6 Do It Yourself Home Décor ideas
6 Do It Yourself Home Décor ideas

Do It Yourself Home Décor Branded Item Knock
off Inspiration Home décor accessories are pretty expensive
items to purchase, that is why some home owners are reluctant to redecorate their home even
after a few years has passed from the last time they design their home. However there are some way so you could redecorate
your home within affordable budget by using do it yourself home décor. But since you create your own home décor,
it means you must spend your free time to make it instead of playing or do other hobby
that you may have. There are a lot of home décor that you could
make yourself, some are inspired by popular brand which famous for their decoration items. 6.Paper towel holder Pottery barn has a lot of paper towel design
which is very beautiful, surely you can get them only for $50 but if you can make it yourself
then you will spend even less than that. Just follow the design that you desire and
search for any do it yourself home décor tutorial online which is very easy to be found. Most of the time the materials are also very
easy since you could find it on your local craft store. 5.Lamp shade Land of Nod has a cool lamp shade which look
like an artwork. However you can actually do your own do it
yourself home décor artwork to create the same lamp shade. All you need to do is to paint your old lamp
following the original pattern, it is alright if it is not similar just do anything that
you want. Or you can also use other design and match
the lamp shade with the surrounding room color. 4.Map wall decoration Ever see Restoration Hardware’s map which
cost thousands of dollars? If you really want those maps then you can
try this do it yourself home décor trick and save thousands of dollars on the process. What you need to do is to search an old map
or any map that you want, and then print it with your computer printer. Use brown parchment paper if possible, since
the map is big, you might need to divide them into several pieces. Then attach them on big plywood to be one
big piece, frame the plywood if necessary. But you can also try to make the map into
smaller pieces in separated frame for added style. 3.Rope table lamp This nautical themed decoration is pretty
popular in Pottery Barn, but as other branded item it is priced highly at $245. But actually you can try making it as do it
yourself home décor project and only spend around $25. All you need is rope a few equipments, drill,
foam ball, chopper pipe, lamp repairing kid and knowledge on how to do monkey fist knot. After the structure is complete you can put
on your old lamp shade and it will look like new again. Moreover you can safe more than 200 dollars
from this project. 2.Stripe acrylic picture frame Another item which inspired from branded home
decoration is this stripe acrylic picture frame which originates from Kate Spade’s
design. This do it yourself home décor is pretty
easy to create; all you need is an acrylic picture frame and electrical tape. Then you can just create stripe of black and
white color on a white box using the electrical tape. But if you do not have white box then you
might want to paint the box white before putting on the electrical tape. 1.Antropologie Pillow You must know that Antropologie create very
nice pillow with unique design such as their tassel pillow. However it also cost a huge load of money
to purchase it, which is why you can try to create it yourself. Even though this item is a knock off item
from that popular brand, but you would not see the difference from the real thing. Just remember to use high quality fabric for
the main pillow cover then for the tassel you could use scrap fabric or wool thread. Tips on Making Your Own Decoration If you have not make any do it yourself home
decor project before, then it is better to start with easiest project first. Try to find some project that does not need
any sew, stitch, or other skilled work and only need glue to make. This will train you and make you accustomed
to the work. Then you can try to make other project which
requires higher skills. If you are confident with sewing or you have
carpentry skill, then try to find project which suitable with your skill. That way you can enjoy making this do it yourself
home décor project. Think of main items that will surely useful
for your house so you would not waste any material. That’s it for now,
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