We know how much you guys love the last one so this time We’re bringing mama Bee, and she’s gonna go against the monkeys. We’re gonna see what is happening. I think that rhymes if it didn’t, don’t judge me… [Mama Bee Laughing] -You okay? – Yeah We got this bag full of markers we got all kinds each of you are going to pick three colors and Today the pictures are Emojis! Are you guys ready for the first? All right, here we go. The first emoji is the laughing crying emoji! Rock, paper, scissors shoot! First one is… It’s raspberry, looks amazing. New colors! Peach. Thats pretty. Very nice. Ohhh! What a scam! You got scammed yo. Brown! Is that brown or is it like chocolate parfait? Chocolate parfait with a hint of shaaa- They don’t say chocolate. Ah, blue. Blue, okay, it’s blue heads whoo That’s gonna be a nice one actually that is gonna be nice. You know why cuz you got blue for the crying? Pink Kiwi Huey and Wow tropical violet But I’m doing it, I’m gonna make the teardrop because I’m two shades of peach And I’m just gonna use the darker shade for like the tiers cuz you got ripped off Yeah, she’s got the advantage because she actually has the blue. He’s concentrating Lee that face face of concentration Yeah, she gonna go traditional coloring or she gonna get crazy. What do you think she’s making a furry one? like a Chewbacca That’s really good so that greasy-haired The greasy hair is back. My knees gonna be a white emoji and a white emoji. No you got a painter Can’t leave it weighed against the rules totally against the rules guys A chimp oh, I like temples, I think people who have Gimbels that’s where they harness all their charisma and power That’s very deep. You know what Kimble is That looks like blood no, thanks Nothing what is it with your generation if you actually stick your tongue out you can actually make a nicer photo concentration face See does that work Really, everyone’s got a different skill. You know we got clean lines, and then you finish it off I just didn’t get two peaches this it would look a lot better It’s art. I think imma be is almost ready I’m a mess ready. I’m ready Bless you Wow yours is amazing – yeah, I mean come on in creative see as a parent we must have balance But we must also recognize when someone’s making it You guys watching are gonna choose let us know in the comments who wins I think I should win because Because she find the finish they’re still doing it Oh Even though you’re done first that dud that doesn’t mean that even when you’re done a test first like let’s say at school does not Mean that you have the answers to everything might be that You’re just like I’m done know what I have no idea what you think judges watching Okay judges, please take into consideration that Mama B. Actually finished her photo before everyone else just just saying How do you see patients in Spanish gon toe How do you say patients in French passio ins Very good really. I just guess cuz all you gotta do is take a word And I put like a French accent to it. Not really so if it’s like hot dogs Coffee to say madam ladies and gentlemen boys and girls turn your art. Oh Look at that First we have greasy-haired crying emoji. She died chip He’s got some kind of teeth she got gypped on the colors But I see that she really went all out with the greasy hair and the forehead lines why the forehead lines high before him because why not Mama V You have something beautiful So remember initially I said that this was the color of Shuffling so my emoji is made of chocolate and chocolate is loved around the world So my my emoji is loved around the world the fact that my emoji is laughing crying And these are the best kind of tears is when you’re laughing so hard that it makes you cry So my tears are full of stars and hearts because these are the best kind of tears. Oh, that’s so beautiful I Have a rock star kind of emoji galuf and crying he has multicolored teeth I put the eyebrows as green and I didn’t want to put green over green so I put pink and I kind of put a Design, and I think it looks really good, and you probably won’t see any speck of white uh-huh White great no All right, crying emoji round one who won that round guys all right? Let us know in the comments porfavor round two guys. Are you ready for this? This this emotion Is it the Miley Cyrus emotion, I don’t even know what it looks like can we let’s make it, let’s make that emoji face Yeah look at that she nailed it mr.. B. You’re up Oh Oh When I got this tan Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s two hours of makeup. Yeah Well mama B’s already got a plan you got a plan too well Gabi our plan You’re not playing Yeah, this