2020 | Mutfak Dolabı Modelleri ve Mutfak Dekorasyon Fikirleri
2020 | Mutfak Dolabı Modelleri ve Mutfak Dekorasyon Fikirleri

Hi, I am Interior Designer Alp Usluduran. In this video, we will tell you about the trends of 2020 on kitchen cabinet models and kitchen decoration, going through some examples. I have Seda with me, my friend from the university. Now, if you’re ready, let’s begin. Yes, we are beginning with our first kitchen. This kitchen has rather an industrial look, but thanks to the wooden application behind, it has a warm look. There are different systems here, and also some cabinet door models. Seda will introduce these, I’m giving the mic to Seda. Absolutely. Now, this kitchen cabinet door is concrete. You will come across this a lot. Because it is so very trendy. We take these requests a lot in order to make this concrete warmer, “I want it all to be grey, my whole house will be grey.” But wood is definitely required to make it look warmer. You can open it like this. – If you are lazy, etc. You can open these as such… Exactly, or if your height is around the same as me, you absolutely don’t have to reach up there. You can close it with a button here. Again, on the cabinets below, a motor system is present, and you can open and close it via touch. – Oh, this is automatic too?
– Of course.
– Oh, very cool. Everything is automatic here. – These are a bit more costly systems. They are preferred in rather luxurious houses and such residences. But they are really nice systems. Yes, now we are in a white lake (polished wood) kitchen. This is, at least according to my experiences, – because we argued upon this with Seda – the most preferred kitchen type among women. Perhaps not the shiny, but matte white lake and bellied cabinet doors are among the most preferred – at least according to my experiences. Again, there are different details here. Seda has talked about these a bit. Differently, here – actually, this is in most kitchens, isn’t it? This drawer opens all the way, and normally there is a base below this in kitchens. This base is intergrated in the drawer here.
– Absolutely. That base piece you see below actually takes in this piece of the drawer, But you can use all of the rest of the storage, and I think this is a great solution. The ability to open it all the way is also nice. In this kitchen in general, a darker counter is used, and the kitchen cabinets are mostly white, they are a tad bit in the classic side. And it has these lathing glass covers, and the overall lighting is good here. This lighting is apparently turned on like this, it can be turned white, it can also be turned into yellow, Seda is playing with it right now. (laughter) Because it is like a game. (laughter)
– Yes, yes. It is a really a very interesting model. I think this is a standard kitchen that women in general would like. Can you also tell us about this thing… There is another thing here, another feature. Let’s pass the mic again. (laughter) – Let me take the mic. Well, so. Alp has told about the base drawer, the drawer that opens with the base. It actually first came about like this, as you know in Europe people buy food and drinks with crates. And those are rather high in size. As a solution, they construct such drawers in order to save space. Other than that, there’s the base drawer. For example, I absolutely want this for detergents. It is a drawer like this. I usually prefer it near the sink cabinets. To be honest, we are a hoarder nation, for example when we buy cloth, we buy a lot so we don’t run out. Exactly. It’s because of that. We will be seeing very functional things in other kitchens too. While you are here, if you liked the video, please support us by giving it a like below. We are also trying to get 10 thousand subscribers. For that, you can support it by subscribing to us. Yes, now we are in the third kitchen. This kitchen is one with dark wooden cabinet doors. What is the material of these? – Solid wood. – Oh, real solid wood tree? – Of course. – Ah, great. It has a solid wood cover, black top. Does this have different color options? – (barely heard) This doesn’t, not on this cabinet door, but… OK, I am passing it 🙂 (laughter) Not on this cabinet door – we forget it most of the time, so there’s no sound 🙂 Not on this cabinet door, but of course there are color alternatives on solid wood covered cabinets. This door with the streaked look has only one color. This is a special series of Nolte. I think this is more suitable for those who want a more natural look, like more suitable for single men. Yeah, isn’t it, it has a rather stern look. If we take into consideration that 80% our channel’s viewership is women, this kitchen… I don’t know 🙂 – No, there are people who like it.
– Yes, yes, it is beautiful in my opinion by the way. Let’s talk about the cabinet door system. Lately, with covered features, in covered storages, um… I couldn’t talk, I’m giving it to Seda 🙂
(laugter) Well, the old shelved systems that were used in the past are beginning to not be used. Drawers are usually preferred. Because in the shelved systems, pans, pots, etc. were used to be stored below, and we used to place our heavy stuff such as plates on the top cabinets. But this system has a bit changed nowadays, We are equipping cabinets with completely hidden drawers. And you can put your plates inside these hidden drawers. We use the top thin drawers to put coffee cups, tea cups, and for similar other storage. When we get to the backside of the kitchen, there is a different appliance here. The edges of these kinds of natural stones are also used a lot in this fashion, uncleaned. We see this a lot. And differently here, they have combined light color wood and dark color wood. Which is a nice detail in my opinion. And it is a very pleasant, nice detail to have leather grips here. We also wish to display that system. Let me go over here. When you open this as such, usually these areas are used, and for bottom cabinets especially, you push stuff here, and you are never able to reach those again. This system is called “bean system”.
