10 Incredible Houseboats and Luxury Floating Homes
10 Incredible Houseboats and Luxury Floating Homes

(jazzy music) – Whether you’re trying
to get away from people or just like being closer to the water, these houseboats will have all the comforts of home and then some. This is Reacher and here
are ten luxury houseboats that will make you dream
of a three hour tour. Before we get started, this
episode is brought to you by the Outxe Savage 20,000mAh
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has two USB charging ports so you’ll never be starved for power. For more information,
click on the link below. Number 10. Are you looking for
that perfect destination on the water but don’t want to sacrifice the comforts of home while camping? Well, look no further
for your next vacation. This 65 foot houseboat
yacht is the ultimate in a five star quality vacation. Features include a fully
enclosed upper deck, 55 inch flat screen TVs, a hot tub and four staterooms which can
accommodate up to 8 people. Located on Lake Powell, on the
border of Arizona and Utah, it comes fully loaded
with everything you need for your next getaway. Rental pricing starts at just
under $3,500 for five days. Number nine. This one is bound to turn
some heads out on the water because it looks more
like a house than boat, which you would think is kind of the point of the whole houseboat
thing, so we’ll just chalk that up to recent
design developments. Its two storeys come in
at around 2200 square feet making for a rather spacious boat. In addition to the two bedrooms, it comes standard with floor
to ceiling impact glass, an LED fireplace in the living room and a kitchen with all modern appliances, surrounded by stone countertops. There’s also an oversized bathroom with a Roman style soaking tub which is something anybody
would love to have year round. The asking price on this one
is currently $1.5 million. Number eight. The aptly named Icon is just that, an icon for luxury houseboats. It has four bedrooms, each
with their own bathroom, the open floor plan puts
the kitchen, dining area and lounge area all
within view of each other without creating a cramped feeling. On the upper deck, there’s
another living area covered by a canopy with a spa that has room
for up to eight people. It even has outdoor heaters, just in case it gets a little
too cold for your liking. Rental pricing depends on the season, with a three day excursion running from around $2,300 to $5,400. Number seven. This beautiful modern
home will have passer by staring as you light up the night sky. The catamaran style single level boat gives you the feeling of
a New York style loft, one in which the living
room is directly connected to the dining and kitchen area, which is also connected to the bedroom. The sleeping area is
separated with a partial wall to help maintain privacy. A sliding glass door leads to a back deck which offers the perfect viewing platform for those on the water sunsets. Although it’s only 500 square feet, the open floor plan makes it
feel much bigger on the inside. Pricing on this one will run you $250,000. Hey everyone, don’t forget to subscribe for more amazing content
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all our latest videos. Number six. Living in the lap of luxury
always comes with a price tag. Regarded as Britain’s
most expensive houseboat, the Matrix Island is no exception. A 1930s steel barge has been converted and reshaped into a mansion, creating 5,000 square
feet of living space. It comes with five bedrooms, ensuring plenty of room
for everybody on board. Sauna style bathrooms,
a floating fireplace in the lower level living
area, and an outdoor deck are examples of some of the
amenities it has to offer. The price tag on this one
is currently $4.3 million. Number five. This 75 foot yacht style
houseboat is a monster. The Bravada GT also known
as the triple-decker, has 4,400 square feet filled
with the best of the best. In fact, this boat is so big,
you can use the lower deck to dock another boat. Its three storeys come
with up to nine bedrooms and five bathrooms, based
on the package you choose. But even the base package
comes with two full kitchens, integrated sound and lighting
systems, a built in grill and nine flat screen TVs. Yeah, you heard me right. I said nine. The third level is custom
designed to your liking with the option of a glass
fire pit and hot tub, because nothing defines
being out on the water like a hot tub in your boat. Pricing on this one starts
out at $1.3 million. Number four. Whether it’s because of
the name, or its history, this houseboat has to be
my favorite on the list. The poet, Shel Silverstein, lived in this WW II military boat which was converted into a home and christened the Evil Eye. Its rustic stylings are a nod to the past with the integration of stained glass making this house one of a kind. In addition to his many writings, Silverstein also wrote
many of the early songs for Dr Hook and the Medicine Show and hosted a concert inside it. This piece of history has
a price tag of $390,000. Number three. MOAT Manufacture released
a new premium houseboat which is perfect for a weekend getaway. This floating hotel room comes standard with eco-friendly features including systems for
waste water treatment and clean water filtration. It’s made according to
the needs of the owner with a modular design that can be arranged into an apartment with
sleeping for up to four or an apartment with
an office in the back, or even a sauna. And let’s be honest. We’re
all gonna choose the sauna. Pricing on this one starts at $150,000. Number two. This one is a crossover
of a houseboat and yacht, and that’s exactly where
it gets its name from. Made of molded fiberglass,
the boat measures 49 feet. It can come with up to four bedrooms, offering plenty of room
for you and your friends. The upper deck, which can be covered with an optional canopy, has
seating for up to 14 people. There is also a built in
sink, grill and fridge for all your needs when it comes to socializing on the water. It also has hidden storage
built into the floors providing extra room for
those refreshing beverages. – He’s talking about beer again. – Pricing on this one starts at $500,000. While you’re daydreaming about your next on the water adventure, be sure and let us know in the comments your preference for seaside living. Number one. This houseboat is becoming
more and more popular as a home choice in Amsterdam. With its beautiful design inside and out, I’d probably choose to live in one. And it’s in Amsterdam,
so there’s that too. Three stories of sleek, ultramodern design make this an easy choice
for the top of our list. On the lower level, you have two bedrooms, one measuring 84 square feet and the other measuring 154 square feet. The middle level has a large
open kitchen and dining area with sliding glass windows
leading out onto a deck area. The upper level has a
large open floor plan that you can set up however you want, as well as another outdoor deck area. It comes standard with a full kitchenette, including a fridge,
stove top, sink and oven. There’s also bathrooms on
the first and second level as well as a water filtration system. Pricing starts at around $500,000. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe
button to stay up to date with all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching.
I’ll see you guys next time. (light techno music)

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