19 Cleaning Hacks That Show How To Clean Better And Faster
19 Cleaning Hacks That Show How To Clean Better And Faster

nineteen cleaning hacks literally
everyone needs to know there are many shortcuts in life that we would love to
have the knowledge of one of the biggest shortcuts are hats that save money when
it comes to cleaning our homes in cars well if you are one of these people
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so you never miss our new videos now here’s a list of cleaning hacks that
will help you save money and/or time number one how to clean your broom all
of us have used our brooms to get those dusty cobwebs off of our ceilings or we
may have just used our brooms to sweep the floor
either way the ends of our brooms are always left with fluff and cobwebs a
simple way to clean the ends of brooms is to soak them in soapy water for one
hour just remember to rinse them off before
putting them away number two how to clean your exhaust fan one part of our
homes that we always forget to clean is the exhaust fan because we constantly
forget to do it a lot of dirt builds up there a simple way to clean out these
exhausts is by buying a can of air and shooting the air into the exhaust fan
this will clean out the dust that is accumulated there number three how to
clean your iron we have all been there when we go to iron an article of
clothing only to be left with it’s still having wrinkles these wrinkles are
caused by dirt that is gathered on the iron blade in order to clean that dirt
off place your hot iron on a pile of salt and swirl it around a couple times
this will make your old iron look brand spanking new number four how to clean
your couch the most important piece of furniture in our homes is our couch it’s
where we and our guests spend most of our time that’s why it’s super important
to make sure that there’s no dirt on the couch before we use it to ensure you’re
cleaning your couch thoroughly sprinkle baking soda on it and let it sit for 20
minutes this will take you have any stains left on the couch and leave it
smelling fresh number 5 how to clean rusty cutlery our cutlery gets used a
lot and the sad thing is that it’s easy for our cutlery to get rusty and dirty
over time to make sure that your cutlery is clear of rust use this cleaning hack
place your cutlery in an open container that has equal parts warm water and
lemon juice let them soak for about 10 minutes and then softly wipe them off
for shine number six how to clean baseboards it’s
super easy for dust to latch on the baseboards one cleaning hack to get the
dust gone and reduce the amount of dust akin is to wipe your baseboards down
with a fabric softener sheet the sheet will grab all of the unwanted dust and
provide an extra layer of protection to help future buildups blown away by these
awesome cleaning hacks yet to find out more ways you can save money and get
your house clean at the same time keep watching number seven
how to clean liquid messes we’ve all been there when someone or even
ourselves has dropped something liquid onto the floor if that floor doesn’t
have a carpet on it people will take a mop out but mop no more my friends next
time a spill happens pour some flour on it
this makes the liquid clumpy resulting in it being easier to pick up number 8
how to keep your shoes white keeping white shoes clean is a struggle for
everyone it might even stop someone from buying white shoes but fret no more the
next time your white shoes get dirty make sure to pick up some nail polish
remover at the store put the nail polish remover on a cotton ball and rub the
dirty area of your shoes watch the white appear again before your eyes
number nine how to safely clean broken glass when glass falls everyone panics
and no one wants to pick it up but this new cleaning hack is here to save the
day next time glass breaks around you grab a
slice of bread and press it on top of the broken glass this will protect your
hands and pick up even the smallest pieces number 10
how to remove scum from your shower head a dirty shower head means a dirty shower
in general no one wants that one way to get rid of the scum that forms on your
shower head is to tie a bag filled with white vinegar around it leave the bag
overnight and the next morning you’ll have a sparkling shower head number 11
how to quickly clean your blinds when we clean our homes we usually head over to
the blinds and are horrified at what we see there are thick clumps of dust that
have formed and we know how long it takes to clean them but if you’re
looking for a fast cleaning hack then take a paint brush and brush along the
blinds this will cover more surface area which means more time safe number 12 how
to get rid of rust on cookware your cookware always seems to get rust on it
we usually throw them out when this happens but that leads to money wasted
use this cleaning hack to help you save money when rust begins to form scrub it
with vinegar until the rust comes off then put oil on the cookware and place
it in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour
this will ensure that the rust vanishes number thirteen how to get rid of pet
hair for anyone who owns a pet you know that there’s pet hair all over your
house it’s extremely difficult to get all the hair when you clean but this
cleaning hack is sure to help you out buy some rubber gloves and dampen them
with water when going around your house wipe the glove over the pet hair and
watch as the hair disappears number 14 how to clean kids toys for all
those out there that have children this one’s for you you don’t have to worry
about how long it’s going to take to clean your children’s toys next time
they’re due for a wash put them in the dishwasher it will sanitize all of the
germs and make your child’s toys look brand new
number 15 how to clean those pesky cleaning sponges we all know that
cleaning sponges carry a lot of bacteria so we constantly go out and buy new ones
instead of spending money constantly on cleaning sponges use this clever hack
place your sponges in the microwave for one minute when you take them out they
are sure to be clean you’re welcome number 16 how to clean a ceiling fan we
are all guilty of standing on a chair and using a duster to clean off the
ceiling fan these dusters leave leftover dust and dirt that fall all over the
carpet and furniture leading to even more cleaning the next time you clean
off your ceiling fan put a pillowcase over the blade pull the pillowcase
towards you and all of the dust and dirt will stay inside
number 17 how to make a vacuum clean small spaces
unfortunately not all vacuums are made to get into the small spaces of our
homes so if you don’t have a vacuum that is able to help you out in times like
these resort to this cleaning hack at the end of the vacuum place an empty
toilet or paper roll inside this will extend the vacuum and get into all the
tiny spaces number 18 how to get rid of pesky scuff marks for anyone who has had
a wooden floor table or bed frame you know that it’s impossible to keep scuff
marks from happening though that is true there is a way to get rid of those scuff
marks mix 1/4 white vinegar with 3/4 part olive oil or vegetable oil into a
cup dip a cloth into the mixture and scrub at the scuff marks you’ll be
shocked at the difference number 19 how to keep your earbuds clean
we all have ear wax and all that ear wax always gets into our ear buds some of us
pick at the ear buds to get the wax out but there’s a cleaning hack that we
should all try use a toothbrush to get into the creases of the earbud and wipe
them down with a clean cloth this is a sure way to get all of the dirt out of
those filthy ear buds what are some of your favorite cleaning hacks let us know
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    Another thing to consider is leather furniture. You can easily sweat against leather furniture which can cause your leather to dry out and eventually crack when it comes into contact with your skin. Skin chemicals from sweat coming into contact with the leather will cause the drying and the cracking. Combating this is as easy as putting covers over each of the cushions just like you would for a cloth covered cushion. This will help reduce the chances of sweating against leather

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