$219 Dunkin’ Boston Kreme Donut | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen
$219 Dunkin’ Boston Kreme Donut | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen

100 thoughts on “$219 Dunkin’ Boston Kreme Donut | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen”

  1. JayAreMe says:

    The fact this is trending makes me happy. Josh is my inner child.

  2. The Sissy Boo says:

    The energy in these videos always spike my anxiety. Are they being timed or something? Sloooooowwww it downnnnn 😭😹

  3. Brandon Percell says:

    I would eat this donut right now. I love don’t I could eat them everyday day.

    What’s your favorite donut?

  4. Unicorn Foxtrot says:

    Hellz yea!! No one ever gets my reference when I say it but Josh would. Johnny Depp Charlie and the Chocolate Factory "Good morning starshine the earth says hello!"

  5. Donutboy 420 says:

    Food fears with Nicole as your guest would be electric ⚡️

  6. Janee' Harris says:

    Now that is respect, recognizing talent like that. Nicole is an incredible badass!

  7. Donutboy 420 says:

    doughnuts 🤤🤤🤤

  8. Byron Carter says:

    Josh throwing shade at the previous guests

  9. Nicole Dillon says:

    By far my fave Fancy Fast Food video. Nicole should always be a part of these!

  10. Cameron Dominguez says:

    Nicole was a great addition to the team

  11. P.J. Duerbeck says:

    Do a video of cooking terms. Define and explain. Please!
    Or read commets

  12. Cameron Dominguez says:

    It’s actually really cool seeing two people who actually know how to cool on this show.

  13. ajay maraj says:

    She is from either Trinidad or has indian parents ????

  14. 18matts says:

    That kitchaid mixer sounds broken lol

  15. john vazquez says:

    I live only to watch this awesome series. Keep up the good work. Next guest should be rhett and link

  16. Jason Olson says:

    Second "down with the thiccness" reference I've heard in the last half hour. Weird.

  17. Trevor Eischen says:

    “I’m the mess!” Me too, Josh. Me too.

  18. Q2bFF says:

    17:54 is Josh Canadian?

  19. LC TV says:

    "Whatever nine is in Italian"

    Me, screaming: NOVE!!!!! 😮😮

  20. garett ridler says:

    More of Nicole

  21. Matthew Payne says:

    Yo, Nicole and Josh together are an amazingly entertaining duo.

  22. Berto Andon says:

    Is this what Josh thinks of his guests?😂

  23. Kelli Sees says:

    Nicole is wonderful and I want to go to donut friend

  24. Nathan Joyce says:

    Josh "The Fudge Fister" Scherer

  25. Zai J says:

    More Nicole please!! They are so funny together!

  26. Evan Smith says:

    I love these 2 nerds (saying it as a good thing) work together

  27. DELI FOODS says:

    Your video is great, can we be YouTube friends?

  28. dominick eklund says:

    Shameless plug much??? Lol

  29. Glenn Galea says:

    'That's for later… pats his junk' ….. smooth josh… reaaaaaall smooth hahahah

  30. Glenn Galea says:

    btw… how awesome is nicole?! permanent spot on mythical kitchen? HECK YAH! INFUSE THE SAFFRON DAWG!

  31. Teufel Hund says:

    Never washes hands but saw Josh lick his fingers no less than 3 time…

  32. Snow Cult says:

    Please, sir. Keep whiskin the coostard

  33. Mackenzie Desire' says:

    Nicole is an excellent straight-man and I like her more and more all the time

  34. Daniel Ellis says:

    Love how they have gotten to the point of parodying themselves. Know your brand. More Trevor

  35. Atria Wulf says:

    "I hate conflict" 10 seconds later "FALSE ITS KNOWLEDGE!"

  36. Atria Wulf says:

    I need her on this more, also is it just me or were they low key flirting the entire video

  37. kronos2611 says:

    Josh – "That's delicious" – followed by a pat on the cake, that's now somewhere it shouldn't be.

  38. Assassin Initiate says:

    Nicole is just….wow😍😍😍 I hope she comes on more

  39. Daniel Sundström says:

    It just keeps getting better!!

  40. Jacob Wing says:

    After watching a slew of co-hosts with josh… who knew Nichole would be the best!?! This dynamic works!!! More Nichole!!!

  41. Philip Inman says:

    Gotta love the chemistry between them.

  42. Beast Master says:

    me watching this after the fanfic episode
    Josh:Nicole's my machine

  43. Beast Master says:

    This was the best episode to go with the fanfic episode

  44. CMooreButts45 says:

    Lol the Charlie and Chocolate Factory reference

  45. neberyx says:

    No recipe video this week?

