5 Southern Home Décor Ideas
5 Southern Home Décor Ideas

Southern Home Décor Inspiration for Your
Southern Living Southern living is very popular these days
especially since they have very elegant way of living. Especially their colonial classic housing
with a lot of plantation surrounds them which make their living style gorgeous and also
healthy. That is why a lot of modern houses also try
to adapt their architecture and interior design to the new build house. And if you want to try this style in your
house, then you might want to use the southern home décor as well. From the country classic to the eclectic style
can be achieve by using this home accessories, here are some items that you could use. Southern Home Décor Inspired Items to Achieve
the Southern Lifestyle 1. Colors First you need to apply light colors to your house , especially when you want to repaint
your room wall. The color that you use should be representing
southern living such as cream, pale green, beige, light peach, pale blue, and of course
the classic white color. This color would be the perfect background
or accent of your decoration; this is why tried to use the color carefully. You can also paint the wall with several color
for example cream or white color on most of the wall while pale blue or pale green can
be used for focal point color on one of the wall. But of course if you think using all blue
or green color is not too much, then you are also allowed to do so. 2.Throw pillow Next is to change the appearance of your sofa to be more southern by adding a lot of throw
pillows in southern style pattern. If you could find classic flower pillow cover
it is the best, but if not then you can also use other floral pattern. Using classic geometry pattern with suitable
southern home décor color is also allowed. And if you do not want to use all flower patterns
then you can also mix it with plain pillow with light colors that match with the room
color. This pillows pattern could also be used on
your bedroom if you want to achieve the same feeling inside your bedroom, you will also
get extra comfort from the pillows if you do so. 3.Wicker furniture Southern lifestyle love to use natural material, which is why you must use some wicker furniture
around the house. Most of the time people only use wicker furniture
for their patio furniture and pool side furniture, but actually you should not limit them only
for outdoor southern home décor. Instead you can also incorporate some of them
inside your house. Try to use wicker sofa for your living room,
but if you think it is too much then use wicker coffee table instead. You can also use wicker chair as your dining
room chair which will give warm and comfortable feeling inside your dining room. 4.Tableware décor Southern bell love their tableware so much, that is why you will see it everywhere around
the house. You can also use your tableware as southern
home décor, even though you do not have vintage tableware but any tableware will do including
those China you had in your cabinet. Display them along the wall or if you think
it is too much you can also put them in an open cupboard for everyone to see. You can display them not only in your dining
room or kitchen, but also on your living room or bedroom. 5.Plantation. Southern living always tries to get closer to the nature, which is why their house is
open and always surrounded by large plantation area. Not only on their outdoor area, but they also
try to bring the plantation inside their house as well. That is why for our last must have southern
home décor, you have to use several plantation inside your house. Put several indoor plantation around the room
if possible but if you think it is too much then you can also bring fresh flowers in vase
as decoration. You need to put them around the house by hanging
them near the window, put them around the corner, or even hung them inside your bathroom. Tips in Creating Southern Lifestyle around
the House If you want to use this southern style inside
your house, you should think of a way to insert all natural things as your southern home décor. Fabric and other material should be light
and natural so you could use light cotton as the fabric, wood should also be used as
other material for example for the flooring and furniture. Natural window blind is also recommended as
the tropical area where this lifestyle is originates has strong sunlight so they need
window blind to limit strong heat from coming in but still allow enough sunlight to keep
the room well lighted. That’s it for today episode. Come back again next time with more house
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