“1 BHK Home Interior Design” – Part 1 – Introduction
“1 BHK Home Interior Design” – Part 1 – Introduction

We are going to discuss Interior Design of
a 1BHK Home. A usual 1 bedroom Hall Kitchen home is of
size ranging from 350 to 500 sq ft. There are many videos on Internet where they
walk you through rooms & show lot of creative work. There are so many interesting ideas. But Today we are going to stick basics. I am from contractorbhai.com team & we provide
Interior design service. We must have designed more than 1000 homes
now. After working with so many home owners what
we have learnt is Good design is as little design as possible Let me repeat again Good design is as little design as possible When you start planning Interior of your home,
you are excited, you have lot of ideas in your mind and you pick up so many ideas by
doing research. Most important question you have to ask yourself
is “Will that idea look good in your home for
next 10-15 years ?” All the work that happens as part of Home
Interior design in your house it will stay in front of you eyes for next 10-15 years
may be more. So this question is very important. There are good Design practices which if used
can solve these problems. We will talk about about soem of these points
in following videos To make things easy we are goign to talk about
3 aspects. THis whole series has 4 parts. This is the introduction part.
and following this there are 3 more videos in which we are goign to talk about Look & Feel
Functionality Budget Now these 3 aspects are most important aspects
of Interior Design project. Look & feel menas how rooms is goign to look
? How they are going to appaear. Functionality – what all facilities you want
? Budget – budget is budget. How much money you are goign to spend. And that decides lot of things. You cannot plan your 1 BHK Home Interior without
taking care of any of these aspects. IF yoou ignore any one aspect then whole project
is going to fail. So alright this was first part this was introduction
part of “1 BHK Home Interior” series . there are 3 following videos, each talking about
‘Look & Feel’, ‘Functionality’ & ‘Budget’. I will see you in second part.

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  1. Reddylion says:

    Good design is as little design as possible…👌

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