2019 Heartland Bighorn 3870 FB Fifth Wheel Video Tour • Guaranty.com
2019 Heartland Bighorn 3870 FB Fifth Wheel Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Good morning folks, my name is Rich White with Guaranty RV. Today I’m going to be showing you a Heartland
Bighorn, this is a 3870 FB which is a bath and a half or a front bath model.
This is a great coach for full time RV-ing, let’s take a look inside. It does have
a three year limited structural warranty on it, this is great, notice there’s no
carpet in main body of your coach. It’s a nice rear living with tons of windows,
it’s got great LED lighting all the way through, Thomas Payne electric heated,
vibrating massage, theater seating, the nice rear sofa in the back, storage over the sofa. There’s also the nice fireplace with storage in it, nice surround sound entertainment center, storage above your
TV entertainment center. It has the nice new Furrion large
oven, 3 burner grill top, a convection oven, just oodles of storage in this. You’ve got a full bank of drawers down
this side, full bank of drawers here with actually a silverware drawer, storage
underneath the sink, a nice pull out trash can, very nice, large big double
aluminum or stainless steel sink with all encounter surfaces. It’s got the 18
cubic foot Norcold refrigerator/freezer in it, a pantry right here. And this is
really a nice feature, you’ve got the bathroom down here and if you take look
some of these lower bathrooms, they don’t have a lot of space and this is really
not bad, solid counter surfaces in here, nice lighted vanity, linen storage here. Great storage in this coach, let’s go
ahead and step up this way. You’ve got your Heartland control center
here with your pad here that controls everything, you can
sync your iPhone to it, or your smartphone. It’s got a nice coat closet
which is really nice to have, pocket doors into the bedroom,
nice king-size bed, little trays on each side of the bed, plugins,
you’ve got windows for cross ventilation, and all the windows, I don’t know that I
mentioned this but this is throughout the coach, have MCD named lamp bran
blinds with the Sun Shade and a solid shade. Nice TV here in the bedroom, great set of
drawers, chester drawers, storage here, more storage down here, and then this
huge front bath with another pocket door to close this off. Nice walk-in shower
with the seat and skylight above it, it’s got a spot over here for your washer/dryer or additional wardrobe space, whichever you prefer. Then a great closet with a built-in, with
the Dyson back here, I don’t know if you can see it but there’s a Dyson vacuum
cleaner, with this coach built-in safe and then of course, you can slide the
doors and access the other side very easily, it’s got the nice racking back
and shelves to the side. This is a nice feature, you’ve got another immense
amount of storage, still solid counter surfaces. Then you can open
your vanity mirror and you actually have light coming in from a window, isn’t that
great? It’s got ducted air, your air
conditioning is whisper air conditioning system, so it doesn’t make a lot of noise,
very, very nice to have. Let’s go outside and take a look some of the features on
the exterior of this coach. Large grab handle here going out, it’s got a
six-point hydraulic LevelUp system, your slides are hydraulic, your main body
slides are hydraulic. Like I mentioned, it’s got the three years structural warranty
on it, frameless windows, nice large awning with the lights above it, nice big
twelve gallon hot-water tank, yeah, twelve gallon Exterior speakers, this has got the drop
frame so notice how much storage you have, just a huge opening here, you can
sort anything you’d like in there, push plugs for an exterior TV, this is a
heated belly. You got dual propaines, one on each side, they automatically change
over. Painted front fiberglass cap. Your other propane here, something that
people don’t always know, Heartland actually was the first
coach put an outside docking station, it’s all centrally located all your tank
controls, your winter bypass, your black water flush, exterior shower, and your
plugs are all centrally located, very convenient. It does have a little, another little
access system and actually has something very unique, this is a filtered water
system, we can have a jug of water and this is attaches to it and gives you
filtered water for your coach for drinking water.
It’s another great feature, it’s got the power cord wheel, those 50
foot of 50 amp cords are heavy, so you can just automatically wheel that out
and plug it in and when you’re finished you get real it right up and you’re done. Nice fiber glass, full fiberglass, back
cap, your ladder to access your roof. Folks, once again my name is Rich White
with Guaranty RV, please give me a call on my direct cell phone 541-521-8914. We’ve got a great selection of Heartland in
the Bighorns as far as floor plans go, so we’ve got lots of options for you.
Rich White, Guaranty RV, thank you.

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