2005-2009 Mustang Door Insert Covers Review & Install
2005-2009 Mustang Door Insert Covers Review & Install

The Method Works door insert covers in red
are available for any 2005 to 2009 Mustang owner looking to add some luxury to their
interior, while covering up a worn-out, possibly sagging door panel. Considering that these are real leather and
they are pretty affordable as a replacement, they’ll come in just about $150 a set. The installation is a bit involved, so I will
be giving this two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. If you’re the owner of an early S197, you
may have fallen victim to the saggy door panel trim after a couple of years. Since the adhesive on the back of the trim
is pretty weak, after years of hot and cold temperature changes, they can tend to fall
off and leave a nasty foam behind. The thing about this is they can’t really
be put back on very easily without new adhesive. Picking up a replacement takes a lot of the
hassle away and gives it a cleaner, newer look. This will be a direct replacement for the
factory floppy trim. They won’t shrink and expand constantly with
the weather like the old stuff, and since they’re real Italian leather, they look a
lot better too. If you’ve got the red leather interior from
the factory, which is pretty rare, this’ll be a perfect color-match that you can’t find
anywhere else. If not, they’ll look good with most of the
other interior packages as well, in my personal opinion. Now, even though they are real Italian leather,
the price stays pretty affordable, just north of the $150 mark. Now, if you went to an upholstery shop, you’d
probably be spending an arm and a leg for a replacement. So this’ll be a perfect saver of time and
patience, as well as money. Like I said in the very beginning, this one
is going to be very involved and time-consuming. Now, if you’re really not comfortable tackling
the door panels on and off, and getting into the detail of trimming the leather to fit
properly and taping off the area around it, setting the adhesive properly, and so on and
so forth, we would definitely recommend taking this to a shop to get done 100% correctly. Since it is such a tedious job, I’ll be giving
this a strong two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. It’ll take about three hours or so for the
install. If you’re the owner of an early S197, I’m
talking 2005 to 2009 Mustangs, you might want to check out the Method Works door insert
covers in red, which are available right here at americanmuscle.com.

12 thoughts on “2005-2009 Mustang Door Insert Covers Review & Install”

  1. silvafox07 says:

    I need that lol.

  2. Zach Culp says:

    How nice of them to make this video AFTER I spent 4 hours fixing the old ones

  3. The 45th says:

    Just bought these and excited to put them on.

  4. Trudy Guldin says:

    Shouldn't have to pay replace door inserts. Foed should replace them for free !!

  5. Trace Elliott says:

    It’s 2 out of 3 wrenches everyone

  6. ROD Rosi says:

    Kinda sucks…..only red ?????

  7. Stacy boulderdash says:

    That loud music gave me an instant headache👎🏽

  8. David Newsome says:

    ….so where is the install video lol he just talks about it then leaves without saying ok here's the link to it or it's in the next video lol where the heck is the instructional video???

  9. David Newsome says:

    Finding the video you clicked to watch in the first place is a 2 out of 3 wrench difficulty people lol

  10. DJ RICKY G says:

    That loud music is 3 out of 3 wrenches on my ears! Thanks jerks!

  11. Norman Stoker says:

    I love my mustang, but I will never buy a Ford again after dealing with this sagging door panel issue. Such poor quality and a company that doesn't stand behind the product. Forget the air bag recalls. This should have been a recall issue.

  12. Anthony Viveros says:

    I jst changed my door panels to the one with the shaker speakers, does any one know how to make the bottom speakers work?

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