2015-2017 F150 Carrichs Door Handle Covers Review & Install
2015-2017 F150 Carrichs Door Handle Covers Review & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here with americanmuscle.com. Today, I’m bringing you a quick overview and
installation of the Carrichs Door Handle Covers in a chrome ABS finish, available for all
2015 and newer F-150s. So in this video, I’ll be going over the styling
and appearance you can expect out of the door handle covers, as well as the materials and
construction. I’ll top the video off with the install, which
I’ll let you know upfront here is a very easy peel and stick application with 3M automotive
bonding tape already pre-applied to the back of the product and, of course, will get a
one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. The Carrichs Door Handle Covers will be for
any 2015 and newer F-150 owner who’s looking to add a little bit more chrome trim to the
exterior of their F-150, really likes to have a mirror-like shine appearance, and, of course,
wants it to blend in with all the other chrome trim you may already have on the body of your
vehicle. This is obviously going to be an extremely,
extremely straightforward part. Now, if I’m being completely honest with you,
this isn’t gonna be for everybody, because, you know, not everybody likes a lot of chrome
trim, especially when it comes to the exterior appearance. Now, some guys might think it’s a little tacky,
but if you are interested in the chrome trim, you like the mirror-like shine appearance
for the exterior of your F-150, and you like it to blend in with a lot of the other options
on the truck, this might definitely be for you. Now, the good thing about this particular
product is it doesn’t require any modifications to your already pre-existing door handles,
because it’ll just snap on right over top. There’s 3M automotive bonding tape already
pre-applied to the back inside, so all you’d have to do, peel it off, stick it on, and
you’re good to go. Now, obviously, this is going to be a more
durable material, so you don’t have to worry about it chipping or cracking away over time,
and it will keep that mirror-like shine with just a little bit of a polish here and there
because of the fingerprints. When it comes to the actual materials and
construction of things here, you can expect a durable ABS plastic that really isn’t gonna
chip or crack over time. Only difference between this and your OEM
option is the fact that it is covered in a bright, mirror-like finish with a chrome trim,
something that is completely reflective that actually really does look like a mirror. Now, speaking of mirrors, I can actually see
myself in this. Now, again, not gonna be for everybody, but
if you do like this and it blends in with some of the other trim you already have on
the F-150, then I say go for it. Now, as far as pricing is concerned, normally
underhood dress-up, chrome trim, exterior, interior trim like this typically runs a pretty
penny, because chrome trim does offer a wider price range. Now, this particular option, in my opinion,
actually stays really budget-friendly. Now, if you’re interested in the four-piece
set we have here, you can get it for your exact F-150 to fit your exact door handles
for just about $30. And my personal opinion, again, it’s not a
very expensive price tag after all. I think it’s a little more affordable, a little
more budget-friendly than some of the other chrome trim available. So if it fits your budget and it’s something
you like, then it’s definitely going to fit perfectly on your truck. Shifting gears over to the install, I know
I touched on it once or twice throughout the video, but, again, it’s really gonna be simple. It gets the one out of three wrenches on our
difficulty meter, does not require any tools, and should only take you about five minutes
at the maximum to get this installed. All you’d have to do is use the alcohol wipes
provided for you in the kit to clean off all of your door handles, freeing it of all dirt
and dust to make sure the 3M tape gets a good bonding. Once it’s all cleaned off and dried off, you
can rip off the backing of the 3M automotive tape just like you see here and, of course,
just stick it right into place. Firmly press down and all around. Repeat the process for the opposite sides,
they’re all exactly the same, and of course, you are good to go. When all is said and done, 5 to 10 minutes
at the absolute maximum and, of course, 1 out of 3 wrenches on our difficulty meter. Just to wrap things up here, if you’re the
owner of a 2015 or newer F-150 and you’re looking for a very, very simple way to transform
your door handles into something with a bright, mirror-like finish to match all the other
chrome trim on your vehicle, you might wanna check out the Carrichs Door Handle Covers
in the chrome ABS finish, available right here at americanmuscle.com

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