36 Simple Home Storage Organizing Ideas
36 Simple Home Storage Organizing Ideas

18 thoughts on “36 Simple Home Storage Organizing Ideas”

  1. Tee Luck says:

    Very creative. Thank you for sharing. I will definately use some of these ideas

  2. Vi Isaac says:

    Didn't realize this was one long ad for products. You should change the title

  3. Kayla Riggs says:

    Your video concepts are really good… But I've noticed a lot of the time you show things that are too obvious. Storage ottomans… Organizing bins… Wall shelves… I feel like everyone is aware of these things. (Also I've seen some of these solutions in your previous videos.)

    Because of this I often find myself passing on your new videos or skipping through them to find the more creative ideas. Just some constructive criticism, I hope you find it useful.

  4. Debbie altman says:

    Nice ideas. Thanks for video.

  5. SerbSimulator says:

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  6. jin moon says:


  7. hui ding says:

    Recommend a makeup storage :

  8. chula chalupa says:

    One looooooong and boring ad.

  9. moon shadow says:

    In #6 you actually said a magnetic strip was made of wood! No one, except maybe the mentally challenged would ever believe that's an actual product. LOL.
    WOOD IS NOT MAGNETIC!! I've had enough of your advertisements and now, total ignorance to cap it off. UNSUBSCRIBING!

  10. David Stojadinovic says:

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  12. Jeanette Kniebusch says:

    Put a chair at the end of the island and extend counter instead of shelves for more clutter

  13. Candi Soda says:

    Avoid shelves and boxes.. It's just giving you an excuse to save/display your junk

  14. Roma Trikha says:

    Helpful video…. thanks

  15. شغل البيت مع ايمي says:

    الله عليكي جميييييييل حبيبتي

  16. Patricia Rose says:

    Wow, let's name every Possible thing one could put in a storage bin…waste of time.

  17. Maritza Lopez says:

    Where to buy them

  18. Bubble Blonde says:

    What I would like to see, is someone making something that covers all of these eyesore "over the cupboard door hooks" that everyone suggests to use for more storage.
    Does one really gain that much space when storing something on the door, when you have to leave space in the cupboard in order to close the door?

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