#165 Royal 8 Seater Dining Set – Exclusively Designed for Mr. Goel Chandigarh @Aarsun Woods
#165 Royal 8 Seater Dining Set – Exclusively Designed for Mr. Goel Chandigarh @Aarsun Woods

I’ve shown you a lot of different so far as dining tables and a lot of
other for nature we have made I we keep on saying we are the Royal and premium
furniture manufacturers now looking at the set that I’m going to show you now
you will believe the difference and the quality we are making now let’s straight
move to the set first here we have an 8 golden highlighting and of course double
god chair now when we talk about double carving I have also explained it earlier
when you have carving on the front of the unit this area and also on the back
of the unit here this is called double carving now for the double carving we
need more thickness of the board so we can do carving on both sides so it is
heavier chair then come in compared to a single side carving chair now this set
has two master chairs master chair means the one with the handle and normal chair
is without the handle now this table is with an open top on most of dining sets
you would require a glass or a marble but this one is specially for a
glass now the reason for this being if you see the design here
on this party the carving and the highlighting once you have a glass on
top of this it would be clearly visible from the top and look at the pillar in
the middle here and you have a glass on this it gives a beautiful look to your
table the best part about this table is the length of this set
see how intricately carved the design is is all hand carving we don’t do CNC or
other machine work it’s all hand carved and then hand buffed hand painted and
finally this output comes in front of you you have seen similar units in
movies or big TV serial sets but this is an actual work of Aarsun the quality of
Aarsun that I’m showing you here it’s not imported it’s not from China Turkey or
device this is Indian art a local artisan a local talent and our quality
that’s making this set look like a royal set right here now this set has got six
chairs without handle and to master chairs this master key our concept is
again up to your choice if you want that you can get it if you don’t want it we
get you same chairs for the entire set looking at this set you will really feel
that this is something that should be in your place and yes you can contact us
we’ll provide you all the details about how you can get it how you can customize
it according to your requirements highly customizable as per a requirement as per
your interiors and yes the quality of us that would be there with every set let’s
have a look at the set one more time from this angle you can see the sides of
the unit if you want more highlighting that can be done beautiful set for a
beautiful home and as per your choice I’m sure you would appreciate the hard
work we had done this please mention comments I like it thank you you

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