02 #lightthepath
02 #lightthepath

Today we are here to talk about a serious thing its a mobilization thats its happening in all the world right Jhonny? yeah,so,we are helping to spread we are now in… let me see im on the social networks ill be showing to you let me see to tell you how far we are now how is growing this subject we are now in 130 citys and 27 countrys the campaign was created by the activists who fights for the animal rights not just the people like us who fight for pet animals,but the guys who fight to for big animals animals from slaughterhouse too and etc the campaign is basically known as light the path because they’re slogan is to show what is in the “dark”,to show what we dont see things that happen in industries,slaughterhouses,things we dont see but happen everyday so,just to show you the statistics for 1 human in earth there are 3 animals caged,or waiting to die on a slaughterhouse to be more clear there are products that people uses like lipsticks, scents, body lotions thats is helping with the animals cruelty exactly so we have today saturday 25/07/2015 the event light the path 8:30 PM is going to be the be the bigger mobilization,so we decided because we are on this fight we decided to participate so our ideia is for you share a video or a photo the photos can be taken on places where animals suffer some kind of cruelty like slaughterhouses stores that sells products that was tested on animals some of this stores everybody knows the names other important thing is why i am wearing a blue t-shirt i am weareing a blue shirt because blue is the color of the mobilization i am in blue too guys its because are cold here in our city so the color is blue,everyone today should be with a blue shirt that is the color of the mobilization in all the WORLD!! its not just here in our city Teresópolis-Brazil but in all the world where people are talking about this i am in blue,he is in blue and the right today is when you starts your video or take your photo is to you be wearing a blue shirt well like she said its not just here like i said on the start of the video,we are in 130 citys and 27 countrys and this information its until now this number should grow more this is not an actual information,there are a few moments that i saw this on internet and to encourage people to participate more and more we are going to do this pay atencion i resolved to bring to you a promotion here in decoracao e gato we are going to raffle one tile just like one of this behind me here to participate you must send to us on our page on the facebook i ll put on the description the link to the page then you are going to send us photos,videos something whith the theme light the path and ill put on the description too tha hashtag light the path for you shared with this hashtag to help spread the theme so you can put photos,videos you can tell us some experience some animal rescue you done… the people here who are vegetarian and vegans can send us something talking about the motive of be vegeterian or vegan so be creative and send us the photos,videos not forgetting of the hashtag light the path and the best videos and photos i am going to post on our next video i am going to post a compilation with the best videos and photos and the best video or photo is going to win a tile like this behind me the winner will send us a photo of his preference the photo that the winner send us,we will stamp on the tile we will put too the hashtag light the path a movement that you participate helping spread and send the final work of the tile for the winner its down here on the description the link to the page and the hashtag help us!who liked the video comment,like and share please share because it super important because you are not just helping us here on the channel you are going to help millions and millions of animals so help us with the movement,with the channel and with our store you can like,share,subscribe to you receive our new videos subscribe to you receive the next video with the result of the promotion of the tile thank you for watching and guys,behind a lipstick that i am not going to say the brand because everyone knows because on the social networks everyone talks about this about the lipsticks,body lotions things that are tested in animals animals die every hour to you use some lipstick some scent for you eat,because people say: “lets comemorate!” but comemorate with death on your dinner table are not fair so lets participate of the movement,help the animal protection for the animal protection be every day more and more stronger good remembered the clothes too thats is made of fur or animal skin lets try to safe our planet,the place that we live,where animals deserve they re freedom too its not we like humans but animals are needing too because the human are very cruel with the animals and they are owners of the planet too right? so lets colaborate,blue shirt on photos and videos lets shared,lets comment,give us a help so i am going to put down here on the description the social networks,the link for the page and the hashtag so come with us and see you on the next video

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  1. Patty Oliveira says:

    não compartilhem,os animais estão sofrendo,conheço essas pessoas,uma delas morreu,a outra possui 49 animais em casa em condições precárias!
    o filho apenas ajudou a gravar o video,porem agora perdeu os gatos dele pois estão na casa da senhora dona desta loja.

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