10 Worst Red Carpet Dresses
10 Worst Red Carpet Dresses

We all like glamorous celebrities and they
often look amazing on their red carpets. But their elegant taste doesn’t always make
us gasp in admiration. Some are just unfortunate, others make you
burst out laughing, and there are some that are just plain horrible. We present you 10 worst red carpet dresses. In 1995 an Oscar holding costume designer
made a dress for Lizzy Gardiner out of 254 American Express Gold cards. And she did put on this hideous gown for the
red carpet. Later on the dress was sold at auction for
$12,000 to support fight against AIDS. But we’ll never know how much Lizzy got for
advertising American Express. In 2010 Lady Gaga literally dumbfounded everybody
at MTV Video Music Awards. Her dress, hat, boots and purse were made
of raw beef. But she didn’t stop at that and soon Japanese
Vogue magazine published her photos where she was wearing a meat bikini. Having such a vast choice, Gwyneth Paltrow
picked this precise dress in 2002. Even looking at her face it’s clear that she
screwed up real bad. Years later after this event Gwyneth admitted,
“I still love the dress itself but I should have worn a bra.” On the 2001 Oscars red carpet, Icelandic singer
Bjork turned up in a dress that went down in history of the ceremony as the worst outfit
ever. Icelandic star has always been known for her
non-standard approach to her looks, but that night she outdid herself by wrapping into
a swan carcass made of veiling. During the 2007 Oscar ceremony Jennifer Hudson
appeared in a rather cute dress of a chocolate color, but her image was ruined by a metallic
bolero. Fortunately, the singer realized that and
went on stage without it. Back in the 80’s Cher was already the one
to constantly shock the audience by her unusual outfits, but in 1986 she raised the bar and
turned up in a dress with a headpiece with rooster feathers. Although looking more like a showgirl than
a famous singer, Cher put this dress on as a sign of protest after being accused of wearing
too extravagant dresses. In 2010 Charlize Theron shocked the audience
by wearing a Dior dress. When she stepped onto the red carpet, her
lilac gown seemed to be pretty cute sidewise. But as she turned, everybody froze. It looked like cinnamon buns were attached
to her breasts, which completely spoiled her image. Nicki Minaj
always wants to be in the spotlight, so in 2012 she turned up at the Grammy Awards ceremony
in this horrible blood red Versace dress with cape. Perhaps the dress would look better if it
didn’t have this scary Gorgon. And it’s unclear why Nicki Minaj brought a
priest with her. Does she really think it’s a nun’s dress? Joy Villa’s dress can hardly be called a dress
at all. It was made from recycled wastes and did not
conceal her nipple tape or thong. This outfit cost her less than $30 and was
named the most absurd one at that Emmy ceremony. German model Micaela Schafer found a great
use for old VHS tapes and came to “Men in black 3” premiere in this VHS dress. The dress, if it can be called so, basically
didn’t hide anything and the guests could easily spot the model’s breasts. The only real clothing she wore were black

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