#175 Truly a Masterpiece | Indian Artists transformed wood to amazing furniture  @Aarsun Woods​
#175 Truly a Masterpiece | Indian Artists transformed wood to amazing furniture @Aarsun Woods​

Namaskar friends Ashish Mittal again
from Aarsun all this time we have been talking about different sets different
designs today I have a real masterpiece for you
when I say masterpiece this is the one you may have seen so many units already
but this one is master class here we This is something that you may or may have
not seen in photos or videos but this is an actual set first what is double
carbon when we have carving on the front of the unit and also on the back of the
unit then we call it a double card set let’s begin with the three seater this
is the front part of the three seater a very heavy
I think heavy is a light word for this unit it’s a very very heavy unit one of
our top class units here the leg part the top carving all in antique gold
finish and to mention again this is all hand
carving everything is carved designs drawn everything is done by hand this
hand buffed that hand painted then all the quilting the cushion part is done by
hand no major machine is used in this let’s
move to the back of this set now you can see the major difference from a regular
set to a double curved unit now when you have a big living room and you want to
keep something right in the middle of the room and this part doesn’t go
towards the wall then this is the beauty of the set that that is visible when
someone walks in this is a work of months it takes months to carve a set of
this stature that this quality from a regular chair this one is a little extra
size once you sit on it it give you a feeling of a throne like someone is
sitting on a throne than a regular sofa very beautiful and grand structure right
here in front of you the master class of Aarsun quality of Aarsun and the best part
this is made in India it’s not imported it’s not from Indonesia or Turkey or
Dubai or China it is 100% Indian art local artisans and
the quality of Aarsun it’s very difficult to explain about this set as everything
is visible right here in front of you the beautiful piece the heavy carving
the looks the design and for this kind of set you need a big room a small room
would not match to the level of this set we don’t have a table for this one as
the client didn’t need one if you want we can create that for you this one has
two side tables a little extra size matching to the design of this set would
need a glass on top of course and you can add number of seats or reduce the
size you can do it for a three one one three two one
or go for a ten seater twelve seater this antique gold color can be changed
to regular teak wood finish the walnut finish or copper antique silver
rose gold all these colors are available this is as per the requirement or your
interiors all together this is one thing that takes us apart from all the
manufacturers or the suppliers that you have seen and that are selling similar
sets on over the Internet photos and videos that are available on Google
similar sets you have seen in a lot of movies where grand sets are placed of
medieval times or old times where they have a palace structure or palace set
these kind of sets are used there but not this one this is a special thing and
everybody cannot make this this is the work of master class artisans that are
with Aarsun for years and years they have been
producing making these type of items this is just one example we have number
of other designs I keep showing it to you over the time I’m sure you’ll like
this I would I would request you to give some comments about the quality of this
work and your suggestions thank you you

9 thoughts on “#175 Truly a Masterpiece | Indian Artists transformed wood to amazing furniture @Aarsun Woods​”

  1. Baljit Sharma says:

    truly a masterpiece 😍love it

  2. Baljit Sharma says:

    any price idea???

  3. Mantu Daka says:

    Price kitna he sofa ka

  4. Uzair Khan says:

    In ki price

  5. suresh mahaligam says:

    i am live in tiruchirappali in thamilnadu how much this set mt wattsap no 9444535598

  6. Daniel Musembi says:

    I' m in Nairobi Kenya, how much is this set in US dollars? Inbox me on [email protected]

  7. Kavita Rairfhrueueggryury says:

    Iska price kitna h or bed dainig or dressing table sem disain wod me

  8. Kavita Rairfhrueueggryury says:

    Plss seyr mor information watsap 8210062255

  9. Manas Ranjan Meher says:

    Please send it price details in my email if [email protected] for odisha

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