#110💥Paint Pouring💖 Swipe on 30×90 cm Canvas – Big One 🌟
#110💥Paint Pouring💖 Swipe on 30×90 cm Canvas – Big One 🌟

Hello at all…. I had just made a recording, but it broke off in the middle of it then I accidentally put my hand on the wet painting – was then also destroyed the last few days are like jinxed, nothing works right away. Seems like it’s not just me….lol I still have to mix a cell activator titanium white (Amsterdam)5ml and Floetrol from australia 20ml the recipe and my mixing on my Tutorial #003 – you can also see it displayed in the info map there are too few cells for my taste the gradient and the colors are fantastic, only too boring so sorry that the picture is not visible when tilting – it is just too big a new cell activator mixing now let’s see if we can’t get some highlights because the underground is very beautiful now the bloom technique everywhere … lol spring fever if the camera has also recorded everything beautifully, I am thrilled you can see? lovely or?

5 thoughts on “#110💥Paint Pouring💖 Swipe on 30×90 cm Canvas – Big One 🌟”

  1. Earth Angel Healer says:

    Beautiful work! Love this abstract look 🥰

  2. Petra Schmitz says:

    Was sind das für Farben von Dekoart,werden die unverdünnt auf ein Bild gegossen oder wie soll ich das verstehen? Lg Petra

  3. Sandra Bader says:

    such a beautiful flower picture has been created. In this format I like to decorate it standing and not necessarily hanging on the wall. 😍😀write me your opinion in the comments👍es ist ein so schönes Blumenbild entstanden. In diesem Format dekoriere ich es gerne stehend und nicht zwingend hängend an der Wand. 😍😀 schreibt mir doch eure Meinung in die Kommentare👍

  4. Lorna Groves says:


  5. Artes Mil colores Leydi T. M. says:

    Hermoso trabajo 👍👏

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