* heavy sigh * I until recently did not believe that I was
I will say: “We did it” ✨ These subtitles are automatically generated. If you find a bug, please correct it in the subtitle editor. Thank. In May, I shared with you the idea of
creating a big, shared with my viewers, the work – Travnik, and more than 200 people then supported this idea. The bottom line was that I wanted to create a large book with illustrations of my viewers. And to better understand what’s what, better watch the video, which will be in tooltip, and I will leave the link in the description,
video about how it all began. Those who wanted to participate, exhibited their work in instagram, and so I selected 17 participants.
I looked exclusively at work and if I liked watching profiles
to make sure that these are people really drawing because there were
cases where I doubted is it really that job
the person who put it out. Next i created a dialogue with all participants
Vkontakte and began to collect them envelopes. It took quite a long time to
particular because I needed grind all the sheets. Yes, I made a total of it, casserole 44 sheets A4 plus some not
turned out. Further it was necessary to make texts about all plants and print. The trick was that I planned to sew the sheets, put them into each other by 4 pieces, so it was impossible for me, simply, to put everything in alphabetical order, but it was necessary to correctly distribute where it will be: on which sheet, in which side there will be an image, and where I need to print the text. I made myself scheme, layout, on what sheet, which side, what should be, so that when stitching everything was
order. And on the same sheet I distributed drawings among the participants,
each person was four illustrations and some took
additionally 2 more. In general, in the end, I gradually get it all.
coffee maker, typing and sending. It was important for me not to guys
felt like i just use them work, that they stupidly work for me,
so I wanted them too plunged into this atmosphere so that for them everything was beautiful so that they, really felt
project participants so I put everyone in the envelope
little note and all sorts of nice little things. And when the envelopes reached the addresses,
my fairies and elves got to work not subject to me. I just had to wait. Well, no, well, actually I, too
drew a few illustrations but me given it is very difficult. And when almost all the letters came back to me, I went to instagram, honestly I don’t remember why, but I wanted to see who sent their applications for participation in Travnik and I saw this job, and I wondered why I didn’t take this girl in Travnik and took it. And that was 18 participants. I opened 18 envelopes with a sinking heart and glee at the sight of illustrations. And only when all the work came back to me, I saw the total amount of pages, because I typed and sent them gradually. Further, again, the responsibility for all this shifted to me, because all the pages needed to be arranged, in the herbalist himself In the summer, I brought from the forest, from a fallen tree, such a piece of bark, while he was cox, I painted the cardboard gold, in case he was shine through and then glued it on the bark, and then I thought it was provide strength, plus it helped me hold two pieces of bark together. Then I began to cut a flat shape and, you know, even if the bark seems to be decrepit, with drying out, it can be about go-go how durable. And so that it does not crumble and do not break off from above, I covered it with glue, nevertheless, in this case it will perform a protective function better than varnish. Then I had to make a headline on the cover, I wanted shiny golden letters, and I achieved it. For the labels, I used one of my favorite fonts, and somehow I needed to do volumetric form of these letters. I began to try to mold it, but it was not crowned with success, then I cut out all the letters and rolled out a layer of polymer clay. I didn’t have a paste machine or an acrylic rolling pin for clay, so I used improvised methods. In the end, somehow rolled out the layer and put a piece of paper on top, and then around, began to push the paper with a stack. Do not ask how it occurred to me, I do not know. So I made myself a contour of letters. The letter “k” really did not fit, so I did it separately. And straight and baked. I didn’t want to hurt the letters, because I was already quite exhausted with them, while I was trying to mold, so I began to finally cut them, only after baking, and Further on the technique of the video about acorn, I began to cover the letters with a gel – top and dry them. And then from these glossy letters, I molded a silicone mold. Yes, I, specifically, so zamorochilsya over the letters, but I got what I wanted. I will fill the form, you guessed it, probably with epoxy resin. I decided not to paint it, but to mix a large number of large and small into it. gold glitter. This is the case when the result coincided with expectations. Magic golden letters. As wanted. With the help of a stencil, I began to try to stick them, but they held on to the hlupenko, and cutting them into the bark was too dangerous. At the same time, planning the design of the cover, I thought about making such a rectangular around the letters frame, but never figured out how to do it to make it look beautiful. And this is the problem that the letters are bad stuck, gave me a new thought, I remembered the moss from the stump. I began to glue letters with moss and it