1310-1 Huichol Art on Hands On Crafts for Kids
1310-1 Huichol Art on Hands On Crafts for Kids

Our first project is the beaded plate. Huichol or beaded work are a new type of art for a group of people from central Mexico. The usual way to create this is to press glass,plastic or metal beads into bees wax inside a wood form. There
special patterns and symbols. We’re using seed beads and a clay saucer. Here’s what you’ll need: We have our clay
saucer. We’ve chosen blue sand, but you could
choose any color. We’re using a thick glue and then we have
number six seed beads. You could also use number
four or any size bead that you have handy and whatever color you’d like. On our tools we have a sponge brush a
pencil and scissors. Okay so the first thing to
get started is we have a clay saucer. And, you’re gonna go to our website, will have the pattern. This is the pattern for the center of our
design. So I’m gonna lay that in the center of my saucer and trace
around the outside edge. And this is all gonna be covered by our glue and our beads so don’t worry about going outside of the lines. Continue doing that, let’s set that
aside. Once I’ve done the center design, I also could do little squares. You can
choose any design you’d like but I’ve chosen squares. The easiest way would be to cut a
one-inch square and then trace it. Now we’re gonna add our first section. In the center going to do red beads. So I’m going to take my glue and only
put it where I want my red beads to go. Remember this will dry clear so you
don’t have to worry about any showing And I’m gonna take my beads and sprinkle
them on top. Now in the real we Huichol it will
actually be an intricate pattern that’s been designed, and each bead is putting individually.
But for us we are just going to drop them in and cover the center
section. And just smooth them down flatten them out until
you get exactly what you’d like. Now you wanna let that one dry before
you go on to the next color. I’ve got one here but the red is all
done, and now we wanna add the yellow. So again I’m going to go on the edge… if you need to you can use a
paint brush to smooth that in and make sure you get all
the way over. But remember you have to have glue in every section of each square. to have the beads adhere. And work right
up to the edge. Again I’m gonna drop these on. It’s fine if the extra ones roll around
the side because I’m can the slide those on… put them back into my
container. And press those down until their all nice and flat. Now any of those extra beads
I’ll just slip them off. And then if I find that I’ve missed any
spots I can add those in one at a time. Okay now I’ve got my yellow
completed. And I’ve done yellow squares. Now the
next step is the blue. Again we’d use the same process. Do each block one at a time. Now this
project would work with Sand as well It wouldn’t have the exact the same intricate look as the beads do.
And we’ve got one blue one there that I wanna slip out. And we go around until we have all the blue completed. And here it is all completed all the way
around our last step would be to add glue everywhere, and then fill it in with red. Now I want to also add a rim of sand, but
instead of using the glue straight from the bottle, I’ve added some water just to make it a
little bit thinner. Add a little bit more glue. And I’m gonna brush that anywhere I want
the sand to adhere. Now you can go all the way down or you
can choose to do it just on the lip of the bowl. And I kinda like to do it in sections so I’m
not covering everything at one time. As you can see to
I have wax paper on my work surface to catch any of the extra sand. I’m just gonna sprinkle it on. You can
use a spoon if you’d like. Or I’m just shaking this little container
that I put it in. And then your access sand will come off, and then I would continue on all the way around. And you can d design your pattern in
anything that you like. You might want to look up
on… on the Internet and look at other Huichol designs. There’s lots a
different patterns. Continue on until we get that whole
thing covered. And we’ll sprinkle the end of the sand.
Now if you miss any areas or you get some where you don’t want it on the beads,
remember when it dries you can take that right off. And there we have are finished plate. Let’s take a look at our finished design.

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  1. Madam Vonkook says:

    it is much easier to get a "hank of beads " then you can lay the beads in rows then pull out the string (if you choose I have seen where people leave the string in the beads and it looks fine)

  2. luzmaria garcia says:

    ja ja ja huichol? como no!

  3. Estela Pacheco Gonzalez says:

    quien le dijo a esta tipa que eso es arte huichol, lo que ellos hacen son de las cosas más hermosas que he visto, no ponen resistol a lo torpe y pegan 😡

  4. Caleb Treviño says:

    y esa es la version "para niños"…. WOW….

  5. Ace C says:

    iim trying to learn real huichol – this is the worst example i have ever seen – this is an embarrassment. try again! you should watch and learn yourself.

  6. Marilaine Savard says:

    Omg, this is a real disaster…

  7. Marlene Cas says:

    ¿Se le ocurrió o le ayudaron? Simplemente es sencillo, rápido y horrible

  8. abraxxas sactum says:


  9. Madrel Ester says:

    Huichol art is a very, very precise art , sticking one bead at the time on WAX , not on glue , let alone that colored sand . OUCH , another stereotype with NO respect … PLEASE !!!

  10. PAM GASCOYNE says:

    People, did you NOT read the title?! This is a simple craft idea for KIDS!

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