2017 Heartland Bighorn 3575 FL Fifth Wheel Video Tour • Guaranty.com
2017 Heartland Bighorn 3575 FL Fifth Wheel Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Good morning, welcome to Junction
City. I’m Jeff White at Guaranty RV on this beautiful Monday morning. I’m here
to show you this Heartland product. This fifth wheel made by Bighorn,
it’s our 3575 rear living. Absolutely one of our most popular fifth
wheels we sell. And it is four season by the way. So if you want to sell your
house get an RV to live in this is one of the more popular ones. Great big
storage area already set up for a generator we can add that to the package
deal. Set up for batteries right there, which you get two new ones from us when you buy. Nice big two slides on this side, will show you when we get inside how
much that means. Propane tank and one thing while we’re here I want to show
you is a six-point auto leveling system. You just push a button and it levels
it out baby. Huge pass-through area here’s the buttons for the leveling
system. I mean you can just darn near store small small car in there. Gray tank
with white water, black water tank, outside shower all condensed into one
area. Water heater and here’s the other big slide, big slide. And you’ll notice
the windows on these are frameless windows which a lot of people really
really like. Let’s go around the other side you guys. One thing I should point
out too is on the fifth wheels here Heartland comes out with this tight turn
so if you get yourself in the bind you and have to make a sharp turn you’re not
going to dent the fifth wheel. It’s already cut back and radius to fit that
tight turn so that’s a very nice feature. The other propane tank you get them
filled up ready to go from us along with the batteries and a complete walkthrough. We’ve got some tie-downs inside there. TV hookup, lights so when you’re out in the
dark trying to find things you just flip the lights on. And
the other slide so the slides are opposite of each other which gives you a
lot of room inside. Let’s go on in take a look. First thing I notice when I come
into a Heartland Bighorn is look at the cathedral ceiling. All the woodwork that
goes into that is absolutely beautiful. A couple nice little drop down lights,
ceiling fan, a fantastic fan right there. Now you can get this with lighter
furniture or darker furniture. This one has darker furniture shows dirt less.
Nice big glass doors to store things in and I can reach them and I’m not that
tall. I’m only 5 foot 11 and I can reach them. Nice day/night shades, nice valences. The color in here is just absolutely phenomenal. Big TV, fireplace,
more storage area on each side of the fireplace, put your DVDs in there if you
want or up here. Nice little glass doors, big stereo system, And more storage space. Let’s go into the
kitchen area you guys. The first thing I want to show you is that it comes as a huge
convection/microwave, look at how big that bad boy is. 4 bottle wine rack, I know
four bottles isn’t a lot for some but it’s perfect, you can set them up there
for every night. Three burner gas cooktop and it has this nice porcelain cutting
board to go over it so it gives you more counter space. Gas oven, nice three
drawer bank, nice real wood nice ball bearing drawer guides. And over
here we have the same thing more drawers Some really big ones.
This place has lots of cabinet space in it. Nice, that’s some serious cabinet
space underneath the sink folks, huge tons of room. And this is one thing that
I think is really cool, look how big that sink is. You can wash almost any pot or
pan out and about. Kind of a nice little feature with a faucet. And over here we
have a huge refrigerator freezer. The other side opens up, it really gives you
lots and lots of room. I mean that gives you a week’s worth of supplies right
there to go camping at least a week. You know one thing you need to really
appreciate when you’re inside here is all the work that’s done on the ceiling
on the molding and everything on the cathedral ceiling and all this crown
work, just absolutely beautiful and it’s real wood too. More glass doors, deep cabinet space, look at the crown up
there with the dentil shelf, just absolutely amazing, a lot of thought went
into these. This is one thing I think is really nice, it gives you a
place over here so you put your coffee pot, your Keurig or your blender for
margaritas. Got plug ins up here, got a light so you can see what you’re doing
but this is perfect. Now look at all the cabinet space you get underneath here
nice with drawers, storage areas you can put your coffee pot away the blender way
whatever you’d like to do when you’re done. There’s your fuse box panel right
there. Comes with a table and chairs you get four chairs a nice big table. Reclining seats that are electric,
they’re heated and in a nice sofa bed that pulls out into a sleeping sofa. This is just absolutely amazing,
you ought to see it lit up when the lights are all on just absolutely
beautiful. Let’s go into the master bedroom you guys. Before we do that it’s even got more storage underneath here for some knickknacks, thinking of
everything. Here we go into the master bedroom, big bed, windows on each side. And this is really cool, set up for washer/dryer. So this is designed to live
in if you wanted too. Here’s the extra chairs. Nice big closet in there you can’t
really see what the door is the way I got to set up, closet rod and a safe,
comes with a safe. Nice four drawer bank of drawers like a
Chest of drawers. Nice real wood beautiful handles. Nice TV right there so you lay
in bed recline after a day of playing and having fun. And kind of like your own
master bedroom pantry to put all your cool things in there. And then the
bathroom is really cool, this is a feature I really like about the bathroom
is the shower is huge but it has a seat so ladies you can go ahead and shave
your legs, sit down and shave your legs. More pantry for towels shampoos hair
dryers all that stuff and then there’s tons of cabinet space on that side. And
the stools is easily accessible to get to. Let’s go back outside you guys. You guys
this is a Heartland product. It’s a Bighorn 3575 EL. It’s one of our
top-selling 5th wheels. Rear living, if you’d like to take a look at this please
give me a call. My name is Jeff White at Guaranty, 541-671-1840
or just shoot me an email [email protected]
I’d love to show you this or help you out with this. Hope you have a great day,
thanks for taking a look at my video. See ya.

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