10. Make a Rug – Fritz Haeg | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios
10. Make a Rug – Fritz Haeg | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

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  1. Mary Clow says:

    Does anyone have an idea of how many tshirts I would need for a good sized (maybe 4 foot diameter) rug? I like this idea but I don't have any shirts so I might try to get some at goodwill.

  2. Rebecca Worrell says:

    I love what he said about the automatic motion of your hands when you are making  – I guess this means I finally have to break from knitting and learn how to crochet!

  3. Ixdontxknowxanything says:

    At first I thought the assignment was 'Make a hug'. This is almost just as good. 

  4. Cassie Jennison says:

    Carpet diem!

  5. Jason Schneijder says:

    Last week I threw my old bed sheet and clothes away…1

  6. Anna Ewing says:

    Sweet! I have a couple of old stained club t-shirts from high school that I didn't want to get rid of because of their sentimental value to me and this would a perfect way to reuse them. 🙂

  7. lauragek says:

    I'm very excited about this art assignment! I've been studying a lot lately and when ploughing through the articles my hands keep distracting me – I bite my nails, keep redoing my hair, keep wanting to look up random things that pop up in my head. I've been finger crocheting a simple string of wool to keep my hands busy and keep my focus. However, I didn't want to distract myself by looking up how to make anything but a string. I have a very long string of triple crocheted yarn and now I can turn it into something nice, coming from all my studying and learning! I can't wait until it's finished and showable 😀

  8. M L says:

    I have some coordination issues as well as some fine motor skills issues so I think this might be hard, but it would be a great use of all of the old scarves and shawls that never get worn in my house.

  9. monarchyofone says:

    I've enjoyed past art assignments, but I've never been so excited for one before. I'm always looking for things to do with my hands, and knitting cramps them up so much. This looks like the same concept on a much bigger scale. Plus I'm about a year out from getting my own place, so it'd be really cool to have something like this…and I just realized my closet is overflowing, so this really couldn't be any better. I'm so excited to get started =)

  10. Hannah Simpson says:

    This looks like so much fun, I really want to try it out!

  11. annamaura89 says:

    This art assignment has come at the perfect time! We really need to clean out our closets, definitely going into a rug!

  12. Brian Swalley says:

    The idea of adding rings over time is a little like a tree stump.

  13. Laudelau says:

    Welp, now I know what to do with my rags!

  14. Emily Byars says:

    That is an incredibly plush-looking rug. Looks like each stitch eats up about six inches of fabric depending on how wide the fabric strip is. If you want to cover more area using less fabric, I would suggest cutting narrower strips of fabric for a less cushy end product.

  15. Halli Boman says:

    I really love this art assignment!

  16. ParagonBeaumont says:

    I was excited to get rid of a bunch of string but I guess this makes more sense for everyone to pick up. I may do one with string anyway, or just figure out how to combine everything. 

  17. Kay Mayle says:

    How do you change colors?

  18. terralynn9 says:

    Well. I'm really glad I haven't thrown out / donated those two bags of old clothes yet. I was planning to do that in the next week or two, so this was excellent timing. I wish I could start it this weekend but I have plans. It'll have to wait until Monday. I've never done anything remotely like this so I'm pretty excited. Thanks for encouraging me to try new things!

  19. Xenolilly says:

    Oh wow. This will be a challenge, but I want to tackle it.

  20. Matthew Gluf says:

    You guys should setup some kind of place where we can submit art assignments. Maybe a hashtag or blog or something. Or even highlight some of the cool submissions at the end of each new video, with submissions from the previous week.

  21. Tessiegril says:

    This looks fun to do.

  22. Samanta F says:

    It seems really fun and interesting! I wish I could do it. I can't wait to move out, because my mother doesn't let me do anything …

  23. aredhel grace says:

    John stands really awkwardly it's no wonder he always sits in his videos… it's adorable

  24. Lillian Carilo says:

    I love those rugs! What a wonderful assignment. My great aunt taught me to read, crochet, and embroider when I was a tiny girl… before Kindergarten; I love that I can still crochet – although, painfully, due to arthritis. I'm working on a throw cover at the moment, escaping into the quiet motion of the hook and yarn in my hands.  I hope to someday have the opportunity to make a fabric rug like the ones in this #ArtAssignment  Maybe John can send me his old t-shirts. 

