5 DIY Home Decor Ideas for Spring/Summer | ANN LE
5 DIY Home Decor Ideas for Spring/Summer | ANN LE

(light, bouncy music) – Hi, Loves, how’s it
going, it’s me, Anne. Welcome back to my channel. I’m super excited, I’ve been working on some new projects for you. And these are little home
decors that you can make. They’re all very easy but
they look amazing in the home. You guys are gonna want to love it. Also, I have a question for you. I said that I was going to do a new journaling video very week, and I was going to do one this week but I felt like I needed
more time to finish it. And I wanted to know if you guys want to see a new
journaling video every week, or if you prefer to see it
every month, every other week? If you could let me know
in the comments section below this video, it
would help me out so much. Other than that, let’s go
ahead and get into these DIYs. This first DIY is the perfect way to up-cycle your old plates and give them a new look for the current season. I’m starting out with two clean plates, and then I’m going to spray them over with some flat white paint. Let your paint dry for a few hours before doing this next step. I’m using some masking tape to just cover the top of my plate. By doing this, it will protect
the top part of my plate and I will be able to paint the sides with a nice metallic finish. After letting the paint set and dry, I can now peel off the tape. Now with some green multi-surface paint, we’re going to paint on
some green botanical leaves. With a small pointed
brush, you want to start with one line for the middle of your leaf, and then after that, you want to make other small strokes on the sides. This is a pretty easy leaf to paint. If you create more than one,
it makes a beautiful pattern. If you want to protect your painting and the surface of your plate, you can spray it over
with a clear-coat finish. I love any projects that I can re-purpose, especially things that
are already in my home. These are perfect to put in the entryway, so that way you can organize your keys, or you can place it on your
desk as a functional decor. I’ve been seeing these crystal terrariums all over the place, on Pinterest, and I’ve always been
wanting to make my own. I finally bought all
the supplies to do this, and so, we’re going to make this. All you would need for this project is a glass container
big enough to make this, sand, air plants, and crystals. A lot of you guys ask
where to get the crystals, I see them in Anthropology stores, Urban Outfitters, and Home Goods. So the first thing you’re going
to do is pour in the sand. I filled in about one-fourth
of this big glass container. It is actually bigger than I thought, and I only had enough sand
to fill in one-fourth. But if I do have enough sand, I would fill in about one-third of my container. Find something like a card so that way you can flatten out the sand up top. When filling this in, start
with the bigger pieces and then work your way
to the smaller pieces. Try playing around with different sizes, shapes, and also texture. Terrariums are just so
fun and easy to create. If you ever want to liven
up a corner in your room, try making one of this. This next DIY we’re going to
make a smooth Zen stone mat. To make this you would
need some cement glue, smooth stones, and a matching mat. The dollar store usually carries
a nice selection of stones, or you can get them in
bulk for a better deal. The first thing I’m going to do is clean the mat of any dust. I will be using the backside of the mat since it’s easier to glue the stones on. Lay out the stones to
give yourself an idea of how you would like for the mat to look. With the stones that are higher,
I place those on the edge, and the flatter ones, I
place those in the center. So the next step we’re going to do is pour the glue onto the surface. And make sure to do this
in a well-ventilated area because the fume of this
glue is very, very strong. After placing a nice, thick
layer of glue on the mat, place your stone on top of it. Repeat the steps until
you’ve fully covered the mat. I am so happy with how
this mat turned out, it looks amazing outdoors
and near a garden. Or you can place in the
house near your planters. It just creates a nice Zen atmosphere. I feel like as if I’m in a spa retreat every time I look at this corner. It’s beautiful and, not only that, it’s actually very
comfortable to stand on. You may not think so, but the
stones are so nice and smooth, it’s almost like having a foot massage when you’re standing on it. This next DIY we’re going to create a really cute hanging shelf. For the base of the
shelf, I’m going to use a flat piece of wood that
I got from the craft store. I’m going to give this
a nice metallic accent by spray painting the outer edge with a copper metallic paint. Now with some polycord I’m going to cut out about eight feet. After cutting it out, I’m
going to fold in half twice, just like what I’m doing here. So on one end, you should
have one loop and one opening. And then the other end, you
should have about two loops. I’m going to place tape on the ends with the two loops just
to keep it in place. And then on the other end I’m going to tie a big knot about one
foot up from the bottom. I’m going to create a
tassel to the bottom of this by cutting out more cords that are about the same length and
gluing it to the bottom. Then with an extra cord,
I’m going to wrap that to cover where I glued the cords and also to keep it in place. After you’re done, hang it up and then place in the wooden slab. You should have a hanging shelf where you can place plants and also other items you like to display. This last DIY ties in
with the botanical theme. We’re going to make a botanical wreath. I’m using these leaves that I found from Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Craft Store. And I’m also going to use a ring, as well as this welcome sign that I also got from the same store. For the steps, you’re going to
need to pull off the leaves. Then with some tape or
wire, wrap it around the stem of the leaf and onto the ring. Repeat the same steps
going around the ring. Don’t worry if you can’t find green tape because once you layer on the leaves, you will eventually cover the ring. And if you want this to look more full, you could place of the leaves
on the back of the ring. I want to keep this design very simple, so I’m just going to finish
it off with this welcome sign. And I like the way it looks as is, so I just use some hot glue
to glue it to the front. And then to finish this off, I’m using some copper wire which adds like a nice, little accent
touch to this overall look. And that’s about it. You can hang this on
the wall in your home, or you could hang this on your front door. It is such a nice addition to have because it ties in with the theme of what I’m doing this year for spring. So, those are my five DIYs. Let me know which one is your favorite. And give this video a thumbs-up. Other than that, thank you
all so much for watching. I make weekly videos,
subscribe if you have not. And I will see you next weekend. Ciao!

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