10 Mind Blowing Optical Illusions
10 Mind Blowing Optical Illusions

(dramatic music) 10 Mind-Blowing optical illusions Flat third dimension. Nothing appears abnormal about this Rubik’s Cube until you realize it is a two-dimensional image. This illusion is created with a distorted perspective of an image that requires to be viewed at a specific vantage point to create the 3D effect. This is the same method used in the very popular 3D sidewalk art The Ames room. The Ames room illusion creates a cartoonish and very intriguing effect of drastic size differences between people and objects, by tricking your depth perception within a regular shaped room. The walls, ceiling, and floor align in a way that will appear normal at just the right angle. This causes everything else in the room to appear to warp in size. Following eyes. Here is a simple but very effective illusion that makes it look like these little guys are watching you. This is done by manipulating the way you see perspective, and the brain’s natural ability to pick out faces and patterns. The head is actually concave, and this sets up a contradiction in your brain to make it look like it’s turning to follow you. The dress. Whether you see black and blue, or white and gold, this dress has caused debate and confusion. Though the dress is indeed black and blue, it has become a popular example of color constancy. Depending on individual perception, as well as current room lighting – the dress can be seen as either black and blue, or white and gold. Circle illusion. Is easy to assume that these dots are moving in a circular pattern, however, they are not. Each dot is traveling in a straight line while on its own path from one end of the circle to the other. By adding each dot one by one you can see the illusion come into place Motion illusions. These images are not animated but they appear to be moving due to the cognitive effects of interacting color contrasts, and shape positioning. If you’re feeling skeptical -pause this video and watch as these images continue to wave, twist, and pulse. Animation illusion. This clever and old-timey technique creates a multiple frame animation on a single sheet of paper. By manipulating the mind and eye, these still images come to life using a simple graded card. Drop-off room. This 3D painted room is enough to trigger one’s acrophobia, as it seems to be a massive drop-off. This painting was created by a master of Optical illusions – Regina Silviera whose work often contains a larger than life bent reality. Yes/no. Artist Markus Raetz specializes in optical illusions with his mind-manipulating 3D creations. A prime example of his work is this sculpture of the word yes that can be read from one angle. but moved to another angle – and it morphs into the word no. Backwards chair. This chair appears as normal as a chair can be at first glance, but just wait until this man has a seat. It might feel surreal at first but this chair is actually built in a warped and irregular way, that makes it look like it is facing one way but in fact it is facing the other way. (dramatic music)

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    اشياء كلش غريبه

    وللي عراقي يدوس لليك

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    13 millions views and 13 million subscribers

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    And thus selling a bottle of cola is no problem.

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    super mind tricks

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    I like the circle pne

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    13 M views and 13 M subscribers ( 8 june 2019)

  7. Sadiya Choudhary says:

    Afcours it is white and gold who told this is blue and black ?????

  8. Angela Arif says:

    this is the best optical illusion ever

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  10. Shalini Sharma says:

    Wow , I am just thinking that how much creative will be that type of people who make these 3D things with the only help of only their mind.

  11. One of the boi From me and the boys says:

    This been in my recommended for years!!

  12. unknown territory says:

    how nasa images are made to make the earth look like a globe. They can't fool a photographer. They can definitely fool about 99% of the stupidity of society though.

  13. Sushil Kumar says:

    Superb 👌👌👌

  14. Aliza Bhat says:

    It was awesome ,I just like that 3D room the most

  15. Chilonx Douchelion says:

    Am I the only one who didn't see the images move?

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  17. fortune boi says:

    I see 1 dress blue and gold

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  19. naveen kumar says:

    Black mail and illusion I hate the word in any language(take the meaning)

  20. I can I will says:

    The best optical illusion ever👇

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  21. Thug life says:

    Logo ko chutiya bnaane ki ninja technique

  22. Vlogging queen shrestha says:

    I saw that dress colour white and gold

  23. Md Khan says:


    Omg! When you pause the video it still moves!