  25. Ariell WRF says:

    Ive done a project like this. I knit a bathmat sized rug and traveled with it, had friends camp with it, etc. It has strecthed (I used 2 yarns and oversize needles) into a trapazoid shape almost double its original size, and the colors have faded and bled. I couldnt love it more 🙂

  26. 1scatterbrainednerd says:

    I really want to give this a shot—it just might take me a while to get to. I've got several knitting projects in progress that I need to finish first -_-

  27. Lauren G says:

    Would this work with wovens as well as knits? Am I thinking too much about it? This is my favorite art assignment yet!

  28. Jess Wagstrom says:

    As a knitter/crocheter, I LOVE this assignment, and I love that it can be done with just your hands.  🙂  Come on, John, you can do it!  You don't even have to manipulate a hook!

  29. Dora de Lemos says:

    wow Hélio Oiticica! o/
    weird way to represent him, but make points showing the museum of modern art of rio de janeiro in the clip!

  30. voice of dan says:


  31. S Dev says:

    Wow awesome as usual 🙂

  32. VideoNozoki says:

    the "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH" on the computer always bothers me.
    I'm sure there is a good reason for it (it's located in the office, etc.), but on this channel of "we should explore our surroundings…" it always smacks against the content of the video.

    If it said, "and please don't break the law"  or "This Machine Kills Fascists" or "This Machine Pwns N00bs" it might not feel so wrong. Every week I feel the Eye of Sauron glaring, "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH."

  33. Nancy's Reads says:

    Holy crap. That's a really cool way of making a rug. I didn't think to use crocheting methods and old fabrics to do that. Totally not artsy, but I'm going to make one for my new apartment! 

  34. Tyler May says:

    This is a great assignment! I love how this is even more hands on and tangible than I think all the previous ones. It was great seeing Sarah on the Education on YouTube panel at VidCon! You brought a whole different perspective that worked very well with the conversation.. 

  35. JeniferGamelli says:

    My mother is a seamstress and I've been looking for a project to use up al her scraps … I think i've found it! 

  36. nadiact1000 says:

    My grandma used to crochet rag rugs before I was born. I wish it was possible to do this with her and my mom.
    (Wow, that was a downer.)
    My niece is very crafty; maybe I'll involve her in this. 🙂

  37. SandshrewSamurai says:

    I kinda want to buy new stuff so I can use my old stuff for this xD such a fun idea.

  38. Nillie says:

    I need to go through my wardrobe and get rid of a lot of clothes I no longer wear anyway. This would be the perfect thing to use it for.

  39. M Adam says:

    Wow, the idea of using old strips of fabric for crocheting has blown my mind.  I really wanna try this if I have the time, but now I'm thinking of what shirts I can cut up into small strips for making scarves when it turns autumn or winter ^^.

  40. FluffyLlamacorn says:

    As a knitter, sewer and all around textile loving person, who is currently going through my wardrobe to throw old clothes away, I am most DEFINITELY doing this art assignment! This is perfect for me. Might not start immediately since I have a couple of knitting projects I need to finish, but this can be an endless project anyway.

    (Also, HOLY SHIT, Youtube almost gave me a heart attack when I tried to comment and I thought I had lost all contact with my account for a moment.)

  41. Finn Hafnmr says:

    What happens on the rug , stays on the rug

  42. Gabby K says:

    If anyone is finding the crocheting too difficult, there's another rag rug making method using a hula hoop that's more of a weaving kind of technique! Just google hula hoop rug if you want to check that out!

  43. ThatWouldBeCareless says:

    Omg I am super excited to do this properly.  I just cut up a few t-shirts I was throwing out to give it a try and I'm hooked.  I think I'm going to start over to make it neater now that I've figured out how it works, but yay 🙂

  44. Lauren Fairweather says:

    I really love this one. I especially love that he included the specific instructions! I love crocheting but I've never tried it in this context before. Now, I just need to find some old clothes I can cut up and make into a rug! I donated a really large amount of clothes when we moved into our smaller apartment, but maybe I'll have a party and get my friends to bring some of theirs. 

  45. SomeoneCalledDana says:

    This is arguably the best Art Assignment yet. Love it!

