3 Fabric Painting Techniques | DIY Cushion Covers
3 Fabric Painting Techniques | DIY Cushion Covers

Hello and welcome! I’m Disha and I’m here to help you transform your house into a home and today is a DIY day after really a long time and I just want to share that Hobby Ideas just launched its Fevicryl Fabric paint and I couldn’t contain my excitement because I have been waiting for this launch and I just sewed these three cute pompom cushion covers a day ago and I want to show you three different fabric painting techniques that are super easy So that you can transform your curtains, cushions, placemats, table runners even your dresses too so..ummm let’s begin How about turning this into this Supplies you’ll need are Fevicryl Fabric colors, fabric a piece of cardboard, stencil a tray paper towel and a stencil brush So first, I’m gonna put this cardboard inside the cushion so that color doesn’t seep under the stencil and to the other side of the cushion I’m gonna use these paisley stencil I’ll just put it here in the center and then I’ll use masking tape so that this stencil stays in place and now I’m gonna mix the colors these are the colors one is maroon and this one is flesh tint and I’m gonna mix them and this is the stencil brush and this is paper towel or tissue paper to off load the paint ok! so what I’ll do is I’ll just mix these two colors so this is the color that matches with pompoms so I’m gonna use this color and now I’ll offload the paint. I’ll just tap here several times and then on tissue paper. So that there is no extra paint on this and I’ll then just start tapping on the stencil just remember that paint should be thick it should not be runny and let me tell you after drying this fabric paint doesn’t stiff rather it stays smooth beauty of this fabric paint is that you don’t need to iron it on the reverse side to make it colorfast. leave it just like that for seven days and after that, it is good to wash. now I’m gonna leave it like that for few minutes and after that I’ll just take it out and I’ll show you okay! So now I’ll remove the stencil and we’ll see how it looks Look at this how lovely it looks beautiful isn’t it so nice Now second technique, I’m gonna show you is this leaf stamping so for that I have taken leaves in three sizes and I have already kept this cardboard inside the cushion cover now what I’ll do is I’ll just pour the color and using brush on the back side of the leaf I’ll just apply the paint for that I’ll need any paper, cardboard or diary anything and then just apply paint generously on the back side of the leaf where the veins are quite prominent see I have applied the paint at the back side of the leaf so I’ll put that side facing the cloth and then gently press it everywhere and after that just lift it up and I really love this effect now what I’m doing is I’ll just paint half the leaf and then stamp it here and then again half leaf and then again Now the third painting technique will create ikkat effect so for that I’m gonna put this newspaper inside it I’ll not put cardboard this time because I’ll be using embroidery hoop as I’ll hand paint it ok so I have mounted the cushion cover on this hoop and now I’ll be painting it so this painting technique is quite simple what I’m gonna do is first I’ll mark here. I’m using this flat brush 2 number I’m gonna mark so that I know where to stop and then with strokes like this see the strokes and this creates Ikkat pattern Do you see the effect. It looks exactly like Ikkat pattern. It’s quite difficult doing the painting with one hand and shooting with the other hand so what I’m gonna do is I’ll just switch off the camera and then when I’ll complete it I’ll show you how it looks So the first pattern is complete and now since pompom is in Fuchsia color so what I’m gonna do is I’ll use fuchsia So did you like these fabric painting techniques then give this video a big thumbs up and don’t forget to share your thoughts in comment box below and I’ll see you soon in my next video Till then wish you all Love, Luck & Sunshine Bye bye

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    All those who are asking where to find stencils, please check out these links:

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    Beautiful !!!

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    It is beautiful. Where do you get these stenches?

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    Wt Will happen after wash

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