11 Things That SHOCKED US About Puebla, Mexico

Hello Tangerineys from Puebla City! Every time we go to a new city in Mexico, no matter how many we’ve been to, we show up and there are always things that shock and surprise us. And it literally does
not matter how many videos we’ve seen, or research we do, not all good, not all bad, just shocking, and surprising, and awesome, and that all comes with travel.
But we’re going to tell you all about what shocked us in Puebla City today! [Laughter] So the first thing that shocked us were
how many fine dining restaurants there are in Puebla City, and not only that are
there a lot of fine dining restaurants, but they are adequately priced for the
classiness of them. So in Morelia, we were talking about how reasonably priced the
fancy restaurants are. Here, not really the case. You’re going to be paying 250 pesos or more for the least expensive plate and it just goes
up from there. Yeah and I mean comparing that to US prices, affordable still. But, for Mexico, and for our budget. Yeah, we can’t eat there. But that leads
us into one thing that really shocked us about this city, and that’s how wealthy
it seems to be. There seems to be like maybe lots of industry here, lots of
business. We were sitting at a restaurant and there goes a Lamborghini driving by. So the next thing that shocked us in a very very good way is how fast the internet
here is in Puebla City! And we noticed at first, in the Airbnb hotel we’re staying,
and then later going to cafes and restaurants where they have public Wi-Fi. It’s really fast! Yeah! Good upload speeds and good download speeds! And in general, what have we seen in Mexico? The bigger the city, the
faster the internet. Of course, that has its exceptions. But for the most part,
like Guadalajara was really fast. What’s another one? [Laughter] Guadalajara was really fast! Morelia was also really fast. [Laughter] As we’ve traveled through
Mexico, we’ve been to a lot of cities now. And even in small towns, we typically
still have fast enough internet to watch Netflix. That hasn’t been the case in a
couple towns, but typically it is. Yeah, so you know, the small towns like San Blas (Nayarit) was pretty slow internet. Ajijic internet Was constant frustration for us. In
our research, we found out that there’s quite a lot of volcanoes around this
area and in Puebla. Well as we were driving in, I kept veering out to this
mountain thinking “That looks a lot like a volcano.” And I couldn’t tell if there
were clouds coming up, or around it, or whatever. And I was staring at it, staring at it. Jordan’s asleep cuz he was dealing with food poisoning. And finally
he wakes up, I’m like “Is that a volcano?” No, no, we don’t think it is. Well, no
more than a few seconds later Kaboom! There’s like this plume of giant
smoke coming out of Volcán Popocatépetl. Also known as Popo, I
think? [Laughter] If I didn’t pronounce that, I’m really sorry. But yeah, just a huge plume of
smoke. Turns out that happens all the time. But I have never personally
witnessed anything happening with a volcano before. So I was like “WHAT?!? Do we need to worry about this?” We mentioned in our last video that when we Got into the city, we were like”Oh my
gosh, I’m not terrified to drive here!” Like every other big city we’ve been to
in Mexico. Where people are constantly making psycho maneuvers and stuff throwing us off guard. But someone commented saying “hey that’s because its laid out on a grid system.”
And that makes a lot of sense because in many cities, although most of the cities
settled by Spain were a grid around Centro. Once you get outside of that, it
seems like that’s not always the case, And there’s streets at lots of angles, perifericos going around the city, Glorietas. And yeah, roundabouts, and all kinds of crazy stuff happening that just makes driving really intimidating! [Laughter] So speaking of the Spanish, from our research we found out that this is one
of the first places of the Spanish settled and came when they came to
Mexico. When we came to Puebla City something that surprised were how many
shoe stores there were! And this reminded us another place that we traveled which
is Madrid, Spain. So if that’s the case that the Spanish came here and brought a
lot of influence historically, and that would explain all the shoe stores. And we don’t know why that’s such an important part of culture. But having new, nice
shoes is something that’s very prevalent in Spain. And the number of shoe stores
in Spain, or in Madrid, was insane! Insane! It was like every other store. Shoes out the wazoo! Speaking of Madrid, though. No that I think about it, if someone had just planted us here, like here in this area. I would be – I
was straight up think it was Madrid. Because it looks that much like it with these
walking streets, and all the shopping, and the buildings, and the layout, and
everything. And also speaking of walking and streets, something that I think I really took for granted back in the US, was the nice
sidewalks and the nice roads. You rarely hit a (car-destroying) pothole. You rarely had these like “kind of” sidewalks. [Laughter] But something that’s nice about Puebla City is that the sidewalks and the streets are really nice and well
constructed. These are like some super solid stone, slate, sidewalks and whatnot. And the walking streets. But be careful, they get slippery! Oh my gosh! Okay, well… The literal first day we started walking around Puebla, I
went and got myself a shot of espresso in the morning. And we were walking
around, like getting ready to explore, and I slipped on almost nothing! The
sidewalks are just so slippery. In some places. In some places. And I spilled this espresso all over my white
shirt! It was like Ahhh! So we’re not quite done with this video yet, but if you’re liking it so far,
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One thing that we mentioned in the video that we did like this about
Morelia, is the architecture. And we have to say the same thing here! In so many of
these colonial cities in Mexico, there’s just gorgeous architecture, and here it
seems to be all over the city! But in addition to these old buildings, and
colonial architecture, you also have a brand new side of the city, with new
construction, and new high-rises, and whatnot. I think something that
personally shocked me about Puebla City was all the gorgeous tile work!