  46. ser_pez says:

    new idea for performance art: do this art assignment while wearing a hook (like captain hook) and crocheting with it in a public space. i like it.

  47. The Soft Glow of Brightly Burning Hope says:

    How do you add on the next strip of fabric do you tie it on or sew it on?

  48. Alex Stock says:

    I really love this assignment. I love working with fabric, but I've never done crocheting before so that will be a cool 🙂

  49. toswingonastar says:

    Now that I'm on summer break I am definitely going to be doing this one!  I'm super excited… Although I just donated a bunch of old clothes so I think I am going to have to do some digging.  I think I have some old fabric scraps in my attic that I could use.

  50. Wiavs9Luzomgo says:


  51. LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 says:

    Thanks Fritz Haeg for a engrossing assignment. Your rug is like a portable spirit – catcher that gathers the essence of the participants interactive experience thus increasing vibrationally as well as growing physically as it journeys around. Cinnamon is his own personal rug ! 🙂

    Sounds like John may need his Mom's help making a rug. I've never met a goat soap maker who wasn't good with their hands.

    Some larger thrift type stores have items they can't sell that they offer for free or cheaply.
    I enjoyed this video very much.

  52. Larissa Spinola says:

    Oiticica! <3

  53. Venezia says:

    Best art assignment yet!! I love this project and want to try it for myself. Thank you!! 🙂

  54. Jason Hooton-Tuscher says:

    I have never done an art assignment before… but I think I will have to do this one, it's a great idea, and I can make a sort of "family rug" from the discarded shirts of my family members.  I love this idea.

  55. 1book1review says:

    Now I regret that I frequently throw out old clothes.

  56. kimmycheyenne says:

    for once i thought this might be something i'd be able to do, but no. this is complicated as fuck

  57. klainedify says:

    I've got so much scrap fabric from different sewing projects, this would be awesome to use them for.

  58. Drew Liedtke says:

    What's eerie is my fiancé and I have literally been making a crocheted rug for about three weeks now. She's a crafting wizard and we have a whole bunch of remnant fabric. We've been using a big fat crochet hook (a 'Q' size I think) and ripping strips of fabric at about an inch and a half wide. Sitting next to each other, she does the actual act of crocheting while I connect the strips. I love it because it's using all of our old scrap fabric and creating something we actually can use and enjoy. So far after 3 weeks of about an hour each night our rug is 3 ft in diameter. I'll have to post pictures to the Instagram and such.

  59. Mariah C says:

    wooooo fellow Minnesotan! 🙂

  60. Haaniyah Ali says:

    this seems genuinely amazing- cant wait to get started!

  61. Talshere says:

    I dont not have an am not going to buy the necessary material to do this 😛 Sorry.

  62. TammyTTalks says:

    Love it!

  63. Stefania Goulart says:

    oh, I think this is my favorite art assignment so far! will do it, but it's probably gonna take a while.

    and I'm so happy to see the Parangolés shown in the video 🙂

  64. Thiago Torres says:

    Hélio Oiticica! <3 my favourite artist!!

  65. ConVinceingVince says:

    Dog bloopers! 😀

  66. Meg Gilbert says:

    I just got back from dropping off my old sheets and clothes to Goodwill, and then watched this.  This is the 2nd time I've thought to myself, "I need that stuff I just got rid of for this weeks Art Assignment!!"  
    At some point I hope to learn to stop getting rid of things and just plan to make art out of everything from now on.  

  67. Hayley Barrickman says:

    From my crocheting background I know that's a slip stitch he's using except with his fingers! this is awesome!

  68. rhyswinz says:

    i really wanna do this woah!!

  69. Sarahjane Cottrell says:

    I'm excited about this one, love to crochet and knit.  Only, I'm not quite sure how to open it up to include others.  Any ideas?

  70. Aquiles Cantarell says:

    This guy gives me the creeps, it's like a human being went backwards into the uncanny valley.

  71. Katie Newman says:

    My favorite art assignment and favorite artist on the art assignment 😀

  72. red.panda.spirit says:

    Don't cut the shirts like he does it's easier to cut a spiral out of the shirt and make striped to tie together. MAKE STRIPS

  73. red.panda.spirit says:

    My rug is about 3 ft in diameter and growing. Ask someone who crochets for help in making it

  74. Dragonhammer Soulbreath says:

    I've been wanting to do this. I guess this is my motivation. Though I think I'll make my rug with a big hook. 

