10 Kitchen Design Trends 2020
10 Kitchen Design Trends 2020

Kitchen design, much like fashion and
home decor, follows trends that ebb and flow. The kitchen, as the heart of the
home, is a major selling factor for most buyers and the place where most people
spend the most time in their property. Find out what’s trending! 10 kitchen
design trends for 2020. Hey there! My name’s Emily Farber, and I’m a Realtor® in
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video box. So, I’ve chatted with some local builders, and I’ve done my online
research. Here are 10 kitchen design trends for 2020.
I’ll leave the citations for these sources in the description box below.
Number one. Three tone kitchens. Two tone kitchens have been a thing for a while.
You’ll often see them with the bay of cabinets underneath the island being an
accent color while the perimeter cabinets are a single color, or maybe
you’ll see the upper cabinets be one color while the lower cabinets are
another color. Well, designers are playing upon that and building on it.
We now have three tone kitchens where you’ll find three main colors going on. The
three tone kitchen plays with asymmetry, keeps the eye moving, and really
designate different workspaces in the kitchen. Black, gray, and navy cabinets
have been strong players on the colored cabinet scene for a few years now, but
designers are saying that we are going to see even more blue cabinets as we
roll into 2020. This really isn’t surprising considering
the Pantone Color Institute named its color of the year “classic blue.” Trend
number three. Wood cabinets. There’s a growing interior designing trend to
bring the outside in. Bring those natural elements into the home space and the
kitchen is no different. Now before you get upset and start having flashbacks
about honey oak cabinets, rest easy and know that these wood tones are more
things like beautiful wood-grained walnut or light and airy maple. Number
four. Speaking of wood, it’s showing up in other places too, for instance the top of
your center kitchen island. Butcher block, anyone? Trend number five. Speaking of
islands, let’s chat about those islands that have gotten so big they really
should be called continents! Research shows that about one-third of all
homeowners, when they’re undergoing a kitchen remodeling project, decide to
have a kitchen island that’s at least seven feet long. Trend number six. To
match those super sized islands homeowners are in love with super-sized
light fixtures. Big statement lights. Trend number seven. Mixed metals.
The kitchen is really ground zero when it comes to homeowners wanting a space
to play with mixed metals in their homes. There’s a lot of easy ways to mix it up
in the kitchen, but keep in mind that designers really recommend sticking to
three or less metal tones in one space. As an added bonus, all of those blue
cabinets you might be thinking of putting in will really pop with brushed
bronze or gold hardware. Trend number eight. Custom appliance colors. The days
of white, black, stainless, or gunmetal gray for your kitchen appliances may
finally be coming to an end. Now homeowners can purchase custom appliance
colors for a big pop of color in the kitchen. Trend number nine. Slab backsplashes. Homeowners are saying goodbye to all of those grout lines. Now they’re
taking whatever their countertop surface material is and just running it straight
up the backsplash. Trend number 10. It’s definitely on the practical side. Custom
storage solutions. Nobody wants to have a show-stopping kitchen with cluttered
counter tops, so kitchen design is really making special places for all of your
must-haves in the kitchen. Hey, thanks for watching today’s video,
10 Kitchen Design Trends for 2020. Don’t forget to subscribe,
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13 thoughts on “10 Kitchen Design Trends 2020”

  1. Emily Farber says:

    What are your favorite trends in kitchen design?

  2. AK Ali says:

    Love the wood cabinets

  3. Coastal Homes & Living North Shore - MA /REALTORS says:

    I do not like 3-tone. I love blue. Yes outside in is great!!! Lol. Island. You can wrap appliances…why pay extra for the new trend? Love the last one…wish I had that in my kitchen.

  4. Wise Move AZ says:

    There is a listing in our market right now with blue cabinets – they are stunning! 😍 Great video, Emily!

  5. Love To Live In Long Beach by Barrie Petersen says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on the trends

  6. John Cunningham eXp Realty says:

    Emily, you are always on top of the trends whether it be real estate or interior design. I think I like the 3 tone kitchen. I like a butcher block; gotta get me one-a-those. Love the color pop on those ovens and full seamless backsplashes.

  7. Coffee With Coleman says:

    I'm so ready for less white on white on white on white on white 😛

  8. Downtown Dweller says:

    I was wondering what the kitchen trends were for 2020! Thank you for researching this info and packaging it in one very informative video! Loved it!!

  9. Mary Schumann says:

    I didn't even know there was a "cabinet scene". I have so far to go.

  10. SOLDbyNat says:

    You rock Emily! ❤️

  11. Tim & Lisa Carroll says:

    Thank you! That was an awesome video!

  12. Alyson Wahl says:

    SO many great options to customize to our own taste and still be on trend! I think I'd go with statement light fixtures

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    These are all great designs for kitchens!

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