one is like already worn out. Oh wow Aren’t you getting rips first round got ripped on the colors second round get ripped on the quality third round What’s gonna happen you break your paper? I like the mixture of the pink and the blue is pretty freakin late. Is it Liddy my city Is that not what no You know why she’s yodeling? Yeah, okay that yodeling kid is so cute what you owe you you haven’t seen the yodeling kid video. He looks like Woody The lesson went Celeste don’t be afraid Yeah, be like that kid stand in the middle of a Walmart and do what you love to do. Yes amazing that is amazing Wow look at the detail in mama B’s coloring I Don’t see any greasy hair just yet mama B’s done and finished again. She’s finished, okay The judges just letting him know mama be finished again, and she has nice cheekbones Okay, look at those cheekbones. She should get extra points for those cheekbones camera guys Yeah, you want to go on a date with me My teacher taught me to to color in there and there and like One Direction bit Like nobody else the way that you clip my hair get cadre ladies and gentlemen, please reveal your drawings oh Yeah, look at the Hat. Okay daughter very nice Mommy beautiful look at those lines have beautiful lines Wow and mr. Beebe Wow look at that with the addition of the hair going into the face start Oh, my goodness guys each very beautiful. It’s got a cool tongue It’s got some crazy. Eye shadow you’ve got some cool sort of Harley Quinn here, Gracie again And the purple both on either side of the face I’m doing two of my favorite things eating orange sherbert ice cream. Oh yeah, I’m spending time in nature. Oh Extra points for the Manning mine, I’m going for the Rockstar That’s been out a really long time so he has to go to sleep So that’s what the AI is because he also got struck by electricity He’s a rock star so his tongue is like that and he’s purple because his emotion is like he’s gonna throw up because he’s been partying for so much whoa There it is guys. Let us know who won that round in the comments. Are you guys ready for round three? 3pp Okay, that’s gonna be a very colorful, poopy if your poopy looks like that you should go to the doctor. Oh Copper Oh Green green just straight-up green your poop is gonna be vegetarian vegetarian boopie all right mr.. Vito Oh my goodness. I got brown oh My god palm leaf Golden beige golden beige Wow double brown the monkeys have started with their poopies mama bu was focused and now she’s getting started And she’s starting with the tip of the poopie or the chocolate swirl. I thought it was a chocolate swirl, huh? She’s going for the distinguish poopie. Let’s see if mommy’s actually gonna finish first this time all right mama B You got contemplation going on what’s happening? Oh, and she’s getting inspiration Very stiff competition from these two ready to reveal the poopies in three two one reveal Hey All right, poopy number one as you see you can see this is dark green so I put the light green inside So it wouldn’t look weird Then I put the eyes as brown so it all fit perfectly it was not crazy was nice and simple But artistic very artistic this is grandmother poopy oh Grandma poopy grandma poopy has beautiful earrings and a beautiful bow her cheeks are very Beautiful color because she always is ready to give you hugs and cookies like a grandmother Grandma poopy what’s this grandma poopy? Oh these are her shoes, so these are the laces whoa? Shoe Whoa I never thought of that. It’s one big shoe boy Oh, it’s like the poopy emoji But she’s on two shoes Wow mama be with the backstory on every picture this one has Shades of brown all around it and then on the inside there’s others and then this one is kind of an energetic blue because it came out of a energetic person Let us know in the comments who won the final round okay guys. I hope you guys enjoyed that Round of the three marker challenge last time we did this it was a great success when we gave them away So we’re gonna do it again. We’re gonna give away Guys so make sure you follow us on Instagram send us a direct message Let us know that you would love to have one of these and we’re gonna mail them to you. Thanks for watching guys We’d love you. If you like this video. Please give it a thumbs up and we’ll see you again next time Lane Thanks for watching everybody, please like subscribe and leave a comment down below If you haven’t subscribed yet Please click on the icon on the left and a little theme will pop up and use it to subscribe If you already have subscribes, please forget everything that I have just said It’s my radio voice

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