And you often see this on the dome part of cathedrals, but here it’s on so many
other buildings, lining the windows, on the whole side of a building! I think it’s so
gorgeous! And in addition to the already beautiful architecture, you also have
these tiles, which are just so so pretty! So totally unrelated, but we’re walking
along this market here. And what the heck is this?!? [Laughter] It’s like the building’s falling
down? Or? I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. We did mention the colorful streets and
colorful buildings in our last video, but we thought that was just like an
isolated area. It turns out, it’s very very prevalent here! And that adds a lot
to the feel of the city. Yeah, I personally think the more colorful city
is, the more joyful it feels, and vibrant. And that can totally change the vibe of the
whole city. And one of the reasons why we liked Ajijic, for instance. Or Guanajuato. Is that there’s so much extra color, it makes the city pop. Wow! Jordan’s exclamation of choice. [Laughter] Wow. One more thing that shocked us about Puebla is how many parks are here, and especially
this one in particular. This is called Zona Histórica de Los Fuertes. Within
this gigantic park, we have this teleferico that we’re gonna go on. It’s
just tram that goes across the park. You have at least three museums within the
park. There’s a lake where you can rent paddle boats. Just so much here, it’s
unreal. I think we could spend days here and not see it all. Yeah. This teleferico being 50 pesos for a
roundtrip is actually pretty shocking compared to the prices of the rest of
the city. We had said that the fine dining restaurants, there are – they’re
prevalent. And they’re pretty pricey in this city. But, the more we look around, and the more parts of town that we go to, It’s pretty obvious that the whole city is
a lot more expensive. Still not Playa del Carmen expensive, but. Oh gosh! Oh my gosh! Okay! I’m awake now! I thought those were gunshots but they’re rockets. That people shoot off. Holy shit. I hope Medical isn’t more expensive, because I
think I just had a heart attack! [Laughter] Oh gosh! So just to clarify, this is much cheaper than we
would expect it to be compared to other prices in the city. You were thinking how
much? I thought it would be about 200 pesos per person for roundtrip. Another thing that we found
pretty shocking when we came to Puebla City, was the amount of honking here. And I already hear people in the comments like “Well, honking is pretty normal in
cities.” But I’m talking about the amount of honking and how long people honk. If
someone’s blocking an intersection, people do not hesitate to lay on their
horn for 30 seconds to a minute, and I am not even exaggerating. It is like
outrageous! [Laughter] And I think as a whole in Mexico, people are not as inclined to
honk, and just give people the space and be patient. So it is a little bit strange
that there’s so much honking in the city. So right now we’re at this mirador,
looking out over all of Puebla City and we can see how freaking gigantic this
volcano is! Because in comparison there’s some mountains surrounding the city,
which are pretty big on their own, but then when you look at the volcano, which
has steam coming out of it right now. It’s still a little terrifying! It’s, I don’t know, eight times, nine times the size of these other huge mountains.
And this is the highest, or the second highest peak in Mexico. Let us know what you think. What do you
like about Puebla? We think it’s pretty cool city! So guys, if you enjoyed this video, please share it with someone you know. If you think they would enjoy it too. Give it the old thumbs up if you liked it, and subscribe to our channel to see
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