1. This Crazy Life says:

    Hey family!! I hope you’re having a sweet day!! Let me know if you decorate for Spring & if you do, have you already started?! Don’t forget to go check out Bri’s video too! I’ll link it below… leave her a comment letting her know i sent you!! 😘 Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

    Brianna K’s video :: https://youtu.be/l0y2C-tAYeo

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    • Room Makeovers – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqG1TZi4MLDuFgHAFV8anpUMdqNObm7B2
    • Cleaning Motivation – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqG1TZi4MLDtwd_rM4h2HfSOfY2f4-JZ2

  2. Lindseys LifeNstyle says:

    I love that your house is kept tidy! I’ve been working on a routine to try and keep my house more tidy throughout the weeks. Still work in progress!😄💕

  3. Shawna Hays says:

    DT has those planters in a beige color! I think I like white better though. Your decor is so cute!

  4. Brenda Guzman says:

    Nothing bothers me your amazing 🤐🤗🤗

  5. Veronica Padron says:


  6. Fabiola Geronimo says:


  7. anna llenes says:

    Thank you for sharing your gluten-free and dairy free recipe. Will definitely need to try it. 🍋🍋🍋

  8. Crystal Olivo says:

    Yes yes yes love the give away idea I just love your style!!! Would love to have your style in my house!!! Love your videos. Keep up the wonderful work. God bless!

  9. Dauphne McMurry says:

    I just subcribed to your channel.

  10. Dauphne McMurry says:

    You have beautiful home.

  11. R. House says:

    Nothing anyone does really bothers me when I watch cleaning videos. We all do things differently in our homes and I can accept that the way you do things may not be the way I would do things and it’s all good. I don’t get wrapped up in those small things. I am here for the motivation to get me going! So thanks for what you do Amanda! 😊 Love the spring decor so fresh looking!

  12. Dauphne McMurry says:

    Beautiful decorating. Love it.👍👍👍

  13. Hilary says:

    I haven't see u do it in a while but what bothers me is when you diffuse essential oils around your pets. A lot of essential oils are toxic to dogs and cats. They can make them very sick or could potentially cause death – especially in cats. Eucalyptus, Tea tree, and lavender are some of the most harmful. I know u mean no harm but please do your research. Your fur babies will thank you xo

  14. Clutter Free with KB says:

    I love those old school gums! Great find!

    Also, I must know where you got that watering can with the bee on it. I am a beekeeper and I'm always looking for classy and beautiful bee decorations.

  15. Sharee Mcvey says:

    I loved the 3 little pics diy. So so cute! Also where did u get your pink shirt? I need one. It looks so nice and compfy💜

  16. vidhya d says:

    Ur innovative decorative super

  17. Diana Stapley says:


  18. انسیه کیاییان موسوی says:

    I love both of you and Briana ❤💋💞💚

  19. M Priddy says:

    I'm in love with this video!!!! It was bits of all your amazing talents!!!! Home tour please!!!!!

  20. Nicole Ali says:

    I love your videos! Yes to giveaways!

  21. Newstart1988 says:

    Love the recipes and DIYs! I love the decor and the colors you have chosen but I’m not a big fan of the table runner, I feel like it doesn’t match the pink theme ☺️ I always look forward to all your videos. 💋could you please link where you get your earrings from !

  22. Chrissy Hester says:

    The signs with the back hanger removed also could be a really cute set of coasters!

  23. franceska counts says:

    I dont really decorate inside anymore (after son passed away), but when we moved I started to slowly do our outside area and it looks great!

  24. LifeWithKayC says:

    Where is the watering can with the bee from? I don’t know if you said it in the video or not.

  25. Jean Smith says:

    Would love to see a spring home tour!

  26. Katy Richardson says:

    One thing I love about watching you clean your sink is that your faucet spray is like a blade shape and I love that! It looks so precise when it’s rinsing

  27. Megan Hensen says:


  28. marga cunningham says:

    Love your video! What rug shampoo do you use?

  29. 0RoarRoar0 says:

    The clock above your pantry's entrance has a wrong Roman numeral for 4 😀 I only noticed because I wanted to take a screenshot of the clock and do something similar myself out of wood.

  30. Lu Peres Daniel says:

    Amo seus vídeos bjs do Brasil

  31. Lisa G says:

    Your house is beautiful.

  32. Andrea Lugo says:

    hey mandiee! weird question lol that silver thing under your sink is that a water filter or is it a water softener?

  33. Joy Swam says:

    🌷🌿🌸 love the buffalo check in the foyer, it's so fresh and clean. I agree that the decluttering process makes keeping spaces organized much easier. Due to arthritis in my hands, I was forced to limit the stacking of dishes in my upper cabinets…surprise, surprise, my cabinets are staying so much neater and putting dishes away is so simple. Could you share where you found the essential oil holders you have on the windowsill and side board?