  75. Not a phony says:

    3:06 that stare, john isn't too happy about this

  76. pacmanfan1214 says:

    Interesting to stumble upon, since I started a new crochet afghan today. 😀

  77. Deb Noble says:

    I've been crocheting since I was a kid, but never thought of it in this context. I'm definitely gonna give it a shot!

  78. David Shi says:

    I'm just curious: is there a distinction between craft, and art? Or is that just an unhelpful divide?

  79. J0RZ0R says:

    "Yeah, but I don't think I can make my hands do the motion that creates the thing."  I feel you john, but ima still try xD  Great video guys!

  80. Xinyi WU says:

    Well, I am still a bit confused about how to do the rug, but that really is an amazing way of doing it! I have always wanted to have a rug at house anyway. Will do it, as soon as I have some old useless shirts!

  81. Fred Darcy says:

    Wow I had to watch this video three times to notice the black dog

  82. Meg Gilbert says:

    finished! The Art Assignment 10: Make a Rug

  83. Sophia Elliott says:

    I've been trying to do this and it works well up to a point. After a while it starts to curve upwards and looks more like a hat than a rug 🙁 Does anyone know any tips for this, or should I just keep going and let it flatten itself out? 
    I'm not very creative, but I'd really like to manage this art assignment and I'm starting to find it a bit disheartening. Help please! 

  84. Maravelle Heals says:

    Don't know how I missed this when it went up, but I was inspired none the less. grabbed my box of dead clothes and started tearing. less than a 1/4 of the way through the box and my rug is ~3ft across. A word of warning… denim is difficult to work with, but of so pretty when its done. 

  85. 42jjc says:

    I just saw this today, August 8, 2014, and realized that a year prior to the release of this video, I had crocheted my very first rag rug. While it is not made of my old clothes (those were donated to people that could still use them) it was made from old cloth, with stains, tears and life-wear. I made them into strips and hooked them together using a 25 mm hook of wood. I had many contributors to it: those that had used the fabric before and its nonverbal story, friends and family that saw me work on it, and various animal companions (dogs and cats). It saw me through job search, tough times, moving and my new home and job. It lays dormant for now, in my bedroom, reminding me each day and night that my troubles, dreams and so many lives got me to where I am today. May it live on and grow in the future.

  86. Alora Wogsland says:

    I had a lot of fun making my rug. I made a video about it, too. So yeah. I'm just going to stop plugging my channel in the comments now.

  87. Kim Brunner says:

    This would be a fun group project while I'm at BurningMan! Oooh, gotta make that happen…

  88. lightning mcgee says:

    Does anyone know why mine is a bowl? I'm not sure how to fix it. Any advice appreciated!

  89. Luke McBash says:

    How would you wash these rugs?

  90. TheDreadfulCurtain says:


  91. Paola says:

    Okay, I'm going to try this now. I'll probably fail, but then at least I can say that I tried.

  92. LM VS says:

    Sarah and John truly are the epitome of relationship goals.

  93. Sarah Powell says:

    People in the comments: thoughtful response to actual content
    Me: PUPPY!!!!!

  94. C-Cube Creates says:

    The instructions on how to do this are so vague.

  95. torntrof says:

    For me, the instructions were too fast & too vague…

  96. Madison Myers says:

    Cute dog.

  97. Karen Mitchell says:

    I love this! I started a similar rug project in 2014 using crochet and yarn, and am still doing it… It's titled "Borrowed Space and Time". I have shared the work at some places, and the whole process is the most wonderful! Here's my work: https://www.facebook.com/karen.mitchell.167/media_set?set=a.10152346660216337.1073741845.560951336&type=3

  98. A G says:

    You sound like Carrie Brownstein! 🙂

  99. Daniel White says:

    When I saw the title I was like, mmmhh maybe later.
    But when I actually saw the episode, I screamed out loud. Must do must do must do !!!!! Love this assignment.

    Wonder how you can just keep making great inspiring assignments like this.

  100. Edison Cummings says:

    an interesting individual

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