10 Furniture Transformers and Space Saving Design Ideas
10 Furniture Transformers and Space Saving Design Ideas

100 thoughts on “10 Furniture Transformers and Space Saving Design Ideas”

  1. MERICA #1 says:

    The wall beds which have crack house quality beds are like 3grand fuck that Italian my ass even Italy has crackheads did they steal the bed from them?

  2. Terry Willis says:

    They are all good products and greatly wonderful concepts. However wish y'all would put cash princess with them. Even when contact the seller no one talks of price. We need price standards. People still live check to check.

  3. Cassia Richardson says:

    Love the bookshelve convertions

  4. Cassia Richardson says:

    Can you give me more update onthe following sets; #10 #8 #7 #5 #3 very much interested in them

  5. Sarita Lirley says:

    Nice. All are highly use able , keenly thought out beautiful pieces.
    What about cost? If people of middle to low income can't afford not very practical. Try ways of cost reduction without loss of form or function in durable renewable materials. THEN YOU WILL HAVE SOMETHING.

  6. Ben Copeland says:

    I don't get the point of a Murphy wall bed sofa – just get a sofa bed. All that cabinetry is redundant.

  7. Harry Topper says:

    I like the girls .. they were so … so fuckish

  8. Mehrdad says:


  9. Sue Ruby says:

    The last table

  10. Dindo Lee says:

    I want them all!

  11. Simon The Bard says:

    Anyone knows who are these girls?

  12. Laptop M says:

    alll this you have to make yourself, it is not affordable otherwise

  13. Laptop M says:

    the turning book shell is from amsterdam, anne frank , if you know her. time ago, i don,t know who invented it

  14. Pig Man says:

    All ofthem

  15. Lisabeth flowers says:

    7 and 8 they allowed you to accommodate company

  16. Ysa Belle says:

    i need no. 10

  17. Unlimited Snaks says:

    Last One

  18. Unlimited Snaks says:

    Love your channel thanks for heart i just subscribe

  19. XCWS Boss says:

    with a correct timing of the pause button at 3:19 that is the best view in the video thumbs up if you agree

  20. J024 says:

    About the last one on the list: DB Flechter does those and they build them in much better quality.

  21. Ircar47 says:

    Hard to choose,but rossie table was impressive.

  22. TomatoKing says:

    The two girls at the end are actually the same person. 🙂

  23. Will G says:

    The problem with expanding tables supported by legs in the middle is that they are a tipping hazard when they are expanded. No way around that.

  24. the Celtic Crone says:

    Yeah…my Cats would absolutely SHRED that cardboard seating in the first week! LOL

  25. Woman of Substance says:

    Some great ideas. I'm surprised I haven't seen these incorporated in more of the tiny homes demoed on the internet.

  26. jim knight says:

    probably the bed & round table that extends

  27. Smooth Predator says:

    Nice video

  28. Azar Aftimos says:

    Nice. Thank you for posting.

  29. johnny llooddte says:


  30. johnny llooddte says:

    lets go over to bob and carols and sit on their crappy furniture

  31. johnny llooddte says:

    so you cant watch tv in bed ahahahah

  32. johnny llooddte says:

    the rossi table was first invented in the 1400s

  33. Arte Vida says:

    Wow amazing!!!

  34. EmadDesign says:

    My Favourite is Ozzio Dining table by Guilio Manzoni cause it kept its elegance in all cases

  35. Imran Khan says:

    hi,I am rauf,living dubai,excellent job,all are very imagin,I like all of them,thank,s for in this, but madam/sir pls can u tell me how is it,how can I get it and price, or any mobile number,thank,s a lot,s

  36. Vamsi Lanka says:

    hi guys this is Vamsi from india..
    I need to use these transform furniture to fulfill my house … Now I am 18 yrs .thanks for providing this knowledge… good luck guys.

  37. Creater Studio says:

    i want to purchase this furniture (space furniture ) then plz send the site
    where can i get the furniture

  38. Joyce Fields says:

    Love the bed and sofa combo

  39. jaser Ibrahim says:

    السلام عليكم .شيى جميل ورائع بس مش موجود بتلبواقع.

  40. Wes Peterson says:

    All of them.



  42. Maxime M says:

    This table can also do… table !!!

  43. Puzo detected says:

    Ебать копать, чи ни новинка…. В советском союзе, та и наверное и по сей день, у каждого в квартире был/есть стол-тумба.

  44. Iuliana Cucinschi says:

    Where can I Find nr.8, junior giant table?

  45. Daiyamundane says:

    Only 9, 4, 2 and 1 felt interesting… <.<

  46. Pooja Dadhich says:

    Mr hamare bharat me bed ko lamba khada nhi krte

  47. Robert Stoker says:

    Hi, guys, I hope you can help, first of all, let me explain, I am BLIND I, therefore, need to use specialised audible screen reader software in order to use the PC.

    I live alone (with my guide dog) in a small bungalow, I was particularly impressed by the Florida2 Expandable table but hey I'm blind give me a break lol, I know you said, "ALL LINKS ARE IN THE VIDEO SO PLEASE STOP REQUESTING LINKS" it must be a well hidden link my software can't `pick it up` would you be kind enough to post the link *in text format" please

  48. lazalazareviclaza says:

    No thanks. I'd rather by a bigger apartment.

