101 Clever Bathroom Decor Ideas (Part 1)
101 Clever Bathroom Decor Ideas (Part 1)

Sometimes an odd touch is what takes a room
from dull to designer. This is 101 Clever and Non conventional bathroom
décor ideas part 1: 1. Replace the mirror with a chalkboard.
Wouldn’t you so much rather read some inspirational profound quotes than see what you look like
on this dreary morn? 2. Paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint.
Paint the wall with the sink in a powder room with chalkboard paint and draw your daily
inspirations of polka-dots, hearts or doodles. This is also a great “memo board” for reminders! 3. Paint the radiator a crazy color.
If the radiator is in the bathroom, again embrace it, paint it (make sure to use high
heat paint) -the same color as your walls- so it will recede, but then use it as a towel
warmer! A similar idea….use it to warm your breakfast. 4. Up cycle an old bicycle into a bathroom
sink. 5. Hang a row of plants.
Plants in a small sunlit bathroom add tons of character. 6. Make a sliding barn door the entrance. Above: The door of this bathroom by the Brooklyn Home Company Above: A bathroom alcove with interior sliding doors by Max Levy Architect. 7. Hang your towels on a rustic ladder.or..
paint it, pimp it or all of the above and convert it as
a new storage corner. A big for most tiny bathroom. 8. Replace a shower curtain with an umbrella.
it won’t work for all bathrooms, obvs. 9. Divide space with a screen.
A pretty great idea if you have an extra-large bathroom and live with roommates. 10. Or use a screen instead of drapes. 11. A chandelier can make all the difference. 12. Paint the tub. 13. Don’t be afraid to hang tons of art work.
They might not be practical, but if you clean them and switch them out fairly often, it’s
totally worth it. A Creative Space.
The homeowner of this Atlanta loft installed a salvaged clawfoot tub and painted it in
Smoke & Mirrors by Benjamin Moore in her bathroom. She regularly swaps out the photos and drawings,
though the 1913 dress form always sticks around. 14. Paint your curtain rod black.
Your silver shower curtain rings will look just a little more stunning. 15. Paint the whole bathroom black.
Forget everything you heard about white paint making a space seem bigger. Black paint with
white fixtures can look elegant, not cramped. 16. Use multiple mirrors instead of just one. 17. Cover one wall in floor-to-ceiling shelving. 18. Add windows to a windowless bathroom,
even if they’re not to the outside world. This is a great solution for a studio apartment,
where chances are, the only real windows are in the living area. This way, you still get
a little bit of natural light in your bathroom. 19. Replace sconce light fixtures with moveable
arm lamps. This seems to be a huge trend in bathrooms
going on right now. 20. Instead of shower curtains for your bathtub,
try a canopy. 21. Trade typical sliding shower doors for
the more industrial look of salvaged windows. 22. Instead of tile or linoleum, paint floors
with a high gloss. Using a stencil adds a graphic element. Get
more information about this process here 23. Paint the insides of cubby holes bright colors for a kids’ bathroom. 24. Circular shower curtain rails add an adorable retro feel. 25. Spell something out with mosaic tiles. 26. Stack crates for casually effortless storage.
It’s like you’re not even trying to be organized. 27. Throw up some decals for a temporary decorating
solution. 28. Vintage Finds.
Television star Mike Wolfe brought in a vintage Stetson cowboy hat ad and displayed his wife’s
hats on antique millinery stands to incorporate found objects. 29. Salvaged Sink
New brass faucets turned this farm sink into a stylish wash station. 30. Claw foot tub.
A 1920s claw-foot tub found on Craigslist is the centerpiece of the bathroom. Black
porcelain floor tile, laid in a herringbone pattern, adds an unexpected edge. A chirpy
green chair, an antique Moroccan lantern, and a storage cabinet salvaged from an aircraft
carrier offset the sleek surfaces with a little patina 31.Barn-Door Theme.
The barn-door theme continues in an unexpected spot: a shower stall! Just outside, a towel
bar hangs from two ropes. 32. Camp Lodge Vibe.
Painted in Bunker Hill by Benjamin Moore. It has a camp lodge vibe. 33. Creative Mirror Decor.
Currey & Company iron sconces complement a Bobo Intriguing Objects mirror, framed with
reclaimed Azobe wood. 34.Updated Farmhouse.
Antique sconces, canvas shower curtains, and a vintage copper sink basin bring a sense
of history. 35. Salvaged Finds.
A simple wooden stand (and holes drilled for plumbing) transforms a Dutch galvanized metal
hay-collecting bin into a statement-making sink. 36. Rustic Retreat. Burlap-upholstered closet doors, brass hardware,
butcher-block counters, and a leather-wrapped mirror anchor create an airy space with rich,
warm materials. 37. Bold Typography.
An eye-catching “Antiques” sign adds age in the bathroom of this colorful Texas home. 38. Accent Wall.
This once-dreary bathroom is now a highlight of a renovated 1950’s fishing shack, thanks
to its rustic accent wall. The mosaic mimics the look of stacked firewood and engages viewers
with its bold type and surprising placement. 39. Rough Textures.
Instead of hiding a so-called eyesore, the owner played up a rusted corrugated metal
wall by forgoing colorful accents, short of one lone-starred towel. 40. Deep Jewel Tones.
The designers turned up the volume on vernacular design elements with super-saturated hues
like sapphire, garnet, and turquoise. 41. Bold Wallpaper.
Graphic plaid wallpaper is juxtaposed to the ornately carved wood mirror in the bathroom. 42. White and Bright. Pitched ceilings in the bathroom made a standard-height shower a no-go, so the owner chose a deep
cast-iron bathtub instead. To keep costs down, she purchased a dilapidated tub for $100 at
a junkyard and then had it refinished. 43. Earthy and Calming.
Ashwood moss by benjamin moore. 44. Small Storage.
Tucked under an antique table, the owner maximized storage space by using this vintage chest
of drawers to store towels and bath supplies. 45. Climbing Vines.
The climbing vines in this Connecticut bath look like wallpaper but are Ann Sacks tile.
The tub is from Lefroy Brooks. 46.Splurge-Worthy.
The Victoria + Albert claw-foot tub, positioned next to a picture window in the master bedroom.
“It’s not a fancy house, but having a tub in our room feels so luxurious, and there’s
such a beautiful view,” marvels the owner. 47. Refined Style.
Freestanding American Standard sinks and mirrors from Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware light
fixtures, and a hexagonal-tile floor refine the bathroom, painted in Benjamin Moore’s
Ballet White. 48. Rustic and Colorful.
Extra-tall beadboard—painted in Benjamin Moore’s Mill Springs Blue—covers the walls
of this bathroom. The owner acquired the sink from a local gas station when they threw the
fixture away; the claw-foot tub is a cast-off from a former landscaping client. 49. California Farmhouse Bathroom
Traditional millwork, such as crown moldings and beadboard, joins modern, clean lines and
a zillion windows clad in minimalist shutters. Four windows bathe the master bath’s Kohler
tub in natural light, while seashells line the chair rail. 50. Patterned Wallpaper.
The owner pampered the powder-room walls in an Andrew Martin print featuring Britain’s
Penny Black stamp, and painted the door with Farrow & Ball Down Pipe. 51. Repurposed Elements.
A reclaimed-pine mirror hangs over a pedestal sink from Home Depot in the master bathroom,
where open wire cubbies offer more storage than a medicine chest. The trash can is actually
an old planter. The walls are painted Flagstone by Martha Stewart Living. That’s it for the first part,
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