20 Small house decor ideas
20 Small house decor ideas

Finding more than 20 small house decor ideas is easy. The turning point is usually your own preference to jumble in everything to fit the limited space. Instead of having an impression of a bigger space, you will end up with a total messed up area and this priority of good to best decorating ideas might help you out. This is 20 Small House Decor Ideas by Allena Rosa. 20. Set Some Green Plants Easiest trick you could do is by putting a green plant in the room. Probably the reason for your cramped space is the lack of natural elements. The most common place for a plant is right on the floor. Install some wheels on a board to serve as the bottom. During daily cleaning, you can always put it away and vacuum the floor. Hanging plants are also adorable. It could add the room height, but be careful with the falling leaves. 19. Show Off Your Collection Small jewelries surprisingly take quite a lot space inside the drawer. It even gives you headache when some items are lost or tangled. Cut your suffer by managing the precious collection on the wall. You can use peg board for instant application or make your own DIY project. The idea is opening some space up in the drawer to store more fragile items and give your collections a proper place for display. In a rush, you will be thankful for this arrangement. 18. Some small rooms have literally more limited area than the others. However, it usually doesn’t stop guests from stopping by That is when it hits you: there should be some places cozy enough for afternoon tea and comfortable for work. When main heavy desk will gobble up all the spaces, you can choose shelf desk instead. Pick a medium table from flea market and mount it on the wall. Provide backless chairs to serve your guest’s tea 17. Apply Beige Tone Another simple eye trick requires one tone furniture; sofa, carpet, cushion and the standing lamp decoration. The main focus is playing with reflection and shadows. Make sure the room you are working with is well-lit. Natural windows are preferable over the electrical lighting. By applying beige color, the furniture could appear as if it blends with the wall. The shadows moreover, creates instant relaxing mood and represents a fashion that will not die. Skip this idea if you prefer pattern and bright colors. 16. Hang Drapes. This idea works for any small space with high ceiling. Create a focal point in the middle and drag eyes’ attention to the ceiling. The simplest way is by installing drapes. Find one that could fit the height from ceiling to floor. Also, fill the empty wall with either small to medium artwork or tall cupboard. This arrangement will distract your eyes from the real size of the room, while letting them to explore the floor up to the ceiling. 15. Cover the Stove. In kitchen area, big preparations and cooking activities happen. It also usually the coziest place to hang around and chat together. Thus, you have to find a way to extend the counter top, so the dishes could have proper place. In some cases, the counter is even served as dinner table! The solution is to cover your stove with proper boards. It should not be too heavy, since stove is delicate and important house equipment. Being non-heat resistant is also bad: sometimes you need to put the cover as soon as you done cooking. 14. Built Vertical Dresser Instead of buying a big dresser with awkward space from the ceiling, you can always install a vertical dresser. It helps to maximize the storage for clothes and other materials. Slipping some open spaces is also an option, so you could have small working station next to your bed. 13. Cover It Beautifully The best and multi-functional item is open shelves. It could be used both as storage and display. This rule applies only when things could be arranged neatly and the items could stand the dust. Some items, however, should be covered. Otherwise, it will break easily. One thing you could do is to cover the shelves. Pick some pretty pattern or frilly cloth to replace the display shelves. You can always roll this curtain up when you need to take the items. 12. Mix Pattern in One Place Only People have been told that putting patterns together will not be pretty. Especially for small room, it could create the worst nightmare ever. Want something outside of the rules? Let your imagination go free to mix and match some patterns. However, you need to pick one spot only, which will be the focal point of the room. Bedroom provides the perfect place to start: bedding cover, blanket, pillow and bolster cover. Better news: you can change them weekly with smaller budget. 11. Put Floating Shelves This is not actually a decoration, but it does help to expand your storage space. Your Knick knack could be arranged on this shelf if you install it in the living room. For more elegant look, you could combine the metallic tubes and light colored wooden board. When installing, make sure that you give some space for head rest. Putting it right above the sofa might not be the best idea. The guests might bump into it unintentionally. 