دورة الواح الجبس للمبتدئين  #1 العتاد ومستلزمات العمل /ba13 placo decor 2020
دورة الواح الجبس للمبتدئين #1 العتاد ومستلزمات العمل /ba13 placo decor 2020

Hello We went back to you a new lesson Today’s first lesson In the course we talked it In today’s lesson will explain The equipment you need at work Customized for beginners session It will be the simplest explanation ways You must have some equipment To help you work Do not use the laser in action We will work with the water hose used by Construction workers We go now to see the equipment we work Equipment will Euricm Which is where the power Gidhmn Without mentioning the name of the company that made the product Because I bought it from the private financial No one supports me in order to put his announcement on the channel I do not declare free of charge Follow with us to see Equipment detail Follow with us The first thing we need in Meter for measuring It is better to be 5 meters Of 5 meters and above are the best 3 meters will Taatabk slightly 5 meters will help you work And we also need Razor There are these quality The quality of the other must buy that helps you Blades do not forget to switch The need also pen In order to paint Known when everyone uses of Saw This quality or other I Oreck shape you quality hat that will help you All of these equipment can be found When the owners Goods gypsum board or accessories when haberdashery Of course the scissors Try to buy good quality As well as coolant Use it when you cut boards In order to be flat These are used to draw the line between the point and the point There are types of it How to use you place a line between two points In order to be an equal line Using this tool Pincer Or there is another quality Be used Sets the bolts in a good way Or Type II The same role pincer Hammer Try to come to be the quality of the handle made of iron In order not to break This hammer you find He worked on it from about Of 2012 Is still in good condition The handle of the iron and lightweight Not heavy The need level It must be good quality EBay does not come quality It must be good quality Big Scissors So we cut screws long (threaded rod) Not much necessary It can be replaced by electric scissors Be better for the process of storytelling And use it in other things This is not necessary scissors According to your ability You need this tool In order to adjust the screws Shi best to be 18 volts Or 14 volts 14 volts good but better be strong Such as 18 volts best Also needs Electric drill You must be With this shape Small and good It is an electric drill but small Do not come considerable ability Which are larger Large can not mainly on lifting The small light and it will help you to work well And comes with meche 8 mm To pierce its place Threaded rod This is 6 mm to hit the ankle The equipment left for you There are stairs which types Use the small stairs Or big pregnant Chose any kind Suits for work Do not wear you For example, I use the stairs and use the rack Use only pregnant abroad To work the interface This everything you need to start work Nothing left for you We mentioned in the first, we will use Water hose used by construction workers If you have possibilities Hat Laser Not any laser based item either by bringing Do not come to quality that at a price of 100 or $ 200 Good quality be Be above $ 200 Have good quality and brand global We will use This method is for beginners to work So it’s easier for them in the beginning That’s all the gear you need Hose water buy Be a meter of it at a price of $ 0.1 Or slightly more Buy 10 meters in order to help you much to work It will be the first lesson After supplies Or goods that you need So that it is building In the first lesson comes from the beginning of the work You will know the way How to use it This is a lesson today thank you Do not if you like the section Tansu Support Us like The Subscribe in the channel And we meet in the next lesson The second lesson will be on Supplies Or goods that we bring metal parts there is something Which has the potential And it has a place to work The work begins AWants is following the steps For example, today equipment Needed to work Go Buy Equipment In the next video we see the goods and calculate A room Or place to work For those who are serious about beginning work Be an empty room with him rehearse them The following steps Lesson after lesson It continues Until we finish the session This course has a lot of things Decorations and electricity Many things Many of the decorations And where as well as We are making possible Furniture locker Be a comprehensive course Thank you for follow-up Hello

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  1. Hamza Hwh says:

    بارك الله فيك وفي صحتك خويا العزيز

  2. Makaveli Dz says:

    سلام صاحبي اعطيني نومرو تاعك تربح نعيطلك غدوا لعشية منين تعود قاعد عندي استفسارات

  3. ombri lakoza says:

    بارك الله فيك اخيما ربي يوفقك إنشاء الله

  4. mad says:

    yaatik essaha mon frère
    ou on peux acheter HELTI?

