2020 TARGET HOME DECOR HAUL | New Decor from Hearth & Hand and Project 62!
2020 TARGET HOME DECOR HAUL | New Decor from Hearth & Hand and Project 62!

Hey guys welcome back to our channel.
Today we’re going to be doing a Target haul. We went there last night, got a lot of good stuff
and we can’t wait to show you guys. So if you don’t already know, Hearth & Hand and Project 62 came out
with a bunch of cool stuff for 2020. And we thought we’d go and just pick a few
of the new things up that we liked. We love Target so normally we just rush
straight to the home decor aisle but this time we decided to slow down and just
browse through the dollar section. And we actually found some really good stuff.
So first in the dollar section we got a couple of mint things. This was three
dollars, this little plant pot. Our bedroom is mint and we’re in the middle
of a makeover so these two things are going to look really good in there. Again,
just three dollars for this. Really good deal. Excuse me. Hello! So next from the dollar section we got this vase. It’s black speckled and mint with a cream bottom. And it was only five dollars. So we also found these mugs and it’s kind of funny because we don’t normally decorate for Valentine’s Day but I saw
these and I was like we have to have them. They’re so cute. They say I love you
and I love you more. And I love that they’re the glass mugs which we don’t
have any of those. We have a lot of mugs but nothing like this so I was excited
to find it for only $5. So next we got a couple things from Project 62
The first thing we got was this wall shelf. Our dining room has this wall
that’s kind of hard to work with and we’ve been wanting to put just a small shelf there
but we don’t have much room to work with. So this is just an oak
shelf with a black metal base and we think it’s really minimal and will work
with our apartment well. And it was only $23. So next from Project 62 is this Bohemian
abstract painting. We love it because the design is very minimal but the colors
that are in the painting are so pretty and fit so well with the color
scheme that we have going on. And it was $25. Moving on to Hearth & Hand, if you don’t know there’s a bunch of new stuff from them
that we really like so most of our haul is from there. First, we got this
round tray from Hearth & Hand. It’s just a natural acacia wood with brass handles
and this is going to look really good on our dining table and let’s see, it was
$30. So after we got our tray we needed something that was tall and would make a
statement on our dining table and we found this pink vase. They call it pink,
we’re kind of skeptical about that. It’s a really, really light pink if it is pink
and it was only $20. Next, we got two of these faux eucalyptus stems from Hearth
& Hand and these are just made to go inside the vase and just really
accentuate that height on the dining table and we think it looks really good.
And these were $6 a piece. Next from Hearth & Hand, we got this
black mug. We didn’t plan on getting this but they have a collection that’s just
this really nice handmade stoneware and we just love this mug and it’s
dishwasher and microwave safe so we couldn’t say no. And it was $4.
And last, but definitely not least, are our Hearth & Hand pillows. These are
from their new collection. We really love this – this lumbar pillow because it
matches so well with like our throw blanket and some of our other decor in
our living room. We usually set this one on the couch and then this pillow, we
normally set in our pink West Elm chair. Yeah and both of these were $20 each.
So that was our January 2020 Target haul. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to leave
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3 thoughts on “2020 TARGET HOME DECOR HAUL | New Decor from Hearth & Hand and Project 62!”

  1. Natashia Pickett says:

    I love love love Target! These are some amazing items, thanks for sharing!💓

  2. Natalie Belle says:

    Very nice!! ⭐️⭐️

  3. Maddy Paige says:

    I love target so much!!!! Their decor is to die for

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