  49. Michael Verrill says:

    this is junk. been in the furniture for 20 years . its not worth the money

  50. Boe Dillard says:

    Beware!!! That's no Transformer – that is a Deceptocon!!

  51. Margaret Johnson says:

    OH my so perfect for my tiny home

  52. filmovydivak says:

    stupid comentary 🙁

  53. D A says:

    I love the rotating entertainment center murphy bed.

  54. RJWaynerium says:

    #2 was my favorite. No loose parts and a nice transition.

  55. Roger Covey says:

    Tell the price 👎🛌🤔

  56. arifah prihartini says:

    Thanks for the great ideas of modern furnitures …

  57. Joyce Cooper says:


  58. Harvey Holloway says:

    You really do put some great effort into better videos than your competitors and it shows. Your finds are great, your editing excellent, but even with all you do right and that is a lot, the most interesting thing on the videos is the great looking girls at the end. Have a nice day. H.

  59. Linda Schulz says:

    The cardboard seating is great for cats too!

  60. Randy Neal says:

    Amber and Alex are my favorite! Transforming from a brunette to a blonde!!!!

  61. Moe The Maker says:


  62. Peya Luna says:

    i checked out a few of these, and aside from ridiculous over the top prices, some are also lacking in the details (who wants to slep on a 10 inch matress?!) the best, and somewhat affordable, piece is that murphysofa, starting at 2.5 grand…thats not THAT much more then you´d pay for a good sofa and bed.

  63. Ronnie Brown says:

    Amber an alax cur both smokin

  64. Manmohan Bisht says:

    Aaawww i really want this item nmbe 8

  65. Roberta Corcorran says:

    Number one is awesome but those Murphy beds would really help save space in a tiny house

  66. Helmuth Schlueter says:

    Great systems offer great possibilities in home decor designs.

  67. Dj Mc Lsb says:

    i like that white table idea. i could use that

  68. Detroitman. says:

    4 8, & 1.

  69. sarbjit sidhu says:

    Number 5 and number 1 how much if I want to buy and deliver to india

  70. S Miller says:

    I like the ozzio.com convertible table. The only thing I would change is the base design.

  71. sat avtar singh says:

    missing product links; you usually provide them.

  72. John Zane says:

    For smaller apartments, the expanding console desk/table is a winner!

  73. Dog In Space says:

    3:53 — that couple is trying to lure the other couple into a foursome.

  74. samantha 143 says:

    Think this all extremely cool but I guess unlike normal furniture you just use no remote moving parts I am concerned if mechanics stop your out furniture…and I have a feel its pricey too ..
    Cool but not for the majority of us I think!

  75. karen stevens says:

    the round expandable tables are my favorites, followed by the murphy bed/sofa

  76. Jaymes Brandon says:

    Can the #1 be built to accommodate more people? Is it made of durable material?Thank you:-)

  77. Maria Assenova says:

    I like the number 5: Florida 2 ß Multifunctional Furniture Transformer. How much does it cost? 😀 😀 😀 😀

  78. margaret johnson says:

    where do you sell these? what city in USA??

  79. Susie nigmatov says:

    Maybe if I had that bed I wouldn't watch so much TV and I could get some sleep as far as choosing I love them all


    Wait… that double sofa bed doesnt look safe
    The no.6

  81. Karen Vickers says:

    So many cool items!

  82. cr8ive says:

    The furniture is okay . . .but if Amber is free this weekend . . . I'd like to take her on a date? 😛

  83. Liliana Carnero-Rossi says:

    The evolution table: exquisite, ingenious wonder

  84. Nitin Harjai says:

    I am from Mumabi, India. I am interested in Compatto, the wall bed revolving bookcase with table.
    How can I order this and how much it will cost me.
    Please reply.

  85. Алексей С says:

    Very good table!!!! By the way, on my channel simplistically shows the kinematics of such a table

  86. Tim Constable says:

    No 9 the Flexible Love seeeeeeeeeeeating! Flexible love to you all!

  87. Buan D. Emeni says:

    Thanks your information..
    I'am from indonesian.

    Very.. very.. detail in description videos youtube..
    Good Job

  88. Ruby D Wilson says:

    I like all of them but the two last ones with the remote control are the best to me 😍

  89. Kanupriya Goel says:

    Giant table and flexible love seat.

  90. Kiara Williams says:

    I just want those selves

  91. Star Karan says:

    You can use woodprix plans. The best handbooks and very detailed instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.

  92. Saga Giga says:

    For me the 9th is simply magic!

  93. European Home Furnishings says:

    This is a lot of really cool stuff… we're working to have pieces as unique as these.

  94. Peter Gomez says:

    Number 7 was my favorite . The number 1, no matter how fancy a table is still just a table .

  95. Karen Vickers says:

    Some great ideas on this video!!!!! great job!!!!

  96. Simon James says:

    Number 3: What if you want to watch TV in bed?

  97. Jim-James- Jimbo says:

    With number 6 I could imagine coming home drunk n not clearing the coffee table

  98. Ross Griffith says:

    This would be perfect for my small house, love the innovation- but- at just shy of a $1000.00 I just can't justify it. Damn.

  99. Carlos Alvarado says:

    The dining tables the square and the round extended can make a dinner have room for many to sit to eat.

  100. Carmelina Katzman says:

    Let's check woodprix ebook if you want to make it cheaper and better.

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