  34. 1Natural Beauty says:

    I’ve never paid attention to the fact that you don’t remove your caddy when you clean your sink 🤷‍♀️ 😂 I love the Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli countertop spray!! I’m curious about the Pear Blossom Agave scent. But I’m always hesitant to buy new scents online without being able to smell them first.

  35. The Millwrights Wife says:

    I LOVE that throw blanket.

  36. Ashley Flores says:

    Great video as always, Thank you for sharing. Nothing about your cleaning bothers me but just a tip, I was told not to store essential oils in direct sunlight, I see you have some sitting in your windowsil in the kitchen and in direct sunlight they will not last long and lose their potency. Hope this helps!

  37. Leticia Rangel says:

    Hi there! I’ve been meaning to ask where you get the command strips you use to hang stuff on your walls? Do you get them in bulk?

  38. terry polston says:

    Well, you asked. It totally bugs me that you make a production of putting up your hair in every single video. Loved the bunnies on the fireplace!!

  39. Kelly L says:

    Ok i think what bothers me the most is pouring oil down the drain. I kind of cringe!! 🤣 And walking over wet floors 😆

    Not you specifically either but ive seen some clean their counters or something and then stand on them. So i guess like contaminating clean surfaces? Lol 😂

    Also putting wet brushes or cleaning rags or sponges back under the sink! I just can feel the mold and bacteria growing 😭 lol

  40. Roderick Williams says:

    I saw something on a different channel that drove me nuts. The toilet was being cleaned with a clorox wipe and they wiped the inside before they wiped the top and outside plus it was the same wipe. Yuck! 😲 The way you clean is great. No complaints.

  41. Chaitra Suhas says:

    The one thing that bothers me is the amount of food that gets trashed while cleaning kitchen and fridge

  42. Maria Mora says:

    Where did you get your wreath?! It is absolutely gorgeous!❤

  43. Idiana FONTANEZ says:

    First time on your channel. Loved your video. Blessings.

  44. Mileide Cristina says:

    I love vlog in motivation

  45. Amanda Marie says:

    Your home is beautiful! Gave me tons of motivation today to get some rooms cleaned. I need to put out my spring decor. It’s feeling spring here in Alabama. Currently raining like crazy and muggy out. Where did you get the checkered bunnies? I ❤️ them. Soo cute! 💕

  46. Chelsea Mroz says:

    We moved to Hawaii last year and there's no dollar stores 🙁 watching this makes me want to bribe family to send me dollar tree items lmao

  47. Claudia M says:

    Oh, Amanda~ You brought back a memory!!!! Black Jack gum was my Dad's (and my) favorite gum!!!!! He passed away in 2007 and I haven't bought a pack since then; maybe it's time.
    Something that bugs me? Hmmm 🤔 Maybe put your hair in a ponytail before you start filming. Other than that~ not another complaint!!! 🤗

  48. Claudia M says:

    Oh, btw~ I finished our spring/Easter decorating last Friday. 😊

  49. Samantha Sadowsky says:

    You are an inspiration i lost my best friend harold the 23rd of January 3 days before his birthday and i was in a dark place watching your videos got me up to clean and declutter my home and gave me strength to go through his belongings and pass most of them on to people in my community in need 🙂

  50. Brianna Nicole says:

    please sell your old decor!!

  51. Claudia M says:

    Another comment~ All those DIY projects are absolutely adorable!!!! I wish I had seen these before I bought all my decorations. You are so crafty!!!

  52. Jennifer Haws says:

    Where did you get the floor mat in front of your kitchen sink? I love it!

  53. Erica McKeon says:

    I just wanted to say you would’ve been an amazing girl mom too! 🥰

  54. Kennedy McCollum says:

    Just wanna say I found your channel a couple of months ago and you're so inspiring. I look forward to every upload! I'm a college student so I live in my own small apartment but I take everything you say and put it to good use here. You've literally made me a Mrs. Meyers fanatic. I can only hope that one day when I own a home it is half as beautiful as yours. Thank you for putting out such great content for us! <3

  55. MELANIE says:

    Yes my kitchen is also my domino chore for sure !!! Those cookies look absolutely amazing and of course perfect for this season !!

  56. MELANIE says:

    I love those DIYs so that paper one is just AMAZING !

  57. Jin Dimples says:

    I love all your decor style. The color palete and theme is pretty much like my style. Also I really see myself of the way you're showing the trial and error in decorating like moving the decors many times till you find the way you wanted same as me.😊Simply amazing 😊💖

  58. celeste manning says:

    Can you tell me where you get the pillows? I leave 60 miles from any big stores so I you have a reasonable store that you could recommend. Thanks for help. I love your channel & how you present yourself & style.

  59. Missy Vlogs says:

    I think a decorating giveaway is a great idea! And I love the capsule decor idea! 😘

  60. Scarlet Scorpio says:

    So cute!! 😊😊😊

  61. Leslie Morales says:

    I love how you decorated your home I love it and getting all the spring vibes!☺️🥰🦋

  62. Latasha Thomas says:

    I like that you put your hair at the beginning of the video. It's a visual "let's do this." Twist twist twist. Pull pull.

