दीवार की सजावट | DIY Wall Decoration
दीवार की सजावट | DIY Wall Decoration

Today we are going to create the wall decor item you just saw. It would give a colourful texture to your home. It looks like a hard one to make but its really too easy. Hello Guys,I am Arushi and Welcome to AruDIY 🙂 So without wasting any time lets begin the tutorial.. ..and if you are here for the first time then please do Subscribe “AruDIY” by clicking the red subscribe button below. Lets watch the video===>>>We will take some Popsticks and arrange them in a hexagonal shape. Once you are satisfied with the shape,stick the Popsticks together. I am using Hot Glue Gun here but any craft adhesive like fevicol etc. would work. Once a layer is set ,we will start sticking multiple layers of popsticks over it so as to make the hexagon higher. Making layers over layers we will make the hexagon height as per the desired width. I have made 15 layers here. Now we will stick a pair of posticks over each other.We will make 3 such pairs and stick them together on the edges. We are using Pink spray paint now. If you dont have spray paint you can also paint with brush using acrylic paint. When the paint gets dried up then stick the set of 3 popsticks on Hexagon in the lower middle part. We will place a pot over it. I have stuck it using hot glue gun. This pot here is a “Matka Kulfi” pot.If you dont get it you may use any plastic box or container of any shape. The popstick stand we made should be of such width that the pot can easily sit in it . Now we will decorate the pot. For this i have pasted some small mirrors. I will use Fevicryl 3D Cone outliner for decoration. I am using multiple colors for decorating. You can experiment with different designs and colours of your choice. I wanted it to be very colorful that’s why I used so many colors I’m making my design, You may select your own design from curtains, bedsheets, any magzine. You may take design inspiration from anywhere and make design on it You may choose color combination according to your wall colors, curtains etc or you may choose many random colors for making it colorful as I did I’m using 3D outlines which are available at craft stores If they are not available at your place, I’m giving its link in the description box You may go through that link and shop online I’m making my design according to the shape of my pot Choose your design according to the shape of your pot I’ve chosen Tribal Design for this pot So it’s done and it turned out so beautiful Now we’re gluing this pot on hexagon so I’ve glued this with glue gun and we’ll put some flowers in it and that’s it 🙂 I hope you like this video If yes then give a big thumbs up and share it with your friends on facebook I’ll see you soon with a new video till then bye bye and take care! 🙂

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    can u try a scrapbook tutorial please☺☺

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    Kya AAP Pooja ki decorations ki video bna sakti hai waste material sai

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    omg. it is really a gr8 idea to make such beautiful things using ice cream stick.

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    I want to ask that how I will make the flowers

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    kya next video mein aap newspaper pot dikha sakti hain

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