❤ Come fare un cuore o un cuoricino all’Uncinetto – Principianti

If you like this video click button below, share with your friends and be sure to subscribe Take a yarn and a crochet hook of the same size You can know this information by the yarn’s lable Make a slip knot we create a circle we bring the thread under and through so put the crochet hook inside the slip knot and pull I give same tension to the yarn start making chain We must chain 4 Double treble crochet enter with the hook in the first chain 2 more double treble crochet in the center make a chain and one treble crochet 2 more treble crochet make a chain and a double treble crochet 1 more chain 3 treble crochet pull the thread to tighten the hole make a chain 3 double treble crochet chain 3 make a slip stitch in the center cut the yarn and pull off take the yarn in the back of the work and make a knot hide the yarn with the needle Subscribe on my channel and don’t forget to click a like button below 😀

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