  63. Luci Lynn says:

    Found you through Brianna's channel! LOVE your video and subscribed.


    I love your style! I’m always trying to copy decor via dollar tree because I can’t afford to buy much

  65. San Juana Guerra says:

    Loved this video. Would love to see a spring video. I would love your gently used decor as a gift.
    Nothing others me from your channel. Your AMAZING 😘👍

  66. Meagan Borders says:

    when people make beds and don't tuck the top sheet nicely under the mattress, or if they neglect to tuck it at all 😩. i HAVE to do hospital corners!

  67. Marisol Cervantes says:


  68. Pam Miller says:


  69. Crystal Langford says:

    Hello I Love your cleaning video you do such a excellent job I love when you put your hair in ponytail that mean we getting ready to get down to business

  70. music4everings 2014 says:

    Bri sent me….I really enjoyed your video. plan to try the cookie recipe you shared. I love lemon. The throw you finally decided on for your sofa was my favorite. hoping to find the tulip bulbs.

  71. Lyndylee Westgate says:


  72. Michelle Tellez says:

    Thanks for sharing. Where did you get your oils holders?

  73. Tammy Harris says:

    My one pet peeve is watching people mop themselves into an area and then walking on the wet floor!! Im sure its hard to get video but that is the worst😊

  74. Jacqueline Day says:


  75. victoria hale says:

    Love all your spring decor! Your home is beautiful! You do a great job decorating! Nothing bothers me about your cleaning videos love all of them.And yes I wish I could give you a hug to bc you are very kind loveing person.I love your channel best one on YouTube! 💕

  76. Piscesrunner Angie says:

    What bothers me is not so much cleaning….it’s too much music and people looking all done up. But I understand people don’t want to show their normal self on camera.

  77. deb hallowell says:

    I did the same thing with my sink Amanda, until now!! Thanks Karen!!

  78. deb hallowell says:

    Where did you get your farm fresh pillow if I may ask? Thanks in advance!!

  79. Sharon Being awesome for drew Heatherington says:

    😘 love a fresh spring clean x

  80. Mommaedna says:


  81. Alison Edgerly says:

    Something that I see a lot of YouTubers do is smoosh down their throw pillows. and it drives me crazy because I like my pillows to be the perfect square shape when I put them out on the couch or make my bed or wherever. I see everybody doing their pillows just like you do and it makes me wonder if I'm doing it wrong, but I can't help it because not having them square is what bugs me. I have no idea why, and it's not even a big deal, but that's what I notice on so many channels. Is there a reason people do that to their pillows? Have I missed some sort of pillow memo lol?

  82. marlene katz says:

    You want to know which of your DIY projects we liked best. Well, I liked them all. They were unique. Sorry I couldn't help – lol.

  83. Erica Mathison says:

    I would love to see a spring home tour!

  84. Adrian Kemp says:

  85. Nicole Cordova says:


  86. amberbarker1 says:

    I would love to see a Spring Home Decor over on the vlog channel! I too am loving blush and navy together! I recently updated our master in these colors along with some taupe!

  87. Sara Ordonez says:

    I loved all the decor.

  88. Courtney Scott says:

    Nothing whatsoever bothers me about the way that YOU clean YOUR home. You do a wonderful job and it's always so beautiful. You have given me so much motivation over the past few years. Even when I'm tired and ready for bed, I push through and get it done so that I don't have to deal with it the next day. Now, off to Hobby Lobby I go! 😂

  89. Ms. LaKiesha Chavon DeLoatch says:


  90. Dawn Catalano says:

    🤗 loved the video! Cookies looked so yummy and such a nice change from peanut butter and all the chocolate (and I love those too). Thanks for the great video.

  91. Butterflyangel says:

    Would love to see a giveaway

  92. Adriana Cobo says:

    Hi!!! Love your videos!!! Where did you get the second wearth? It’s beautiful

  93. Jennifer Rumsey says:

    That cookie at the end looked delicious! I love that you make gluten free things! 🥰

  94. Christee E says:

    Amazing !!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤👀

  95. Wynett Guy says:

    Such pretty decor. ☺️I see what you mean about the buffalo check clashing…maybe there’s a spring Ruggable that goes with it. Thanks for sharing.

  96. Sharmila Algoe says:

    What drives me nuts; that you keep your essentials oils in daylight. They need to be stored in a dark place. And you space feels so empty, i would place way more plants. 🤭 sorry you asked for it. I love your video’s. Thanks for inspiring me to clean my house in a better way.

  97. sharell johnson says:


  98. Cinthya Checo says:


  99. Jaclynn Gowins says:

    I love the essential oils holder on your tv stand😍😍😍 where did you get it??

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