3 common mistakes in mosaic art tutorial videos – Mosaic art for beginners

I wanted to address those three common mistakes which has been shown on mosaic our tutorial videos for beginners especially my name is Han and I’m a professional mosaic artist mistake number one GUI mosaic tiles directly on not seal at root plate which is not a big fan of getting in touch with water as many of you know already and we mosaic artist love to use water based Odyssey because it doesn’t smell so bad and it’s getting transparent after the drying process which keeps our TAS clean in a visual way and I definitely recommend you to use it but as its name is saying water base it means a part of the Odyssey is water and good plates don’t like getting in touch with water right mistake number two groaning a mosaic art place it on a Nazi lit boot plate as we have said good plates don’t like water and grow it has a lot of water inside so why are those videos call it mosaic our tutorial for beginners showing things in the wrong way because there are just beginners so it’s okay let him just create a mosaic and let enough fun no way I tell the grotto art water will start to destroy you would power your play as soon as it arrives to the surface we say chameau in German I know how to call it the right way in English is like water starting to eat the wood and will produce kind of a bacterial stuff like that after a while he sure we have to see our world plates and on the sides as well to make it waterproof as as possible how to seal wood plate just roll your sealing product on your wood plate surface and on the sides by using a simple paint roll and please read the instructions to see how much sealing you will need for your plate also don’t forget to seal the size of your wood plate – because the sides of your hood plate will get in touch with the grout and grout water also mistake number three using too much water basic Odyssey why will you do that I mean why to teach beginners wrong things I really get mad I can’t imagine why this tutorial showing that is good to use too much Odyssey during your mosaic work process because they think maybe it will generate the kind of sealing by covering the whole plate especially to try to cover the joints I mean the surface which is left after your glue to your mosaic tiles know it’s not generating a waterproof surface but it’s triggering another big problem because by doing so the grout will never find a chance to hold on the surface or the tiles will hold better if I use too much of Odyssey no it’s not see tides are getting stable by the grout the most grout is holding tiles on the sides and will also try to hold on the surface which is the wood plate in this case if the grout is not all on the surface then it will work like a great on your mosaic work means it can get broken easily because it’s only all the two dimensions not true so please seal your wood plate before you start gluing your tiles if you’re looking for my tools and materials and stuff there is a shop on Amazon I will write the link in the description below you can go and check over there you will find tools and materials to create ceramic mosaic tile art to create staining mosaic tile art to create regular mosaic tile at marble mosaic tile are all the tools and stuff I have in there you can’t go in check because this is the question that I’ve asked it the most where can I find all the stuff you can find it in the link description below if you want to go really professional and gluing tiles and transferring things to the wooden plate you can go and check the video at the end I don’t know how it’s call it but go and check it you can see there is sample I will also prepare more samples about that how to go professional the thing is even if you glue your ties directly on a wood well it’s not a damn big deal ok it’s not but we have to do things in the right way and we have to transfer information in the right way and the right information if you are interested in mosaic art and tools and stuff and may the sensor work and stuff no you have to subscribe and to click on that that that ring stuff over there see you at the next video [Music]

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