was good that since I planted it on hot glue, I could pour the glue under the letters in the crust, and stick a little moss under them, thus creating a pillow under the letters, and they began to hold very tight. And I stuck a little moss in different parts of the bark. And a dry brush walked with gold paint, on the protruding parts of the bark, to highlight them. More gold and more magic, everything is the same, that is, glue and sawing, I did it with another piece of bark from the same tree, further the question arose of how to bond these two hefty crust among themselves. I thought to make a spine of leather, leatherette, but I needed durable frame under the spine so that this crust does not crush anything for me when I would open it and closed up. Then I remembered that somehow a friend was throwing me a photo. wooden notebooks, where they have the cover and spine wood, it then impressed me so much how they bend so much that I am very remembered well and remembered at the right moment. And just magically, I found a file on the Internet to make such a notebook, and the workshop “ToBeGo” helped me to cut it all out of plywood, and I thank them so much for it. Laser cutting is generally another very interesting opportunity for creativity, so I think I’ll make a separate video about this, especially considering how creative the founders of this workshop were. And here I am holding a sheet of plywood, which is bent. Imagine bending! I have not yet taken it in hand, I did not believe that it would be possible I painted the part that will act as a stain, I just really love its color and effect, which she gives. And while it all dried up, I took up the sheets. Before stitching them, I decided to decorate stamps the first sheet, in case something goes wrong, so that you can still redo it. Stamps are a great thing. Here, in total, all the sheets, I have already shown this to you) And I had to divide them into 4 pieces, according to my scheme. And then I began to sew all these piles of sheets. And further, I had to sew them all together for this, I took a piece of leatherette, True, he unfortunately was a little less than the size that I needed. And she began to sew her stacks to him very close to each other. That way. I think that the video on how to sew the sheets, I will also make a separate one. Then I pasted the sheets on the kozhzam in a wooden base. And after all this, finally, it was possible to put everything together: sheets and cover, only this had to be done very carefully, so that no part of the bark would prevent Thravnik from opening. Therefore, I first glued the front cover, and then the back. The only problem was the thickness of this sandwich, even more likely hefty crevices. Then I came to the aid of “epoxy” of my childhood – plaster from pva. By the way, from this one could also be done, try now to decorate .. * I understood that there is no *, too many plans. I mixed plaster with PVA one by one, and this mixture smeared all the cracks in the cover, and when it all dried up, painted it with paint. And you can say ready! But I decided to decorate the turns a little more. Work on this herbalist was also very informative, Initially I copied a list of plants for a herbalist from the group of the abode of a forest witch, I recall no witch, I do not consider myself and I just like the whole atmosphere. And here I am typing the pages I get to the letter “m” I look, mandragora, I think, well, okay, besides real plants, there will also be mystical ones, in the end it turns out that such a plant really exists in nature. And I thought it was all aunt Rowling’s fiction. There was a hitch with the meadow-ground too, I wrote both a ground-meadow and a meadowsweet on the list of plants, And it turned out to be the same And about the oregano, too, for sure, they heard that word, but did you know that it was in almost every home? We just call it oregano, and in fact there is such a beautiful word in Russian. With primrose and primrose, too, there were difficulties, in fact, primrose – this is the primrose, but in the Russian language another plant is also called primrose, completely different. I compiled the texts according to the scheme: some general information, where it grows, how to harvest and why? And I liked, if I found it, to add some mythical stories or even magical properties, even if I never use them. And re-reading all these texts in the preparation, reviewing all these pictures of flowers, because I gave the pictures samples to participants, so that there is no confusion I as if discovering a new world I became different yes no, I just began to look, just look at the plants in the summer. How much wealth and how much its diversity is around us. This project showed another very important thing creativity has no limits, no gender, no age, I am almost random way gathered together 18 people, from 12 to 27 years old from 18 cities, from different parts of Russia from Ukraine, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. I express my deep gratitude to all the participants, and those who supported this project, exposing their work, in my instagram you will find even more photos Herbalist, and also I urge you to support a subscription of my illustrators without whom this Travnik would not be. And yes, in the future I am planning another similar project, where much more people can already participate. I hope this video I was able to inspire you. I love you so much! Until)

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