  46. Beast Master says:

    "You know it's done when it hits Nicole in the face"

  47. Chris J Finlay says:

    I'm sorry, HOW MUCH for a dozen duck eggs? $12.78!? Here, from a local farm, it's GBP2.50 for 6…

  48. ryismazin says:

    How is it that I know their box is from Hobby Lobby….. 😂😂

  49. TheGinnnnnnger says:

    Make this the new format, Nicole is fire 😂


    1:17 💕🔥💃💙

  51. Jon Brock says:

    I never really looked at Josh's frames but i really liked them, also donuts are delicious

  52. Wendy Gutierrez says:

    Josh going " oooooh wah- ah-ah-ah" gives me life.

  53. Jon Brock says:

    When i worked for dunkin making the donuts before they left we were able to flip two donuts at a time

  54. Blue Nova says:

    I love Josh & Nicole! They have such good chemistry as show hosts!

  55. Rave says:

    theres no machines back there
    2 minutes later
    we dont have time to shift the sugar so heres a machine

  56. mcpenso285 says:

    Nicole being so excited to wear the Mythical Chef coat (?) gives me life 🙂 Would love to see more of her on-screen than just in the background (if she's comfortable with that)!

    Also, do they call those coats? Jackets? I don't know, but it looks cool in black!

  57. Adrian Imperial says:

    At 7:03 i thought he said “uncultured
    butter” and I immediately went “ is that the broke mans version” 😂

  58. Miss Misery says:

    I love all the old music references

  59. teekay yoo says:

    I think Josh is my favourite person

  60. Ryan Riley says:

    Nicole is so amazing, I could watch her and Josh together all day. She's fantastic.

  61. Manda K says:

    These donuts look amazing!

  62. Reina Arana! says:


  63. Katie Murphy says:

    Josh is the most important person on the planet, he is my favourite and he can do no wrong <3

  64. Myrra Lamb says:

    Those donuts are a work of art

  65. Maelene Chan says:

    josh is a babie 🥺🥺

  66. BLAcKhEArtxFAz3 says:

    She can tongue out my middle 😉😉

  67. Lock Jaw says:

    I love their chemistry so much

  68. Andrew Guerrero says:

    Aw no Young Frankenstein reference? 6:46

  69. Shane Ozouf says:


    "What's this machine?"

    "We use it because nobody can sift flour."

  70. Ceecee pg says:

    Who came here after watching the GMM episode in hopes of scrubbing your mind of the memory. The puppies didn’t work! They just made me remember!

  71. Trey Sullivan says:

    I use to like Josh but he's getting annoying…

  72. Justin Schmitt says:

    the first time anyone even mildly chuckled at a "that was my nickname in high school" joke was in this video

  73. ThE BIgDuNk says:

    “Im making a rosey jam” josh- “im making more salmonella on the counter”

  74. Sternritter says:

    I like these 2's combination! Please do more together!

  75. Lintang Wilujeng says:

    11:52 I love the Disturbed – Down with the Sickness reference and when Josh tried to imitate the weird "scream" 😍😍 I see he's a man of a culture as well

  76. ABuck420 says:

    You guys should do some cannabis infused dishes

  77. Juni Cortez says:

    So… These two are in love, right??

  78. Cody Maris says:

    i know this is a cooking show and they both are repected chefs but God bless her muffins a big

  79. Cody Maris says:

    I will make you a parent because she's cute and has a nice bod

  80. Ivan Shishmanov says:

    Only a fool would make this

  81. Cody Maris says:

    all the sexaul tension is real and the sexual innuendos

  82. voidremoved says:

    can we see your fancy Beef Stroganoff?

  83. Klinkiwinki says:

    ITS A KRAPFEN! or at least a Berliner

  84. MeatsDaanCarbs says:

    did Josh go to culinary school or not? That's intriguing

  85. Generik Wolf says:

    In my opinion this episode was so much better than the ones with the staff who don't really know how to cook. Nicole and Josh work well together and it's really entertaining

  86. A Knight in the Dark says:

    Honestly rn I actually like this channel a lot more than the original gmm. No Cap

  87. Yasmine Padilla says:

    Josh is a gift XD.

  88. Michael Wood says:

    Josh needs to get cotton candy randy on mythical kitchen!

  89. Samantha Joslin says:

    I don't like her

  90. RheannaBanana says:

    Legit had to pause this and go get some donuts to watch this episode.

  91. Tim Barnett says:

    they sexed

  92. Karlene Troxler says:

    “Get that creaming together” 👅

  93. Paxson Bachus says:

    Now kiss

  94. Mike Wojnarowski says:

    Plant based Donut…ew…


    The chemistry between you to is amazing… maybe actually make her a co-host rather than a guest host

  96. shalonda anderson says:


  97. jon landkammer says:

    They should do this together all the time

  98. SESE says:

    I don’t usually smile watching videos but these videos make me smile all the time whether it’s funny or not I just literally can’t stop smiling 🙂

  99. ShirtlessCubsFan says:

    This was just a super fun episode to watch.

  100. Ves Canaan says:

    Nicole needs her own show immediately

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