[Music] what’s up guys and welcome to bloo jam
today I’ll show you something that will simply leave you breathless recently I
did a video in which I showed you some of the craziest most expensive cars you
give yourself and you really liked that video but today you will see only the
most luxurious and coolest youtuber houses it’s really nice to see how young
people can afford themselves amazing places to live in and boy I’m talking
about some beautiful and expensive mansion
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Tanner’s new house is built in a unique style just look at that front of the
house it’s placed in a peaceful area and has plenty to offer the rooms are huge
just like that hot tub placed in a backyard of the house he also has a pool
so I’m sure he’s really enjoying his new property also with the security bundle
we bought yet snipers instead of there Trishna gone around again unlocked front
door this is the kitchen hold up let’s go
let’s go over here we need to kid yourself right there but we don’t have
one yet coffee stuff microwaves you got the thing we have stuff we also have a
TV will have one wearable couple of nice places and it’s just one of them this
apartment is so luxurious that even he scared his his own room with the tub and
heated mirrors it’s in a building and pretty high from the ground so it has an
amazing view of course the hot tub is quickly a must-have in a place like this
it’s merely don’t be never be here they will help you like hi
nice to meet you oh this is the mirror oh hi nice to meet you
the ayah means room and also the gorgeous kitchen thank you so much for
all the amazing and amazing support lately thank you so much for my mom for
helping me make this toys the means a huge Channel you actually might not have
heard about because they make videos for younger audience
in 2017 they bought this beautiful modern house it’s filled with fancy and
polished material it has the private gym big backyard relaxation room and many
more simply awesome so there’s the peep on the balcony guys love the space I’m
not alone this mirror is no kings really are getting better and better if you
start phase Raj only likes big and expensive cars wait till you see he
talked mention because everything one would need flesh interior plenty of
rooms and balconies and the most beautiful view I’ve seen in a long time
it’s so nice no that’s one I excused look at that
because I’m telling you there’s balconies in every room how crazy is
that cool Golf Course look at the view we got a hot tub we got the pool oh no
the phase house might have some competition I’m just getting the look at
the back of it balcony stuff although it’s not the
biggest one on this list the right games apartment is really modern and really
dope it is in Los Angeles and you guessed it it has an amazing view
there’d Elkin is probably the best part of that flat and right them even here’s
the fireplace back there really nice place for chilling ah have a fireplace
on if it’s ever cold you know I can bring a female on your settle up that
the fireplace is cook it up some s’mores or you know get the mirrors water beers
where’s my Jesus stuff that’s the shower shower
as to the bigger share I’ve ever had about life you can probably already seen
this one but it’s so epic that I needed to put it on this way this is one of my
personal favorites and it is a penthouse from yeah boy the one and only care side
wherever you look you will see shiny expensive materials but what’s the
biggest thing about this one that’s you so much man
in fact I’m going to show you the view properly I’m going turn off all the
lights boom and there we go there’s study
people breast taking stuff man tella modern is a well-known car guy who is
also very very rich he owns some of the most expensive cars money can buy and
his house is no different just look at his wife’s closet which is as big as
someone’s bedroom and take a look at that team room in a steam room to show something really all right fine
comedyshortsgamer bought this house in 2016 and although it’s not as flashy as
some others from this place it looks really nice and of course it is really
big it has a big front yard can even bigger backyard which is really nice
with lots of vegetation of course there is also a garage for his cool cars
we need nature so we feel peace if you please and finally Jay Cole and Tim 10
they live in this astonishing modern house in Hollywood California and it
really looks like a nice place to be in it has a pool surrounded by walls and a
view you can see only in the Hollywood movies trick shots of course Churchill
support yeah [Music]

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