10. Use Lightweight Furniture Combining sofas and thin framed decorations could be an option for your limited space. For example, metal trellis on the window. Install the one with simple lines instead of the decorative one. The table coffee in front of the television could have glass top, allowing the guest to see through it. Solid top will block the area. The tables and chairs’ legs should be the thin kind. The ability to see what is behind or below the furniture will make the room looks bigger. 9. Install Mirrors. Especially in a bedroom, a mirror is the must-have option. It helps with preparation before work. But give more functions to it: Decoration and room magnifying glass. Put it on the opposite side of the window. The reflection of the morning light to every corner makes your room look bigger. Pick medium to large size mirror for better result. If you love something fancy, then take one with decorative frame. It doesn’t always have to be wall mirror. Standing mirror do just fine as well. 8. Make Everything Gather The luxury of having open space is the ability to give each item its own personal board. Since this right doesn’t belong to the owner of small house, you need to think smart about the storage. When you know there is only small wall shelves on the wall, forget the plan of showing your collection. Take out some of your favorites instead. It also applies to your toys and vase collections. Find the most artistic way to make the small corner shelf looks like a painting. 7. Get Small Size Furniture. Give the room something that could complement its appearance. People might love wooden table set with tall back. Putting this kind of furniture in your small room will strangle the space, as well as eliminating comfortable requirement. While purchasing for your small home, find something small to medium. If possible, take the one with no arms and back. The best recommendation for personal space is loveseat, or a coffee table with four simple chairs for the social butterfly. You can slip the chairs below the table when they are not in used. 6. Install Wallpaper. There is a bad relation between pattern and small space. Many people think that the pattern will create the illusion of cramped place. Well, it is exactly the opposite, as long as you choose the proper wallpaper and install it correctly. Pick a wallpaper with similar tone to your paint on the wall. Find the one that show clearly the background color. Then install it from the tile to the ceiling. Your guests will automatically follow the pattern up, and naturally distract them from the real room size. 5. Use Area under the Stairs. Having a small space forces you to utilize every corner of the home. The area under the stairs is usually overlooked, due to its awkward and unsymmetrical shape. But as long as it can store something, there really must be a way to create something for it . Find some professional help to build drawers under the stairs. If you want something bigger, ask for a wardrobe. You could put boxes of seasonal clothes in there, freeing up spaces in the bedroom. 4. Stack Several Layers. Monotone color is the simplest way to get an impression of bigger space. However, layering could do similar trick with elegant twist. Play with some contrasting color and patterns, providing some depth in your room. Pick some spots first, for example sofa and table. Cover the seat with patterned blanket, and double the cushion alternating from dark to light This principal also applies for the table. Go with your own experiment to match the contour, color and pattern. 3. Sneak Some Curves Boxes in a limited space would be boring. To spice things up, give some options of curvy furniture. It will give new look and great accent to the room. Not only the furniture, you could also buy curvy vases, mirror, chair, and other interior decoration accessories. If you love standing lamp in the corner, pick the one with rounded head. Let the rectangle carpet laid on the floor served as the boundary for your room. 2. Divide the Area. Small will be even smaller when the things inside are not organized well. Decide the purpose for each corner of the home. You can go to the store to purchase room divider screen if you want something aesthetic and classic. Another option is to put the furniture as the divider. For example: putting sofa facing the television, separating it from working table just in front of it. Probably your wardrobe could help you sleep better without being noticed by your guests who are watching football on TV. And the last, Use Multipurpose Furniture. When things are limited, you cannot bound the function of any items. The storage spaces must be plenty for numerous purpose. Thus, choose your furniture carefully. Make sure it could handle at least three purposes. For example, pick a bed with a drawer underneath or Leave under the bed empty, so you could push in some baskets. If you are a couch potato, find a bed that could also serve as sofa or bunk bed. It will be extremely useful when having a
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