3 Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom For Summer | JCPenney
3 Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom For Summer | JCPenney

HI, I’m Kelsey and today I’m going to
give you a few tips to help you update your room for the summer season. As I’m
sure you already know, your living space has such a huge impact on your
productivity, your creativity, and even your mood.
I found that making a few changes from season to season can really improve the
way that I feel in my space. If you’re new to the JCPenney Channel please
subscribe below! Okay, let’s get started. What is the most important part in any
bedroom? The bed! You’d be surprised how much difference simply changing the
bedding set will make. Go with light, easy breezy colors and replace the heavier
fabrics with something natural and light like linen or cotton. They’re great for
those hot summer nights. It’ll make it that much easier to fall asleep. There
are so many ways to update and lighten your decor for the summer season. Replace
those candles from winter with a white lantern or add an all-purpose tray to
your bureau. Add something seasonal that you wouldn’t normally have like a
succulent or coastal wall hanging. Remember the
goal is to see your space differently so maybe go a little outside of your
comfort zone while still maintaining your style. Go for a bird accent, get a
plant, or think of something you love from your favorite summer vacation. Tell
me what you find in the comments! Don’t forget to add a pop of color with the
pillow or two. Love these as much as I do? Click the link in the description box
below! The last thing we’re gonna focus on is
lighting. Lighting is the single most important thing for establishing
atmosphere. A well-lit room has a completely different feel than a dim one.
Change out your curtains for something sheer and light to amplify the natural
lighting. You know, let the sunshine in! I promise you, nothing is gonna make a
Saturday morning cozier than watching the light peek through some lightweight
curtains. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be in that summer state of mind
in no time. You may actually never want to leave
your room. Stay tuned for more great home decor tips and videos!

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  1. RamonaHacking says:

    Best new accessory? THE CAT AT THE END OF THE BED 😻

  2. Smooth Transition Bed Rail says:

    LOVE THIS!!! Off to JCP to do some shopping now…

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