну под комменты верните того ,верните сего .как же надоело это читать в комментах.Не смотрела ещё выпуск,но знаю что мне понравится ,передача и ведущие всегда радуют ❤

  65. Shanur Seyidov says:

    Андрей Бедняков ТОП ведущий !!!)

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  70. Vladimir Chervontsev says:

    Не цепляют, по отдельности они классные, а вместе не очень…

  71. М Е Н Т says:

    32:00 пабг

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  73. Серега Храмов says:

    Однозначно 3:0 в пользу Беднякова!!! Так а почему Трипаш столовой ложкой с горкой не попробовала Настюшка?)

  74. Alex Petrov says:

    Очень интересный выпуск,ведущие как и всегда на высоте!!!))))

  75. S&R says:

    а пачаму у явлеевой на зовтроке рот в гавне?😂

  76. Фёдор Некто says:

    Мост Понти-ди-Дон-Луиш I был построен не по проекту Гюстава Эйфеля, а по проекту его ученика и компаньона Теофила Сейрига. Настоящий мост Эйфеля, – Мост Марии Пии Савойской, находится через один выше по реке и являлся железнодорожным, ныне не используется.

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  78. Ника Ник says:

    Почему во время дегустации портвейна,Андрею никто из операторов не сказал,что у него на шляпе сидит муха?? 😀

  79. Венер Рафиков says:

    Оказывается, у Португалии не только Роналду есть 😀

  80. Rick Dalton says:

    Пришёл посмотреть на сухой шампунь Nivea 3 в 1, а тут какой-то ещё Порту, какая-то Португалия

  81. Ника Ник says:

    А у Ивлеевой задергался один глаз,когда она пробовала кишки из "Трипаша" 😀

  82. PlagiatTomi says:

    Четкий выпуски!!!Вот это «Орёл и Решка»👍👍

  83. Tip top TJ says:


  84. S&R says:

    Давайте в Лос – Анджелес)

  85. Far4i says:

    Верните жору !!! x|D

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  87. Игорь Слонов says:

    Ивлеева прикольная!

  88. Маша Матвеева says:

    Ивлеич – прелесть

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  90. MakRoGer says:

    ЗАГЛЯНИ ❗❗❗❗❗

    прочитал – удача 🌹

    лайкнул – любовь и благополучие в семье 😍

    подписался – здоровье 🌾

    иди за мечтой 🍃

  91. Aleksandr Shevchuk says:

    Настюшка вернулась. Насмеялись))

  92. Герман Ермилов says:

    Зачем этот блевотный Мерседес взяли(((🤮🤮

  93. Kristina Shuina says:

    Видео Пушкина намного лучше, не давайте Беднякову золотую карту, фамилия сама за себя говорит

  94. Наиля Зинурова says:

    Можно уже музыку сменить?

  95. NIKS says:


  96. muniz vadim says:

    Мост не Эйфеля. А его ученика. Мост Эйфеля закрыт и он через 2 моста выше по течению……не подготовились. Печаль

  97. АЙСИ КИТ says:


  98. Таня Кокряшкина says:

    Давайте ставить дизлайки и тогда можешь быть вернут Птушкина?!!!??!!!!!!?

  99. SaMuRaY Iks says:

    Конечно же Бедняков

  100. Damon G says:

    Весь выпуск сплошная реклама. От машины до портвейна.

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