– We call it Lemans. Oh, Lemans. You call it by the brand name but, usually these are sold with the name “bean systems”, you can slide them out and use them. This is also a very pleasant kitchen. Copper colored details were used here, And there is a stone textured cabinet door. Is this- – Natural stone. – Oh, natural stone?
– Of course. Wow, so nice really. So this is real stone on it? Uh huh, real stone. So they integrate it as a very thin plate on the cabinet.
– Hmm, yes. This is once of the cabinet door models that’s very popular lately. These thin stone surfaces are applied, it does not weigh much and bend the cabinet door, the cabinet doors do not fall or anything because these are imported systems anyway. If you make a kitchen yourself, you can run into such problems, therefore it needs to be designed accordingly. But even if you swing from these, it does not fall. You should tell us about this system, there’s a very nice system here. I’m passing it on again. There is a normal pantry mechanism here, these mechanisms have varieties. By the way, you said “you can swing and nothing will happen”, but let me explain this way, our drawers carry 80 kilos (176 lbs) anyway, and that is not even considering the pantry systems. The hidden inside drawers are also the same. Therefore, you shouldn’t swing on it or anything 🙂 And usually pantry systems are stationary when you open them, but half of it is on the door here, when you open the door, that half comes out along with it. So you don’t have anything you can’t reach at the bottom, which is very nice. And a system like this were used in these. It goes all the way outside, you can even reach this, the deepest parts. Which is beautiful. And I also love this thing in these kitchens. They use wooden drawers or wooden details inside. You do not see it at all from the outside, but once you open it is like this, looks like hand-workmanship.
– It is so. You get handworked solid wood drawers. And these are really beautiful details. Now, let’s talk about which colors will be more popular and trendy in 2020, referring to this color chart here. Now, after seeing the kitchens in general, actually you choose the kitchen you like from here, and then Seda will show you by drawing and you see which will be more appropriate for your home. Then you get access to the colors. We will tell you about the colors of this year. I mean the kitchen colors of 2020. What are the colors of this year? This year’s colors are… Ta-daaa. Are these dusty rose color? Well, um pink and maroon according to me. (laughs) Pink and maroon, yes. But I think they call this dusty rose, don’t they. – Absolutely. When these are combined with styled wood, it would look really heavy, I mean it would look very nice. – This can be combined with light color wood. Yes, and both can be combined with whites. And there are also textured surfaces here, such as this, for example this is like snakeskin. – This is a very surprising one for instance. – Ah yes, this is nice. This is scratched, like a metal scratched surface. I think these can be used in modern kitchens. – I think I’ll recommend these to families with kids, because could you imagine the bottom cabinets? The kids trying to scratch it with something, but never succeed 🙂 (laughter) Yes, even if they did you couldn’t tell. And there is also these, we see these on polished wood cabinets, and these have bellied alternatives such as these, etc. It is very nice that they included these here. You can choose whichever you want. Of course you can find these types of alternatives not only here, but in most places that sell kitchen cabinets. Just too many here. But you are essentially choosing your kitchen of choice by seeing these generally. For example concrete, yes. One of the first kitchens we toured. This has color alternatives too. So, every cabinet door has color alternatives. By the way, there is something you haven’t mentioned on planning. At first stage – thank you, you’re very kind 🙂 At first stage, it is sufficient that you send the plan and choose a cabinet door. – For pricing.
– Both for pricing, the pricing is automatically determined, we do not expend any additional effort for that. Because our drawing programs are not the drawing programs normal interior architects use. I think this will be a helpful information. Each kitchen firm will define a unique program, and their modules will all be on display along with prices on the program. And during designing, all of them will be put there with their prices. So you can both see the 3D project, and learn about the price. Yes, of course. I mean, normally we need to sit down and draw it in AutoCad. Yes, yes. There is no such detail with us. So, let’s wrap it up then. If you wish to see any of these kitchen cabinets in a more detailed video, you only need to write the number of the kitchen below. Also, I did shoot a kitchen tour video which will air after this. I plan to shoot more kitchen tours like that in the future. Share with us whichever ones you liked, so that we can see it in the comments. Absolutely. I am curious too. Exactly, me too. We will be glad if you support us by subscribing and liking the video. See you in the next video. Special thanks for Etiler Nolte Showroom and Seda for accompanying me. See you in the next video. By the way, we also have real versions of these.
– In our showroom, yes. There are biscuits, pastries, everything for visitors. Subtitle writer and translator: Oğuzhan Fatih Altıntaş (fatihalt) [email protected]

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