5 Ways to Be More Feminine | Relationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs
5 Ways to Be More Feminine | Relationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Hey, this is Mat Boggs, and today we’re going
to talk about five ways to increase your feminine energy. Now, whether we like it or not or whether
we’re aware of it or not, there is a law called the law of polarity in that masculine and
feminine energies attract one another. And we also want to know that you have both
masculine and feminine energy, I have both masculine and feminine energy. All of us as human beings have both energies
and we have been trained to lead with one or the other as our major dominant energy. And whatever energy you lead with in relationships
especially, you’re going to attract the polar energy to that. Learning about these polar energies was really
enlightening for me because there was a huge period of my 20s where I was attracting relationships
that didn’t work out. And after learning about these energies, I
realized, “Oh my gosh, I’m leading with feminine energy in my relationships, even though I’m
a really masculine guy.” And so I thought to myself, “Why am I leading
with feminine energy?” No, I’m just teasing. But I thought, “Why am I leading with this
feminine energy,” right, even though I’m masculine. And it dawned on me, the person who taught
me about relationships and how to flirt and how to talk to girls at that point was my
older sister. She’s two and a half years older than me,
is a great mentor in my life. And when I was entering my teens, she’s the
one who taught me how to dance, taught me how to dress, taught me how to talk to women,
but it was from a feminine position. As I looked at the relationships I was attracting
in my life, I realized, “Oh my gosh, all of the women I’m attracting were leading with
their masculine.” They were the ones doing the approaching,
doing the leading, which worked initially, but the truth is my major MO is masculine
energy, so we would either butt heads or the attraction would actually dissipate. So learning how to lead with the energy that’s
going to attract the type of person that you really want for the long term is key. These five ways, these five methods are going
to help you activate the feminine in you if you want to attract a masculine man. If you want to attract more of a feminine
man and there’s nothing wrong with that, then you want to activate more of your masculine
energy. Way number one, to activate your feminine
energy is to move into your body. Now it’s important to realize the difference
between masculine and feminine energy. And I do a whole program on this and so we
won’t go in super depth in this video, but I do want to point out this feminine energy
is not weak, it’s not passive, it’s not submissive; it’s very powerful energy. It’s just different than masculine energy. Masculine energy rides around in the daily
life up here. It’s more mental cognitive energy. It’s vision driven energy. Feminine energy rides around in the heart
space and in the body. It’s more feeling tone energy. That’s just one of the differences. So notice in your daily life, we all tend
to ride around our daily life in different places in our body. So notice, where do you ride around in your
average day? See, all of us, we ride around in our lives
at some place in our body. And most of us actually right around up here
in our heads, and we’re kind of stay up in our heads because we live in a very masculine
society. The work space is very masculine. It’s all competition, goal-oriented, efficiency. And so notice if you’re riding around up here,
you’re in your masculine. What you can do is connect to your body. Drop down into your body and start to feel
your body, feel your toes right now, feel your legs right now, feel your heart space
right now. And actually wearing certain clothes can support
you in this. Some people talk about be more feminine is
wearing certain clothes. Well, clothes have nothing to do with feminine
energy. However, they can support and activate feminine
energy by helping you drop down into your body. When you’re wearing sexy lingerie, you feel
that lingerie in your body, which causes you to bring your awareness from the cognitive
down into the emotional, down into your body. Wearing flowy skirts, for example, a nice
dress or something that helps you feel feminine is powerful, not because of the dress, but
because of where it brings your awareness is right down here into your body and helps
you tap in to how you’re feeling. So step number one is move from your head
down into your body. Step number two is after you’ve dropped down
into your body, is to notice how you’re feeling and allow yourself to experience your feelings. Making that welcome, making that appreciated. The masculine often cuts itself off from being
in touch with the feelings. Again, this isn’t male or female because men,
we have both masculine and feminine. When we allow ourselves to drop down and get
in touch with how we’re feeling, we’re activating our feminine energy. And that’s a good thing and you can do that
as well. So notice if you ride around in your head
most of the time, a simple technique that you can use is to several times throughout
the day, have an alert that goes off on your phone or ask yourself this, “How am I feeling
right now?” And check in with yourself. “How am I feeling right now? Am I feeling joy? Am I feeling fear? Am I feeling worry?” Just be in tune with how you feel. Just being in tune with that moves you in
the direction of releasing more feminine energy. Now, before we go to these next methods, I
have a gift for you that you are going to love. I have written an entire ebook on feminine
energy and I’m going to link it up right here. It’s The 5 Feminine Qualities That High Value
Men Find Irresistible, different than the qualities that we’re talking about in this
video; we’re just topic touching the surface of the wave here. So I’ll link it up in the video and in the
description. It’s a gift from me to you. Go ahead and click that link and you can go
deeper into how to activate your feminine energy. Number three dovetails perfectly with moving
into our body. How are we feeling? And now it’s nurturing yourself and ask yourself
this, “What could I use right now? Or what do I really need right now?” And then give yourself what it is that you
need, because feminine energy is receptive energy. Masculine energy is providing energy. It’s that we want to provide. Feminine energy receives. Feminine energy is your intuition, your presence,
you’re receiving ideas, receiving thoughts, receiving care. So when you ask yourself, “What do I need
right now?” And you say, “Hmm, you know, I need some love
right now. I need to wrap myself up in love or wrap myself
up in compassion, or I need to take a break right now, or I need to nurture myself,” and
then allow yourself to receive. Give yourself a manicure, a pedicure, a massage,
a day off, a day at the beach. The more you nurture yourself and you allow
yourself to really soak it in and receive it, the more you’re making space for that
beautiful feminine energy to activate in you. Number four is to bring yourself to the present
moment. Masculine energy is future driven energy. It’s planning, it’s strategizing, it’s visioning
the future. Feminine energy is enjoying the present. It’s being fully aware, fully awake to your
surroundings right now. So go ahead and take a deep breath and bring
yourself to this present moment right here, right now. Your experience of this moment, your experience
of life is so, so exquisite to the masculine energy. Masculine energy loves that. It’s often the thing that masculine men we
love most is being with a woman who’s feminine because she brings us out of our forward thinking
world, out of our vision world, into this present moment where we wake up to the life
that’s right here and right now, and the beauty that exists right here and right now. So one thing that you can do to help activate
this is several times throughout the day when you ask yourself, “How am I feeling right
now? What do I need right now?” And then take a deep breath of joy, of life
and experience the present moment. Number five is connect to people that you
love. Feminine energy is connection energy. Masculine energy is competition energy. The masculine gets fired up through competition;
the feminine gets fueled through connection. So make it a point to reach out to someone
that you love today. It doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. Can be someone, a family member. It can be a friend and just call them up and
say, “Hey, has anyone told you that they love you today? Well, I do.” Who in your life could use a phone call like
that right now? Make it a point to reach out to them, call
them, and you’ll notice that that connection actually fills you up and fuels your feminine
energy. So there you have it, five ways to activate
more feminine energy in your life. And when you do that and you activate this
beautiful, radiant feminine energy that you already possess, you become that much more
of a magnet for an amazing masculine man in your life. Now, I would love to hear from you. What are some ways that you have found that
really work for you to activate your feminine energy? Post a comment in the comment section below. And if you’re not subscribed to this channel,
take a moment and click that button because this channel is all about you. It’s about pouring into you, helping you activate
your greatest self, and help activate your greatest love for your life as well. Thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you soon.

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