252 Seventh Avenue, 8H/9H – A Rare Duplex Loft in Chelsea

– [Jay] Hey team, Jay Glazer here reporting for duty. Just happened to be biking
down a side Chelsea street and look what’s in font of us, our new exclusive at 252 Seventh Avenue, apartment eight-nine H. Figure while we’re here,
why not go check it out? Let’s go. (traffic buzzes) (bike locks into place) So we’re in the loft and my favorite thing about
this apartment is that it’s actually two apartments
that have combined into one. So you have eight-H and nine-H, now we’re in the living room of eight-H and you can see how big
and open and bright it is and you have this living
and dining loft space with huge windows. Nothing could be better
as far as I’m concerned. (Hip Hop music) ♪ Stop playin’ wit a fool ♪ ♪ Don’t you know ♪ well as you can see, this home has just
about, well, everything! So, I think I have to, yeah. Hold on. (briefcase clicks) (drone whirring) (drone whirring continues) (lively dance music) ♪ You think I’m playin’
nah nah nah nah girl ♪ ♪ You think I’m playin I
want you girl nah nah nah ♪ (spoon clinking) (lively dance music) ♪ You think I’m playin’
nah nah nah nah girl ♪ (dance music continues) (smooth jazz music) It’s not really a master bedroom if you don’t have a master closet, so I just came from one. There I am! And now I’m goin into the other one. Two big closets for a big master. (smooth jazz music) (smooth jazz music continues) Often times when you combine
apartments such as this, you end up with wonky renovations, very strange combinations of space, but they’ve been meticulous
in their combination resulting in additional
space as such as this home office behind me
that I was just unitizing as I wrote myself a note. (smooth jazz music)

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