УКЛАДКА ПЛИТКИ своими руками. КАК ПОЛОЖИТЬ ПЛИТКУ своими руками. ♦How to DIY♦
УКЛАДКА ПЛИТКИ своими руками. КАК ПОЛОЖИТЬ ПЛИТКУ своими руками. ♦How to DIY♦

the difference is big different at the surface
filmed century bottom row will be 33 centimeter
floor tiles and assure stood 33 s half in this place and from here and demolished
fix it will be me already which introduces me only the length of kings to
huts answer whether they did not distribute according to version where so here is the goal and so on around
sadness enter me attached there was no way to show to pinpoint
I will report a ray to science vertical angle for the wife by which all
straight line from the vertical of the blood floor dina and now in these places or me from
holes I will fix them on the screws equalized a pair of undescribed
from the pyrenees photo tile us
you know and will likewise exhibit protruding and wall cladding rivers and so the spile lays down the tile at
which adhesive solution like this should be given a calm move to crawl with
trowel this is a good buffer stroke take potatoes
attacks of drafts 8 by 8 millimeters or other
and start from this corner of us laying tiles from the side where from when entering
immediately glances at the barbarian site entrance from there and throw that one out so it
already we will give birth to exactly many gent size so here is half there
half i don’t do it i’m here kisses
and then how it goes so our hymen soaring average here prices should look
if there are no kind of stripes on adhesive composition
not properly cooked should be exactly and now there’s a tile in place
explore it yourself we will leave elevators from tiles
a clearance of 2 millimeters, which is sometimes granted would we use these crosses they have
different sizes in this case these are two millimeter
I don’t impose it on me and press and continue on two millimeters
then spoons of salt are used cross one below
the core and the tag a little bit get started and even I want them to be exactly
because when we lay a secret photo we see that the edge of previous fishing line
was on this segment with a hand enough our efforts here are not necessary right away
this is a city because the tiles are thick different it is like millimeters and this is all and
so to me to avoid the difference big then I immediately it’s kind of a row you can
you can still check take the rules like this
flat and axis exactly everything is fine she is everything exactly and defense well of course it’s already
practice affected well for beginners it’s important to see that these edges are and here
it is along the wall in a plane consider and continue on
impose a solution and then I will be a city cell then when from 5 to 2 rows then
I will continue to my right also 5 cells we take note necessary
cell size that we need leave on with me will cut off here
so easy this is how the tiles are laid on one side of the wall
two rows at once but then it will burst and so to the end would be a line
now there will be round 40 walls begin also from the corner
I’ll walk right laid on the walls on the left side
incurred embedded expense spread on this side of the wall on the right the weight may
cast here there should be sides sabrosura there wasn’t a little vine to drink without
was going remove plates their strength and shoulder straps of pepper and
now in chris peaceful to draw everything I press if all the same you are especially
then this tile angle 3 even the robot love with this angles all this cartridge now
you can put crosses Now let’s see how approximate
the corner should look like the visible corners tight drive like this approximately
should she you lived here no voids should be all
must be filled under the tiles if there is a void a little paris and
I like to give on but in this place acted like crack
therefore, it should be completely filling with glue solution continue
further logic this tile like this the right corner looks also possible
see everything tightly and like that with cash is brought in by Adam bath cells
began revenge left continue and finish for
beginners lays down a tile many they can make a corner
for this, what is needed with ours yesterday lay one cell
then such a cell is not namazovaya dry and its surface is struck by this
surface star in place dad took and by weight and see that the joint is here
exactly e sheets equally then do nothing don’t need prayers in the wall
and offer weight and if the joint is not equal here we see that the leftovers of the cutlet
vertically up or down we east one or the other side we hurt
outwardly matches the cell and align that fishing line which is on the right corner
it should be no one should be up to 40 thronov
approximately your and now I’ll show you how to figure it out
and as we see no sat down there now no you can apply a solution and start
this angle the end of the day is necessary clean the joints from the adhesive
if this site is on the second day or on next not
Sasha pose in sports is difficult to clean up therefore we take the topic immediately crosses and goes through
seam passes rainfall from life I clean all the forces pounded on the sidewalk dry and
interpret wipe these places further for jointing and further
this surface will be prepared by us khoroshevsky seams It looks like a tile from Soviet times
of course jagged dasa racial frame like you can charm after the end of the working day
I cleaned the shu and after its solutions today possessive tile soup squad
we’ll clean the window and lay it out to the office of God and flush this side here for
a scoundrel so I can’t see from here end tile
and here below it’s like a window sill leaked
sore performed I spoke somewhere about a centimeter because the water will be
still drain in the winter and she that attempts did not drip she will
give drops there will fall right on the floor up that ice and then the version
and block the very end of it was not we’ll see
hearts so yourself here you are this investigators to us will be a feast mount TT
stock hiking tiles This is my current tile
on the walls the feast will be further all controls management will be
and quietly and here we see we were taught fan
between green and green seriousness is such a wall tile
smooth over time their gas stove that’s how we see no excesses
not there everything is evenly laid out and the corners instituted
exactly the bed cards are not in a hurry himself laying out the tile as well
even better than this sonny video I shoot for beginners who wants to put a cage
and don’t know how just start so I hope this
seen later serve many examples that he is still on the cell and
cats and lay out shimai effortlessly so that there are no such difficulties and so
continue to lay the tile further I went through the layout until I start the photo.
we will lay out then we will only be a tester chic gone start laying tile as usual
from the corner board and and all level the floors blind
a bipod here and a prayer tile is not a pump and showed hi so far if everything is exactly like
we see rhodomont and apply the solution on I finished this tile and pressed so
laying tiles on the wall one way to the end of photoshop and now continue
different pattern laying ceramic tiles on the walls completed now remains
wait until it dries straight solution and then prizes
and from the time I graduated and him in forest vacon walls tiled passed about
two days Now I will start grouting
aisle interfered with neatly viewing times to be honest and seams
we’ll kill them, I’ll clean the beretta brush the brush and all the passage can be vacuumed
if you wish but I’m too important about you I wipe it with a rag then what
that’s all but figs is not needed you need to look as the manufacturer recommends
grouting and so proceed grouting we start from above and we will drown the share for
we take a lot here we take a similar starts well press to watch
23 millimeters so that at least self-filling will go
under and when we remember we go through this once passed and further went up and down
Now I’ll show you how she looks should approximately this is quickly done
for the sake of rushev such seams should be gone more than ten minutes as I applied for a pick
between the shape of the cell and now entered clean these caster
who went to the ancestors take wet usually wipe a sponge like this
well wiped out squeeze on us hubble and wipe over the cross-section of the day
nothing will look with her where the seams which are quietly rubs anything
all terrible initiation wiped normal can go
pass a little if we see that shock somewhere uneven and that’s how we look
tiling the walls after grouting seams like in a day still dry
wipe and everything here is still not picking up first upload are clear
you overwrite with a stretch is difficult here no, you just have to work out
all the grout that we are having fun on that the term of which is written
manufacturer this case this grout should work out within an hour
as stated by the manufacturer I made the stitching white to
stood out here a little on each color strong case picks up what he
like what color he likes so trampled corners look good too white
then you can say a little bit here pass if there is blackness somewhere
stand out because wipe it all out the line will be filled and it will be good
look like wall tiles and jointing is almost complete

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