$1,000 Dream Lego Wall!
$1,000 Dream Lego Wall!

– Welcome to Mother Daughter Projects. I’m Steph. Today we are gonna take you into a room that we’ve never fully
explored in a video. Right behind this door is my LEGO room. Yes, I’m an adult, and I
have a LEGO room for me. And we have done projects in this room, but we’ve never shown the full room, and we have just finished
a dream setup in this room, which we are about to show you. So, come on in. Welcome to my LEGO room. (lighthearted music) And the newest element, the LEGO wall. I had five goals for the
new addition in this room. And I realized Wall Control, our favorite organizational system, could solve them all. Number one, I wanted to display all my LEGO houses together in a row. Number two, I wanted to see all my LEGO pieces nice and clear. Number three, I wanted
to be able to remove all the bins from the wall. Number four, I needed
everything at eye level. Everything before was short
and to the ground for kids, which was great for my niblings, but, for me, as an adult, I wanted to be able to see what I had. Number five, it needed
to be strong and secure. No one wants a pile of LEGOs on the floor, so I knew Wall Control
would be perfect for that based on our previous experience. This wall accomplished all my goals, and I could not be more
happy with how it turned out. I wanted all the Wall Control to be white, so LEGO could just be the focal point. As much as this is an adult LEGO room, I still wanted my niblings
to be able to enjoy it. With the addition of an
adjustable Husky work table, there’s a work surface for all heights. Also, there’s a little
surprise on the wall that you can only see when
you’re lower to the ground. I had my seven-year-old nephew in mind when I came up with this. I can’t wait to see him
discover the mini-figures below. Now that you’ve seen the wall, do you wanna see how it came together? The first step was to
remove the old shelving. This is actually a project
we did over four years ago, so it was time for a refresh. Now, with a nice clean wall, it was time to hang the Wall Control. Wall Control’s a company
that makes metal pegboard and hooks and different accessories. We showed how to install
these panels in past videos, but we’ll do a quick refresh here. First, place your panel and
mark each hole location. We have found that a spade bit gives us a nice perfect circle right
in the middle of the hole. Next, drill your pilot hole. This can go into a stud or into a wall using the included anchors, and that’s what we’re adding here. We’re putting the anchors in the wall as these panels didn’t
end up hitting studs. Put the panel back in place
and attach the screws. All the hardware is
included with the panel. Lastly, we covered the screw hole covers with a new optional plug. – [Steph and Vicki] What we learned. – Now, all together, the
hooks, the panels, everything, and the bins down here
that I got from Ikea, everything was about $1,000. So this might not be
practical or realistic for everyday use, but,
when you think about it, you could actually just
take one section of this and it would be a great way
of displaying some sets, organizing some of your LEGOs if you have a smaller LEGO collection. We’ll put a link in the description below to everything here, but also to what, like, one panel would be for you to check out. – And can we just say that we got these via the mail? Ikea actually ships.
– Yes. – So we didn’t have to actually
go to Ikea to pick these up. They came right to our door. – Yes, I feel like they
haven’t done that in the past, but I just randomly realized that you can actually get
Ikea shipped to you now, and these were the perfect deal. $2.99 a box. So, can’t be beat. – [Vicki] As you can
see, Steph did labeling on all the containers, and she did that with a Cricut
Maker, which cuts vinyl, and these are just vinyl stickers. If you wanna know more
about how she did that, we’d be happy to do a
full-length tutorial. And, to answer the question,
where are my pants? Well, you just look right here, and they’re right here, all the pants. Five drawers of pants. I had to do it. – (laughs) Oh, gosh.
– I’m sorry, I had to do it. Two things about the Husky work table that we added to the LEGO room. One, we got the version
that has drawers on it. We felt it was the perfect solution for holding the larger plates and different dimension
plates in the second drawer. And the top drawer holds
just smaller things, and does hold some crackle, although no LEGO was crackled during the making of this video. If you’re wondering how
we made this a power table instead of just using the
hand crank that it comes with, we just put a hex-head
screw into our drill driver, and that worked perfect. – Now, if your collection is
not quite as large as Steph’s, you may consider something a
little bit smaller to organize, and this is a Husky 10
compartment organizer. And what we like about this is, see, these little compartments come out, you can dump your LEGOs
out, play, put ’em back. It’s all nice and secure, and if you’re traveling, this is a great thing to take with you. And if you have several, they stack. – When I was in high school is when I actually got
into LEGO really heavily and started collecting all these bricks, so this has been a long
time coming for this room. And I still remember in
high school that I thought, one day when I buy my own house, I’m gonna have a LEGO room, and that’s what you’re seeing here. So I have a question for you. When you were younger,
was there a special room that you always wanted in your house? Did you get that room? Did your dreams change? Let us know in the comments below. – You know, I have to say it, looking around this room at
all the different things, I gotta say, everything is awesome! – Oh, yeah! – I wish we could sing it! – I know. Copyright reasons, we won’t sing the song. But we’re singing it in our head. So thanks for joining us, and if you think this video is awesome, give us a thumbs up, and we’ll see you next time. Bye. Awesome. – Whoo!
– Whoo! – Okay, I think that’s pretty good. ♪ Everything is awesome ♪

6 thoughts on “$1,000 Dream Lego Wall!”

  1. Penster says:

    Yay! I wish I had kept all my Lego from my childhood, instead I gave it to my son, and he's now passed it onto his son. The classic Space Lego was my favourite.

  2. Theresa Nelson Swango says:

    Very cool

  3. Vicky Corey says:

    I don't think there is anything you ladies can't do! This is Great! I need to show this to my daughter in law. My grandson is addicted to Legos. Lol Steph, the wall looks great but you are talented with Legos! I didn't even know you could make things like that with Legos. Very nice!

  4. Jeremy Hamaker says:

    Yep! I have a craft room, a gaming room and a music room in my house. I have to be careful watching this video because while I'm not into Lego so much, you've made that room look so compelling! ~Cheers!

  5. Christina Muscari says:

    This is absolutely epic! #goals

  6. Wall Control says:

    We LOVE it! Another great application of our products by the best mother daughter duo around! 🙂

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