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  25. LUCIFER GAMING says:

    I see blue

  26. Koyel Mondal says:

    Black and blue

  27. Mr Kumar says:

    So coooool! Couldn't believe my eyes. But then, I better not. Lol… 😁

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    Hit a like if u see the drees in white nd golden colour

  29. Sarthak Raut says:

    You are not rich you are mad

  30. Khan Arhum says:

    ye bohut mind blowing trick hai

  31. /// TOXIC says:

    There's one illusion gamers see everyday…

    *When you realise that the flare gun is actually an half grip.

  32. Anbarasu R says:

    Don't believe your eyes

  33. Rahul Soni says:


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  35. dolly madan says:

    Is this in your recommended 😩

  36. sonal gandhi says:

    2:28 there is a creeper on the bottom left

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    Muja aacha laga

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    13M subscribes🤣

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  41. Doped Weasel says:

    the eye illusion(s) also happens when someone looks directly at the focal point or has / had been drawn so…the eyes seem to be following you throughout your room…

  42. Shoeb Killedar says:

    Masha Allah mind blowing 😘

  43. manish gupta says:

    It was really mind blowing ❤❤

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  45. Crimson Saint says:

    Lol the greatest optical illusion is when u see cricket on tv

  46. Crimson Saint says:

    What do that backward chair means its just a chair with irregular shape what is the illusion

  47. Dharmendra Chavda says:

    I like Following eyes illusion

  48. Saurabh Verma says:

    Another illusion is dislikes on this video

  49. Raju Mandal says:

    mind blowing. .. Wow👏👏

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    Very nice

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    Gr8 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

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    Woah mind blown and they still look funky.

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    yoooo wth ? the chair illusion got to me !

  55. Rex the pubg Gammer says:

    Really wonderful,, thank you

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    I did not able to see the image moving which you say is moving

  57. Topic of World says:

    Mind blowing

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    Mind blowing

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  60. akash kumar says:

    I started feeling like vomiting after watching this video

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  62. PHOENIX GAMER says:

    Why this video in my recommendation? :/

  63. Jeffrey ReyzR says:

    I thought this video was porn video, but turns out to be a regular YouTube video… What an illusion .

  64. Sumon Khan says:

    Beautiful voice,,,

  65. M A ZEESHAN KHAN says:

    Everthing is Just perfect ! Flawless.

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  67. Surya AllRaunder says:

    White and gold

  68. Miguel Terrazas says:

    How about MONEY?

  69. bobbyedavidson says:

    Once you see it you can’t unsee it

  70. FireIt Up says:

    Black and blue squad like


    2:40 the creeper is gonna explode no!!!!!!!

  72. bencasey1423 says:

    I saw blue and gold

  73. A-Normal Kişi says:

    The dress is popular in Turkey

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  75. No Legit Games says:

    My mind didn't blown up??

  76. TXX H says:

    2:21 yeah the star thing moves for meh

  77. Simdan Kvist says:

    Who am i

  78. Bhaskar Roy says:

    Just amezing

  79. Cel Unciano says:

    This quite Engolody to our eyes our eyes will be Dizzy and if you stare hard to this vid thx.

  80. Samantha Musenbvfl says:

    White and gold (dress)

  81. carolina lim says:

    I see that the dress' colors are blue and gold…… 🤔

  82. Daniel Musabbir says:

    I am shocked

  83. EUNICE 26 says:


  84. Park Ji Soo says:

    Its magic

  85. Priyadarshini Sethi says:


  86. Leny Hurd says:

    Am i the only was scared about those crocodiles

  87. The Ultimate Everything says:

    Love from my cat

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  89. Fems Harlyn says:

    Its amazing

  90. Numberhumans - Cartoons for All Ages says:

    2:36 good creeper 🙂

  91. Madiha Mozid says:

    imagine walking into a room with thousands of dolls just staring at u non stop😶😶

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    I had that 2nd illusion in my school science tour. Creepy

  93. sexobscura says:

    I can't even write this because

    my mind is in little fragments all over the room

  94. Augusto Decena says:

    Creeper means minecraft

  95. Gman193 Blair says:

    Another example of color constancy is my mom’s toenails when she polishes them pink. To me, in the dark, they look orange.

  96. Mohammad Haseeb says:

    Its all about our brain tells

  97. Mohamed ali 43 says:

    Semma video

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    Hehe did anyone else see that creeper?

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    Waht de hEcK

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