  5. Gacemi Adel says:

    بارك الله فيك ….. الراجل الزين

  6. abdouzoom says:

    بارك الله فيك خويا، عندي سمانا وانا سهران حتى لصباح نقارن فالمتريال و الأسعار، الحمد لله ماشريتوش اليوم لضيق الوقت، كنت حاير بين 18vو14v
    و بين gsb1300 و gbh2-26 باش ما ندفعش فارق السعر بلا فايدة، ربي يفتح عليك أبواب الخير و يرزقك و يساعدك كما ساعدتنا

  7. Foufou Aboudouaa says:

    بارك الله فيك الاخ الكريم ربى يجعلها لك فى ميزان حسناتك وتكون صدقة جارية عليك.

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    بالتوفيق جزاك الله عنا كل خير

  9. عباس الحزين says:

    كل التوفيق والنجاح يارب العالمين

  10. mezghiche abd el majid says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته.
    بارك الله فيك اخي وجزاك الله خيرا.
    انتظر الجزاء منا بالدعاء.
    ربي يحفظك اخي.

  11. tahar amine says:

    شكرا أخي ديرنا درس كيفاش نخدمو بهذا النيفو العادي وشكرا

  12. Kyron Ky says:

    الحمد لله كنا ننتظر هذه الدورة،جزاك الله خير وبارك الله فيك و و فقك لما يحب و يرضى واصل ،

  13. Hassan HB says:

    ممكن فيديو طريقة تركيب ba13 سقف كاج سكالي وشكرا…

  14. Didou ab abtaul ABDDOU says:

    على سلامة أخي حمدالله كي راك مليح

  15. Zineddine Benchouche says:

    بارك الله فيك أخي على هذه المعلومات انشأ الله نتعلم منك الله يعطيك الصحة ورزقك رزق حلال مبارك . اخي عندي سؤال باني غرفة حايط واحد بريكة 15 في شتاء بردة وفيها رطوبة وفي صيف سخونة به تنصحني قالولي بوليسترال ديرو داخل الغرفة حايط واحد يمرض وشكرا

  16. حسين مذبوح says:

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  17. Koukou Koukki says:

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  18. امين جليل says:

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  19. بدر الدين سعداني says:

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  20. بدر الدين سعداني says:

    وقتاش الحلقة الثانية بارك الله فيك

  21. adel kl says:

    ما شاء الله. أنا تابعت الدورة الأولى و استفدت منها الكثير و لكني متحمس لهذه الدورة التي أعلنتها. بالتوفيق أخي عباس.

  22. Boumerdes Boumerdes35 says:

    تهدر بواحد طريقة سهلة ومفهومة ربي يحفظك انشاء الله راني نتبع فيك bravo حبيبي كثرنا من فيديو واحنا ندعموك تشكر حبيبي

  23. امين جليل says:

    اخي الكريم نقدر نتعلم من اليوتيوب مع العلم اني فاهم كلشي مواد وأدوات وطريقة تركيب مي تطبيق مزال مجربتش واش تنصحني وشكرا

  24. ali bouraba says:

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  25. ISSAM FRAIDJI says:

    بارك الله فيك، رانا ديما نتبعو في الفيديو وكل نهار نتعلمو منك خويا العزيز، ربي يجازيك ويحفظك

  26. Moussa T says:

    شكرا اخي على الشرح، لقد تعلمت من فيديوهات سابقة لك، وطبقت على غرفة في منزلي و كانت النتيجة راءعة

  27. Boutaouche khir-eddine says:

    بارك الله فيك. تقدر تخدمنا فيديو اليكو بوندك أساسيات. ويرحم والديك

  28. larbi benmaiche says:

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  29. hamouche mohamed says:

    بوركت اخي ان شالله في مبزان حسناتك
    والفيديو الثاني.. نزا ولا مزال… انا مالقتوش

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