5 Ways to Wear 1 Scarf
5 Ways to Wear 1 Scarf

hi guys do you need new ways to wear your scarf I’ll show you some easy steps on how to take your scarf to the next level I recommend using a large rectangle scarf for the first look take the two corners of your scarf and tie them together and look you have a hole for your arm repeat the same step to the other side tie the other two corners together and put your arm through that hole – you’ve just created the angel sweater it’s a very flowy scarf look that will keep you warm and covered up [Music] for the next look keep the scarf behind you as if you’re drying your butt with a towel and bring the two top corners together tie them together and pull the knot closer to your body like this and now you have a dress make two knots [Music] and just wrap the two ends behind your back secure this dress by tying the two corners together and now your sweetheart dress is complete it’s a sweet and sassy dress that looks nothing like a scarf perfect for going out [Music] for this look again pull the two top winners together but instead of wrapping the other two ends around your chest like the sweetheart look tie it up like this to create a halter top [Music] make sure it’s secure and snug or else you’re gonna make a lot of boys happy [Music] this is called the resort it’s perfect for the beach or poolside just don’t wear this during the dead of winter for the next look find the middle part of your scarf and with the corner end tie it to the middle part of your scarf flip it over to the other end on the same side and again tie the corner and middle part together and now your new cape is ready [Music] this Cape Crusader look is perfect for a night out the crime-fighting night of course [Music] take your fabulous scarf and with one end make a knot [Music] do the same on the other end now you have a halter Thomas tie it around your neck kind of like an apron and twist it around one and wrap it around your waist to secure it in place [Music] BAM your boho look is done told you is easy it’s the perfect casual dress to wear [Music] the awesomes cart that I used in this video is fight Theodora and Callum if you guys would like to see more ways on transforming your scarf please thumbs up oh and don’t worry I’ll still be creating makeup tutorials and we’ll definitely be uploading more next week good luck music by Mari take these special thanks to the Mondrian Hotel for letting me borrow their fabulous room I really needed a place with a good view for this videos oh me

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