تعليم ديكور الدوامه بشكل جديد Education decor swirl in a new way

Welcome to the new video The swirl decor will be implemented in a new way A pen and 1 cm insulation tape are used And the meter White and black are used First a point is placed in the middle of the wall from the top and this point is connected to the right and left corner of the bottom of the wall A point of one-third of the wall is identified from the top right and left They are connected The line is connected from right to left corner from bottom It is left at right angle from the bottom After that the insulation is placed in each part separately The fonts will be configured at this angle These sizes are random and can be combined by size Here the fonts are created at the top And the left part is like the right part Here the lines are configured in the left It is not right to be here Here the lines are configured from the right In this angle the lines are configured And vice versa Here the fonts are created at the top In these two parts the lines are formed at the bottom You have to put a drop in the middle of the wall This point is connected to all surrounding lines The transverse lines are clipped The wall is painted black and wait 5 minutes and lift the insulation strip You must lift the insulation tape from the angle of formation Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel Bye

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