70’s String Art Tutorial, Decor it Yourself
70’s String Art Tutorial, Decor it Yourself

Hey everyone Here on Decor-It-Yourself, we’ve gone back to the Retro 50s, the Atomic Age 60s But today, we’re going back to the 70s to explore the textured fab look of string art For your 1970s string art piece, you’ll need a wooden board, Find the exact middle of your board, and put a tack in the end of your tape measure and tack it to that point Our radius is 7 and 1/8 of an inch. Use that measurement as a guide to draw your circle with a pencil Mark points that are 3/8s of an inch apart all the way around the circle Then hammer little nails into each mark Now, take out some yarn or string, and tie the end of your yarn to one of the nails Determine how wide you want your circle Once you’ve found that point Loop the yarn around that nail, pulling it taught, and back to the first nail When pulling the yarn back to the first nail, make sure that it comes to the opposite side. And then loop it over the second nail to the left Now stretch it across to the right of the opposite nail, and loop it back doing the same process Repeat this over and over again, making sure to push your yarn loops down to the base board When you reach the beginning nail, tie your yawn off and…viola! You’ve made your very first piece of string art. I also made this starburst string art piece in mustard and hues of blue You can find the template for this design on the ThreadBanger blog We’ll be right back Welcome back I saw an inspiring op art string design on Apartment Therapy that I would love to learn how to make some day Re-Nest shows us how to make a string art Tree wall mural For string art patterns and templates, look for decorating and craft books from the 70s Or bring string art into your lighting with a vintage pendant lamp like this Poppytalk featured this HUGE installation piece by Martin Dale If you want another DIY video of how to make string art, let Jesse and Todd show you how it’s done in this cool video But my all time favorite string art design is this sunset couple I saw on Ebay Coveted piece! Thank you for joining me as I did my decor time travel back to the 70s What 70s pieces do you have in your home? Let me know in a comment below I’ll see you next week

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