10 INSANE Furniture Tech Which can Blow Your MIND
10 INSANE Furniture Tech Which can Blow Your MIND

welcome to TTI guys watch the entire
video and find out the hidden message in this video so guys today we are
listening amazing the most advanced and the most luxurious furniture which you
have never seen before number one RV furniture is in our number
one list because it is so difficult to merge furniture into motor-vehicle homes it is so special because it is a two
story trailer used by the oscar-nominated actor Will Smith during
his blockbuster films like men in black 3 le and the pursuit of happiness the
most amazing thing is that the furniture here is adaptive it is very much
integrated so that when it raised to the second floor the windows ground and all
the other furniture arranged automatically there are a lot of windows
for better privacy and it can be beautifully closed by a remote tablet
which is really awesome it has eight Pistons pushing 2,000 pounds of pressure
to raise the top floor up to 42 inches seriously
top floor is amazing and so beautiful with one central wall TV and two
personal sliding TVs this room is for watching TV and for doing business
conferences although this RV has a sliding mechanism which increases the
surface area furniture smoothly moves with the sliding wall of the RV here you
can see the cool makeup mirror with the TV behind it there are so many rooms for
passing from one room to the other we have to pass with the Star Trek doors
which is incredible if that is not enough the bathrooms
unique design cost $25,000 with a beautifully designed piece of
architecture for its steam shower at the top if you press the button the door
will get completely opaque this motorhome is the dream of everyone who
is watching this video number two it is very frustrating when you pay a lot of
money to carpenters when your furniture gets broken now you can see this is an
advanced modular robotic chair which can save you money because whenever it’s
broken it has the capability to assemble itself this chair finds his other parts
and tries to assemble it with great precision it can heal step by step and
slowly until it becomes a complete working chair guys will you try this
cool chair number three in big cities real estate
is high and then in our limited rooms we have to arrange the furniture and
everything else introducing expand furniture an innovative company which
makes you limitless you can enjoy space to breathe you can enjoy it as a king this innovative chair solution and the chair which needs less space a
smart duel floor bed with expand furniture you will be amazed by
innovative tables which can be converted into large dining tables I’m pretty sure
these tables will impress your guests and relatives a convertible sofa turns into a bed or go from a working table to a bed all are
truly spaced living solutions number forms do you feel darkness in your life
are you bored at home introducing the interactive furniture it lights every
step of your way the ambient design for your property
LEDs are mounted directly under each stair LED strips are protected by
aluminum profile each LED strip installed precisely under each stair
with additional protection which ensures optimum light distribution the motion is
detected by infrared sensors around the stairs this LED system is so advanced
that it can precisely detect each step on the stair whenever you go up and down also you can install a wall of LED
lights and make your home visually appealing with the best aesthetics number five a lot of people say that
money does not grow in trees and I’m sure that they are right how would you
react if I told you that furniture does grow in trees British designer Gavin
Munroe is fulfilling his childhood dream by having trees grow into the shape of
chairs tables or lampshades he spent over ten years developing the technique
and was able to harvest his first table in January of 2015 he grows the plant around the frames
then he waits for the thickening of the branch then he cuts it into various
designs that he gives the last finishing touches this technique is
environmentally friendly which is capable of replacing those techniques
which are harmful to mother nature number six we know how difficult it is
fighting medicines at pharmacy stores for a new person with old furniture
introducing rowa max which is furniture with a smart robot now fighting medicine
and dispensing becomes easy with Rowa at an affordable price this robot has a
camera lights and precise sensors which help in medicine dispensing accurately
now with Rowa not only are you saving time but you are also reducing employees
salary expenditures Rowa is so advanced and it’s available in different sizes
which can be installed in only 36 hours number seven Japanese carpentry we all
love the samurai in the Ninja they have the ancient knowledge of carpentry even
Japan tower temple tower thousand years is still standing
and surprisingly it is still standing in good condition even though it doesn’t
have a single nail or any steel rods this is an incredible example of
Japanese carpentry moving his livelihood to New York and
sharing his art form of all Japanese woodworking to the world
Isao Hanafusa co-owner of Miya Shoji has carved himself a unique niche in the
competitive market of the furnishing industry his designs are without mail
and they have techniques of making complicated locking key mechanisms to
attach two parts with each other all the wood which is collected are full of
moisture and they naturally dry the wood slabs for ten to twenty years which is
super long after inspection they show their carpentry to the world the main
concept is living with nature with simplicity number-8 physicist George
Johnson solved the problem for people who say that they don’t have enough
space for their dining tables he revolutionized the table industry with
transforming designs which are really simple you just have to turn the table
clockwise which automatically expands to a larger surface area afterwards you
have to fold the exterior parts to the outer edge after folding each part to
surface level you just have to turn the table slightly and then boom a beautiful
table appears in front of you all these conversion processes takes a few seconds
and it doesn’t need any physical strength a first impression is a lasting
impression so you should impress your guests and relatives with this magical
table it’s available in so many designs or if you have more cash to throw then
I’ll introduce to you the Fletcher capstan table from luxury furniture
maker Fletcher Burwell trailer with five thousand complicated components it’s
available in the fully automatic and manual versions which gain 73% more
surface area after transformation number nine
Sisyphus table I’m about to show you this amazing table which you’ve never
seen anywhere else it’s designed by Bruce Shapiro he was inspired by the
Greek story of Sisyphus for eternity his Sisyphus table is incredible and
beautiful which attracts everybody he used computer controlled mechanisms and
software calculations a metal ball traces beautiful patterns into a thin
layer of sand this metal ball is precisely controlled by computer
programs which is capable of producing so many different dynamic sculptures
which is inside of the computer memory this table can adapt to different
patterns with different types of music and you can control this magic ball and
the table lights with your smartphone app using secure Wi-Fi connections
number 10 flexible love chair spread love sit together on this
flexible love expanding chair introduced by company expand furniture this can be
stretched to an expanding table for dinner guests this chair weighs 30
kilograms and 16 people can sit on this chair up to 4,000 pounds of weight which
is equivalent to 4 grizzly bears you can make it a half circle or straight chair
depending on your needs which will provide total adaptability with your
limited space so I hope you guys learn something and hopefully you’ve got the
secret message in this video what do you think what could the message be let me
know in the comments if you’re a new here then feel free to subscribe and
I’ll catch you in the next video peace

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