2017 Outlaw Residential New Features
2017 Outlaw Residential New Features

so you know when you’re packing for a
trip how you have to make decisions some things can come with you some things you
have to leave behind hi I’m Steve DuVal from thor motor coach
outside the 2017 outlaw residential addition the great thing about the
residential addition some of your favorite features from home come with you where talking nine-foot
ceilings a patio fireplaces let me take you inside and show you what’s new the interior looks just like home let’s
start with the floor to ceiling look there are new colors on the residential
vinyl floor there are new colors on the walls and woodwork and LED lights in the
ceiling a homie kitchen featuring a second side
splash plenty of room to work or remove the covers and you’ll find plenty of
room to cook the residential fridge matches the stainless steel microwave
the new high glass wood cabinets offer up a lot of storage be it in the cabinets above you’ll also
find plenty of storage in the closet now with pullout drawers large windows
feature new window treatments and let in a lot of natural light this window is above the dinette which
also converts into a large bed right behind the dinette another large window
and a comfortable couch which also transforms into a bed need room for
more this is the residential addition the
drop-down overhead bunk offers up another cozy place to spend the night
and the new LED light on the entry steps makes for a great night light you’ll feel like home in the master
bedroom the outlaw features nine foot coffered ceilings and a ceiling fan we’ve had a new bedding and led reading
lights over the bed making sure the bedroom feels like home you’ll find a nice-sized closet and a TV the residential version of the outlaw
features one and a half baths and you’ll find new faucets on the sink and shower your living space features plenty of
room a 50 inch TV with the fireplace below the pedestal table makes for great
entertaining or space if you need room for home office along with the –
workstation we’ve included 110 and 12 volt outlets the exterior featuring pass
through storage offers places for everything you need to bring entertain
outside with the 32 inch TV or take the party round back to the patio the MORryde rail system is a snap to set
up the patio features everything you need an outdoor kitchen featuring a TV
sink and fridge and easy access to the restroom when you’re ready to pack it in
but the patio rails back in place and grab a buddy to put the door up make
sure the storage compartments on the end of the driver and passenger sides are
open to equalize that air pressure with the patio shut you can see the new rear cap with LED
brakelights if you’d like to learn more about the outlaw or see the full list of
specifications visit for thormotorcoach.com

4 thoughts on “2017 Outlaw Residential New Features”

  1. Red bear Alaska says:

    Washer and dryer again thor designers didnt put in WHY!!!

  2. Darrell Evans says:

    I am very sad that there is not a 37LS model anymore.

  3. Steve Matthews says:

    "Grab a buddy to close the deck"? Is this not the Zero-G ramp door?Looks SO easy to close in your other videos.

  4. Je Di says:

    No more 37MD? Why not?

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