7 Design Trends for Staging
7 Design Trends for Staging

When you’re selling your home, you want
to stage it so it feels timeless, but is also up to date. Here are some of the most popular design trends in 2016 that YOU can use to step up your staging game. The first is white cabinetry. Dark, glossy finishes used to be all the rage, but now, white kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is in style This creates the illusion of more space. Painting your cabinetry white can make potential
buyers feel like the space is brighter and lighter; both selling points. The second popular design trend is Matte Metals. Matte metals are EVERYWHERE. On sinks, furniture, décor and more. Add touches of matte metal to your home to
give it that on-point pop, like adding matte pulls to your new white cabinets. Or you can install matte black curtain holders, shown here. Next is black stainless steel. Although lighter stainless steel has been the rage for the last few years, its cousin
black stainless steel is becoming more and more popular. If your appliances need to be updated, consider
purchasing this metal choice for a classic but modern kitchen. Up next, we have a design trend called Rough Luxury, Distressed wood coupled with hints of metal,
granite or marble is in style right now. Adding a few furniture or design pieces or
transforming some of your built-in wood to become distressed, can really catch a buyer’s
eye. If you have a smaller place, it’s not a
bad idea to install some multifunctional furniture, like a wall bed, or display some pieces that
double at storage. This can show a potential buyer what options
they have for adding storage to the small space. If you have a larger bathroom, it may be a good idea to stage it into something more comfortable. This may sound strange, but it’s actually the next design trend: making a bathroom into a living space. Think of it as a room where you want to feel
comfortable getting ready, not just showering. Adding a chair and vanity can achieve the
look, as can adding a dresser into the space. Last but certainly not least is geometric design. Use geometric design on peel and
stick wall paper to give your walls or counters an extra trendy pop, shown here for staging. Here at Landmark, we hope these seven design
tips have been helpful for you! A number of things we have shown are available
for purchase and you can find links to buy them in the description. If you’re selling a home, don’t forget
to get free Landmark listing coverage! We cover your repairs and replacements in
your home while it’s on the market. Learn more by going to our website at www.landmarkhw.com

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